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2"BURSDÃT, OCTOB-E.P,, 7, 188a The proceedings of the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants were resumed yesterday at Cardie, when a resolution was passed thankiug the Hon. J. G. Dodson, M.P., fur bringing to a successful issue the Employers' L'abitity Bill. Another motion was adopted, cautioning the members of the society against contracting away the protec- tion afforded them in respect of insurance by Mr Dodson's Act. It was further decked that the number of hours usually worked by railway servants was excessive, and that the special and united attention of the employes should be called to the subject, with the view of remedy. The dinner took place in the evening. The monthly meeting of the Bhondda district of miners was held on Monday at Hopkins Town, Pontypridd, Mr Abraham presiding. The question of timbering by deputies, as is the rule in the North of England, was the principal subject under i discussion, and resulted in the adoption ot the following resolution That this 1) n meetmg is of opinion that introducing the Northern system of timbering by deputies into the South Wales coal mines will not diminish the number of accidents in the same, but would tend rather to increase them and would strongly recommend that none but thoroughly competent men should be put in charge of all working places in the collieries, be heving that this would be the only enect- ual means of lessening the number of acci- dents from falls of roof that are so numer- ous in;this district." A correspondent informs us that the prospects of the tinplate trade in thh district are anything but encouraging. He declares that tuiplates are sold in Liverpool at a positive IMS, yet the make of certain mills in bcuth Wales is being largely augmented thus increasing the production, and still further tending to reduce prices. At the meeting of the governors of Ca.er- jeon Endowed Schools on Tuesday it tran- spired that the Charity Commissioners I:ad decided that there was nothing in the Scheme to justify the payment of J610 per annum to the Vicar of Caerleon for the im- provement of Psalmody in the church, and it would not be allowed in future. At a subsequent period of the meeting the Church Governors present soug lit to console Cmiu.i Edwa.rdx bv tn&kina him a crant of r-'W £100 towardi the cost of re-casting the bells of tho church, but Mr M. M. Copeobjectingr the matter was referred to the Charity Com- missioners. At the meeting of the Swansea School Board yesterday, the specie committee nppo:))!:ed < consider the subject of truant school, recommended the purchase of a houM und an acre of ground from the Ear) of Jeri-r, in order to buiid thereon a school for truant chlhhe:). The Penthroka DoL-k School Board, at tho meeting on Tuesday evening agreed thatwit.hmg3.rdto the sehction of pnpil- teacher. t!i3 hrst boy or girl on tite exa'').nation l's'i b) aUowed t-) te.11-a tha choice of pt'hoo!s.

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