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The Revival.


The Revival. HEN-DY-CWRDD AND THE REVIVAL. The members of Hen-Dy-Cwrdd, Tre- C4 cynon (Welsh Unitarian) held a special meeting after the Sunday evening service, to consider as to whether Revival meetings should be held at their place of worship. After some discussion a decision in favour of the Revival was arrived at. The services will commence on Tuesday evening next, and will be conducted by Revs David Rees, Bridgend, and T. J. Jenkins, Gellionen. These rev. gentlemen have already visited Wick and other places, where the meetings reached a high-water mark of enthusiasm and religious fervour. When an appeal was made at the close of the Wick meeting, eight persons stood up and made an open confession of discipleship of Christ. FIRE" STILL BURNS AT LLWYDCOED. Last Monday (Boxing Day), the annual Sunday School meetings were held at the C.M. Church. Many children recited and sang, and their work gave evidence of much preparatory labour. In the evening the meeting was converted into a revival service which was kept up until a late hour. Prayer meetings have been held here for the last 5 weeks, and the services are atten- ded with intense fervour. PROCESSIONS AT ABERDARE AND TRECYNON. PUBLIC HOUSES BESIEGED. Last Saturday night the Trecynon revi- valists held a prayer meeting at Ebenezer Hall. Thither they repaired to the high- ways, singing en route and offering prayers in front of public houses. While they were singing opposite one public house the inmates commenced to sing comic lyrics to drown their voices. One young man was accosted and asked to give himself to Jesus. He refused to do so then, notwithstanding fervent prayers on his behalf, but promised to comply with their request after the Christmas Holidays. One person, who, speaking in loud tones, interrupted the service, was prayed for, and he ultimately went away. There was no invasion of licensed houses this time, and after a parade of the chief streets, the party returned to Ebenezer Vestry, where a meeting was kept up until a late hour. The same night the Aberdare streets were paraded by a party of revivalists drawn mainly from Calfaria (Baptist) and Bethania (C.M.) Churches.' While holding a service between the Crown Hotel and the George Vaults they came across a man who was greatly under the influence of drink One woman in the crowd commenced praying for him in earnest tones, and at last the drunkard was seen kneeling in the midst of the party. He joined the revivalists in prayer, and was recognised as the son of a Calfaria backslider. Eventually he was led to Bethania Chapel, where a service was held. A service was also held at Victoria square on Sunday afternoon. CHRISTIAN REFORMERS." The revival at Trecynon has culmina- ted in the formation of a new Society to be called Christian Reformers." We are informed that the Society's plan of campaign is to carry on missionary work in public houses and to conduct prayer meet- ings in homes. Membership is to be limited to total abstainers and non-smokers. The president of the Society is Rev Cynog Wil- liams vice-president, Mr J. B. Arnold. TR ANNIVERSARY SERVICE CONVERTED INTO REVIVAL MEETINGS. For last Sunday and Monday the annual preaching meetings had been convened at Ebenezer Congregational Church, Trecynon. The appointed minis- ters were the Revs O. R. Owen, Liver- pool, one of Independia's most popular Cymanfa preachers, and the Rev G. Penar Griffiths, Pentre Estyll, who in Trecynon stood on his native heath. The evening meeting was turned into an ordinary revival service and lasted until a late hour. On Monday afternoon a similar thing happened. On Monday evening Ebenezer was exceedingly full, and an overflow meet- ing was held at Bryn Seion, where the Rev 0. R. Owen preached, a revival service fol- lowing the sermon. At Ebenezer Penar made an attempt to conduct the usual preaching service, but it eventually blos- somed into a revival service of a miscel- laneous character, which lasted until after midnight. CWMAMAN BACKSLIDER'S RETURN TO THE FOLD. ⦠On Monday morning a very well attended meeting was held at Soar Welsh Calvinistic Chapel, Cwmaman, at which all the churches were well represented. A feature of the meeting was a speech by a returned back- slider, who spoke with great power, his speech setting the meeting aflame with en- thusiasm. He prayed with wonderful effect, and many of the congregation were in tears. Owing to the performance of Mendelssohn's St. Paul in the afternoon and evening no meetings were held. REVIVALISM V. FOOTBALL AT CWMAMAN. Revival meetings continue to be held at Cwmaman, notwithstanding the exflux from the district during the holidays. Several additional converts have been made at the various churches, since the published list last week, and fervid prayer meetings, con- tinue to take place on behalf of those who have not joined the movement, and those reputed to be against it. An attempt was made on Saturday last to hold a prayer meeting outside the football field of the village. One of the leaders of the move- ment remarked that the Creator never in- tended men to kick football. AMONG THE CHURCHES. MOUNTAIN ASH. At Nazareth English Baptist Chapel 100 young men and maidens of the revival were baptised on Thursday and Sunday by the pastor, Rev E. V. Tidman. Special united services are being held at the various English and Welsh chapels throughout the week. A MOCK REVIVAL MEETING. A correspondent sends the following:â At Aberdare on Boxing night after stop- I tap a number of men who were evidently uuder the influence of the spirit served at public-house bars formed a party and marched up Canon-st., singing meanwhile a parody on the popular revival lyric" Throw out the life-line." Opposite the Constitu- tional Club a halt was made, and some of the party offered prayer for the Club. One of the company spoke with apparent fervour of his conversion." and made an appeal for the salvation of his comrade, whom he named. The mock revivalists then paraded the chief streets, singing as they went, and pausing to pray opposite public-houses. Some who saw them and realised that they were mocking sent for the police, whom it took a great deal to convince that the meet- ing was not a bona-fide one. The police however refused to take action. CHURCH FUNCTION INTERRUPTED AT ROBERTSTOWN. After divine service at St. John's Church, Robertstown, on Tuesday, the congregation repaired to the school adjoining, where the Band of Hope tea party and entertainment were held. While the function was pro- ceeding, a crowd of revivalists gathered out- side and greatly interrupted the proceedings by singing and praying at the door, and obstructing the road that leads into the schoolroom. Someone consulted the vicar with regard to obtaining police assistance to remove the obstructors. The reverend gentleman, however, deemed it advisable to let them alone. They eventually dispersed, but not without causing great annoyance to the good people inside. REMARKABLE CONVERSIONS AT MOUNTAIN ASH. At the Welsh Congregational Chapel, Mountain Ash, on Sunday evening, it was attempted to close the ordinary service at 9 o'clock. A number of young men, how- ever, remained behind to hold a prayer meeting. While this meeting was proceed- ing, a man under the influence of drink entered. He was heartily welcomed., and fervent prayers were offered on his behalf. Before long the man had given himself to Jesus. The convert lodged with a man who was also addicted to drink, and on Tuesday evening this man attended the service in a drunken state. The Rev Owen Jones spoke to him, and he soon decided to cast his lot with religion, and abandon his evil ways, and he fell down on his knees and prayed fervently. On Wednesday morning this new convert was one of the earliest arrivals at the chapel, and prayed for strength to persevere in his new course. FIRE REKINDLED 'AT TRECYNON. A MINISTER ATTACKED. The meetings at Trecynon have resumed their old enthusiasm. In fact, the fierce light of the revival now beats more fierce than ever. On Tuesday meetings were held all day. In the evening at Ebenezer extraordinary scenes were witnessed. People were fairly beside themselves with emotion. Men and women prayed with such terrible intensity that they fell pros- trate to the floor entirely overcome by their feelings. Others were working themselves into such a state of ecstacy that their friends would approach them and drag them down, fearing that their paroxysm of emotion would madden them. Some waved their arms wildly in a kind of frantic hysteria, while others swayed convulsively and had to be supported by their friends. The place was intolerably hot, and many women had to be carried out in a fainting condition. When the tide of emotion seemed to have attained its high water mark one man got up, and made a scathing attack on the Rev J. Lewis, Hebron, Aberaman, who is the organiser of the convention for the deepen- ing of spiritual life, which has been held at Aberdare, and who at a recent meeting at Aberdare ventured to tender some suggestions and advice regarding the conversions at the revival meetings. THE "LEADER"DENOUNCED. The same speaker opened a very violent onslaught on the ABERDARE LEADER. Such trash as the ABERDARE LEADER had, he remarked, dared to criticise the Revival. The LEADER had taken the initiative and several London papers, such as the Daily Chronicle, the Times, etc., had followed suit, He then quoted a sympathetic American authority. The unsympathetic press, however, could do what they like, but they could not extinguish the holy fire. Not all the forces of hell could do it. The gates of hell could not prevail against it. The speaker with great vehemence continued his attack on the LEADER for some time, the congregation meanwhile punctuating his remarks with loud expressions of approval. Eventually he prayed that the editor should be converted. On Wednesday the meetings were con- tinued all day at Bryn Seion. In the even- ing meeting a young man related how he had been the means of converting some rabbit-coursers at Penywain. A Salvation Army officer got up and said he had travelled thither from a distance of 250 miles. He had come from Cornwall at the bidding of General Booth, and had visited a great many places in South Wales, and had experienced a wonderful feeling. ROBERTSTOWN PUBLIC HOUSES STORMED. On Tuesday the revivalists opened a plan of campaign outside the Great Western, the Gadlys, and the Brittania Hotels in Roberts- town. Services comprised of singing and prayer were held, and the passage of the Brittania was entered. There were, how- ever, no scenes. DEEPENING OF THE STIRITUAL LIFE. CONVENTION AT ABERDARE. On Tuesday and Wednesday a Convention convened for the purpose of disseminating and deepening the spiritual life was held at Libanus, Aberaman, and Bethania, Aber- dare. The organiser of the movement is the Rev J. Lewis, Hebron, Aberaman. On Tuesday meetings were held at Libanus, which Were addressed by the Rev and Mrs J. M. Saunders, Swansea, and the Rev W. W. Lewis, Carmarthen. The same evening the same speakers addressed a meeting of a similar nature at Bethania. Aberdare. On Wednesday afternoon Mrs Saunders attended a meeting for women only. and gave a most instructive address. Also in the afternoon, Mr Saunders addressed a general meeting, and gave a very eloquent address on The secret of holiness and how to conquer sin." The Rev W. W. Lewis also gave an impressive discourse basing his remarks on Heb. 12. 5. In the evening, at Bethania, Mrs Saunders gave a brief address, and the Rev W. W. Lewis gave earnest exhortations bearing upon the descent of the Holy Spirit, and emphasised the need of permanent posses- sion of the influence of the Holy Ghcst. All the meetings were preceded by fervid prayer services. The laudable object of the movement is to direct the current of the present revival .into a practical course, and to make it an educative agency which will be tangible and permanent in its results.

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