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LLANDAFF HIGHWAY BOARD. At the monthly meeting of the Llandaff Highway Board, on Saturday, Mr E. W. David presided, and there was a large attendance of Guardians. A long discussion took place upon the repair of the roads at Lisvane, where there are two:roads in a bad state of repair, the Fynon Fai and the Graig, and the advo- cates of each warmly supported the claims of one road to be repaired before the other. The resolution of a vestry meeting of the parish held on Thursday declared in favour of the Fynon Faiby 25 hands to 12 fer the Graig. The cost of repairing the Fynon Fai road would be E185, and that of the Graig E80. Mr. ELI EVANS proposed that E60 should be laid out in the repair of one road and 230 upon the other. The motion was seconded by the Llanedarne guardian- The CHAIRMAN moved that the Fynon Fai-road should first be repaired, in accordance with the resolution of the vestry, and remarked that the two roads could not be repaired out of the ordinary rate of half-a-crown in the pound.âMr. MATTHEWS seconded the motion, which was carried.âMr. EVANS then moved that Graig-road should be repaired as well; but the Chairman having pointed out that the balance of the rate, when the Fynon Fai-road had been repaired, would be too small to allow of any other repairs being executed, he with- drew his proposition. The Surveyor (Mr. Preston) reported that Mr. J. S. Corbett and Mr. F. Wride had met and viewed the proposed diversion of Blue House Road, and were of opinion that it would be a great improvement on the present road, and suggested the adoption of a width of 24 feet. The suggestion was approved of by the Board. A letter having been read from the Rev. H. Parsons, Minor Canon, calling attention to the state of the foot- path in front of the Minor Canonries, Llandaff, it was ordered that it should be repaired. It was also ordered that Graig-road, Whitchurch, should be curbed and chan- nelled and that, the contractor for the supply of fencing poles having supplied 108 poles less than 4! inches in diameter, the size specified in the contract, a part of the sum due to him upon the contract, should be retained by the Board, to be used in the event of the smaller poles proving too small. The CHAIRMAN said that some time ago the Board of Guardians, acting as the nuisance authority for the parish of Llandaff, had ordered the construction of a sewer in the Ely-road. It was made, and the con- tractor, Mr. Edward Matthews, was paid for it. The auditor now objected to this sum being charged upon the poor rate, and very properly so, because the parish of Llandaff included the district of Canton, which was a Board of Health district paying a district rate for its own roads and drainage Therefore, it being unfair to expect the Canton people to pay for the drainage of another part of the parish, he pro- posed that instead of levying a special rate, to pay for the sewer, upon the rest of the parish, exclusive of the board of health district, the cost of the sewer should be transferred to the highway rate, which was raised within that part of the parish upon which the charge of the sewer legitimately fell. This plan, which he adopted upon the suggestion of Mr. Stephenson, was far better than ordering the overseers to make and levy a special rate for so small a sum. The suggestion was agreed to, and this was all the business of importance.

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