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Business 3W>rr«fes. f x 'WI OR DEAR ME, NURSE. X You had almost forgotten to give TUDOR I WILLIAMS'S BALSAM OF HONEY to say chit- [ dren for their Cough3 and Cold3 before they | retired to bed. This valuable Medicine now I finds a. latger sale in Every Town and Village, from Land's End to John O'Groats than any otter Coush or Lung Core. Why. I rjUJDOR ^TlLLlAMS tB A L S A M OF n 0 N E Y II Conta;n3 the Pare Welsh Hcm-v and an Essence of the i'uiesi, and Most h!iH-cii;us Hero. being -gathered uti the uills of- \>'al'j aè the proper season, wlien its virtues tee- p,: full perfection. THERE are of Children who die >annually from BiOiiehitia. Whooping Cough, and Croup, is a -.ttid discovery for lie of such Complaints. It is I., U-r Weak-cheated Men. ¡ il)elif iiie Women, and Chiidrcn, It cures when nil other remedies fa:I. It Concha. Cold-. j Sro.i uiii-. lignt)ie«a of tne Chest, j 7& cnr«>* -liaiKis uf fin' rea of 4$rojn.hiM*l nnd Whoopfnjr -Cough «. It ?ures for One! Shilling when i'onnds have iire.i siJC.nt in vain, T,, uf fin' rea of nnd Whoopfnjr -Cough «. It for One! Shilling when i'onnds have iire.i siJC.nt in vain, TRY IT: If .vt.-a wave n Oniiii. try :t-. if yon have a Coid it; if vrui Bronchitis. trv Jt, i.w,srim thA uhlrcra; and promote* e* pec to ra- j tion. produces *,>;â¢(â¢rh conifcr: :0 the chest, and ires refreshing slpsp when you h lost >'i:;ht^ of rest. A Gentleman rem.-irks:âI feel it. is niv ditty tc infl rm von tit: t I have f,("e I using yo's'.r ¡' Ti.dor Balsntn of Honey ,11 my family, which is a large one. for'nianv year* and have ur'>ved its gi-MT vnlti«\ having n-ed nothing else for -(;c11 gl1 during Measles. Whoop-"j in: Cc.rtsh. ⢠:>nd- Urouehitw.- sum- can highly > reor-inmend it to ail m:rents for such coin-j plaints.âYours gra'efnliv. t Si rzr J. WILLIAMS. ItD. f Shoebnr^ne?s r BALSAM FUR THE CAPE. Th? Brahmar Costli) left Southampton Kridav I last w.'tli a good '.apply of Tudor Williams' f Bal« im of Hon»v for BntUn Troops. SEP VOtT JET THE (IKNUINF, ARTICLE. SEP VOtT JET THE (IKNUINF, ARTICLE. SO MAN* IMITATIONS ANT) FRAUD < Sold bv all Chemists and Stores in is.. 2s. 6d.. an,i 4s. 6d. bottles. Sample bottles sent (post paid) for Is. 3d.. 33. and 5s. from the inventor. D. TUDOR WILT,TA'-NIS. R.D.q.L., etc 'Jed ical Hill. Aberd are. RT J S T 1 U JpURNiattlNG ;u I TRAPNElX& GANE CHOICEST SELECTION 07 BEDROOM SUrrES. DRAWING ROOM SVITS, DINING-ROOM SCaTZS. MANUFACTURERS OF PURE BEDDING. BEDSTEADS in Great VarU' One Hundred Patterns to eelect from. Immense Stock. LINOLEUMS AND FLOOR CLOTHS. Send for Our New Catalogue of IODERN AND ARTISTIC FUENITDRB. TRAPNELL & GANE 38 & 41. QUEEN-ST CARDIFF. \rwtmAWfll DDTOTAT.


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