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NEWPORT COUNTS-COURT. Judee Herbert presided at the sitting of theL Isfewport (Jcunty-court, on Wednesday, when the following cases were among those disposed of: ACTION BETWEEN FARMERS. In the case of G. F.Gritton 1:.}"mucis Chappe!, Mr Custard appeared for phuntiff, and Mr Hovd represented the defen iant.-The parties are far* mers, and occupy farms adjoining each other The chum was ?7 ICs for damage alleged oiave'beM donetop!amtiff's fence?by def?d?t'??S straying. en his property.âFrederick JElstonc, baihtt, in the employ of plaintiff, proved that the cattle liai strayed on his master's property. He took the cattle from the field once and took them to the pound," but the keper refused to tuke them in.âFrederick Gritton, son of piaintiif, said that he kept his father's accounts. Defendant brought witness a bill for £13 7s 6d as a counter claim.âDefendant, on being ealled, said thatfrom the 17th April to the 25th Juno he had cattle on the Marshes, so that hia cattle could not have strayed on plaintiff's Jand. He had occupied the farm since the 2nd of February, this year. Thero were two horses on his land the first day he took tbo faran. He had given plaintiff's son a bit! clatming 2-13 7s 6d for keeping the plaintiff's cattle, and for damage done to hia fences and land.â James Hooper, keeper ef the Marshes, said that on the 7th of April he received seven cattle from the defendant. He charged 2d per night for them makjn?a total of ls2d per night.âMr Lloyd sub. mitted that piainttS a case had entirely failed._ His Honour reserved hit decision. CLAIM BY A GROCEB. An action was brought by Mary Long p Joha Lancaster, for £6- 2s 9d, being for grocery gooda supplied to defendant's wife.âMr Bailhache ap- peared for plaintiff, ajad Mr Parker for defendant. âIhe account had been contracted during the years of 1876 and 1878.âDefendant, on being sworn, said that he was a Bailor, and that in the year 1875 he went to sea, and before going he mid piaintiS £3. He told plaiutig that he would not be responsible for any debt contracted by his wife âJudgment for the whole amount claimed, with solicitor's fee. A DiaruTE BtrwzzN Jews. A claim for £2 was brought by a Jew named Morn. ngamst another Jew named Lyons, for three weeks 'board, R'nd lozi lent. The debtwaa contracted ni Blackburn. Defendant, who is now a clothier carrying on business in Newport, denied all knowledge of th. debt.-His Honour gave judgment for the plamtiS for the amount claimed. his evidence being corroborated by his brother. A MONBT.LENDING CASE. in the case of Jones t-. Jones JE5 was claimed at S???"? ? defendant. Robert Jones, th. plaintlif sMd that at the time he lent the money to defendant he was living at Hoiyhead. He also ?'?'the request of defendant, ICa into a ?ruida?club at Crewe. Defendant disputed the cjatm, and said that it waa a man named Joha t'S ?"?'"?e borrowed the money from, and not Robert Jones. The defenant was ordered to Pay the amount claimed and the solicitor's costak CLAIM BY A DOCTOR. The same defendant WM sued by Dr. Lintbrey for 1:4 las 6d for medical attendance and medt- ctaes. Ordered to pay 15f) a montt).