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SHORT AND EASY METHOD WITH DISSENTERS. How to win Dissentera back to the Church is a question, which has had some new light thrown upon it. A rev. gentleman has made a discovery, and he believes that if he can only persuade others to adopt it he is sure to succeed. This gentleman is no other than the Vicar of Glyntaff, to whoso address at a ruri-decanal meeting we have referred else- where. He has, it must be admitted, thrown very hard missil-ea at the heads of those whom he is anxious to reclaim as lost sheep, -but he hits all round. He comes dow-ii with no gentle hand upon his own clerical brethren. H lie denounces the self-sumciency and spiritual pride of RiCHARD BAXTER, he does not forget the vices of the modern vicar and curate. He thinks that a good deal of blame is attibut- able to both parties. Nonconformists have, of course, been at fault, but as a set-off against their misdeeds, he reminds us of clergymen who think of nothing but pleasure and frivolity, dinner parties and picnic parties, and lawn-tennis parties." This is a grave indictment. H&d we accused the clergy of such delinquencies, we should never have heard the end of it. And yet this is not the worst of it. The vicar tells us of clergymen whoso voices ring out "Y louder than any other" in every gay party and fast company, of drinking and guzzling." Shocking shocking we exclaim; if it be true. We cannot refuse, however, to coincide with the vicar's obser- vation that to have the parson's name bandied about and made a. butt of for the coarse jokes and jests of the irreligious, is c Idegradin,, to his omce.ruinous to his useful- ness, and a disgrace to his profession." We leave the accused to defend themselves, if they deem it wise to do so. What we are mainly concerned to notice ia the plan proposed for winning back those incorrigible Nonconformists who, according to the same authority, constantly make systematic and unprovoked attacks upon the citadel of the Church. We should like very much to kno'.v what the Rev. S. R. JoNES means by the "Citadel of the Church." So far as we can understand, Nonconformists wish well to the Church, but object to ita connection with the State. Is this connec- tion the citadel ? If so, we regret very much to hear it. However, the rev. gentleman is displeased with those who try to lecture or entice Nonconformists back to tlie fold. He proposes silence as a new and effective weapon. He is of opinion that if b'shops and other Church dignitaries would simply leave them alone, they would all find their way buck. Tl is certainly not complimen- tary to the shepherds of the Church. One would imagine that if they were true shep- herds the sheep would know their voices and folrbw them. We have been told that it is the voice of the hireUng and the baying of the wolf that terrify the sheep and cause them to See but, of course, if the hireling and the wolf maintain perfect silence, the giieei,) may mistake the one for its not, at the same time, offer any objection to the experiment. The rev. gentleman is of opinion that his plan will have the effect of realising the happy issue recorded in a few lines which lie quoted, but not from Hymns Ancient and Modern," so that by leaving them alone they will come home, and carry their tails behind them." This is his way of mentioning Dissenters while proposing to treat them with courtesy and respect." What their -tails are, we are allowed to conjecture, but we may assure the Vicar that if genuine Dissenters have tails they will always carry them behind them. They will not all turn tail by going to Carmarthen College to be educated as Dissenters, and then turn tail by going into the National Church. True, he may, in making that notable change himself, have come home but we have never heard of anything or anybody having been carried behind him on that occasion. His tail, if he had one, must have declined to follow.