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r 11 NEW-YORK TIMES FOR 1884. REDUCED IN PRICE! CHEAPEST AND BEST fiEM IN TIDNiTED MS. FOB 1884. REDUCTION IN PBIOE. The pried of THB NSW-YOBK TIMES was re- dnced on the 18th of September from 4 cents per CJPY to 2 cents, with a corresponding redcotlon In the subscription rates. Within three days the circulation of the paper had doubled, and its daily sales are silll rapidly Increasing. FdoCts like these give plain and positive proof of the excellence and completeness of THE TIMES as a newspaper for the people. But the step that has brought It within reach of every class of readers Involves no cheapening of Its quality or lowering of Its standard. It is, and will continue to te, an able, lively and complete newspaper. What- ever Is of.human Interest In the chronicle of pas. Sing events at home or abroad will be found In Its columns. It prints more telegraphic matter from all parts of the United States than any other Metropolitan journal. Its special cable dispatches prompt'y sur ply its readers with all im- portant European news. While it neglects nothing of general interest, it has gained a recognized pre- eminence for the accuracy trid fullness of its politi- cal reports and of its news concerning railroads, banks and backing, insurance matters, real estate Interest, important legal decisions, military and naval affairs, educational progress, and social, re- ligious, and scientific thougth and discussion. It gives early announcements of new publications, American and foreign, and It reviews with fairness and critical ability the best books of the day. Its dramatical and mueical criticisms are a notable feature of its well-filled pages. Faithful to Republi- can principles, it is wholly unfettered by considera- tions of party or faction in expressing its opinions. Its criticisms of paities and of public men and meaeures sre independent, feerlees, and honest. It has no hobbies, tut is in tympatby with all pro- gressive and reform movements; end am d its graver duties it finds time and the mocd now and then to be merry over the foibles of mankind. THE WABBLY TIKES, in addition to the news of the day, contains blight and readable selections from the latest English reviews and magazines, selected and original poetry, and extracts from the newest books. THE WEEKLY TIMES gives a compact and complete summary of the news of the week, with editorial note and comment upon tepcs of national and general interest. It is an admirab y complete weekly news- paper, and has a large circulation ia every State in the Union and in foreign countries. During the Presidential year of 1884, THB WEEKLY TIMES will famish its readers with prompt and fall informa- tion of the progress of the canvass.





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