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GLAMORGANSHIRE. NominationsâMonday, February 29th. PollingâMonday, March 7th, Even in Democratic Glamorganshire there are a few districts lagging wolally behind. It is regrettable to liud that in the Llansamlet division ânow represented by a Conservative-the Liberals h beea caught uappmp;, and several correspondents write us bitterly romplaining of the apparent indifference of the Free Church Council in that district Mr Jordan, who is a Liberal Churchman, will probably be re-elected to an aidermanic seat, and the Progressives must bestir themselves in view of the bye-election that must follc.v. "If the Free Church Council," declarss one correspondent, have not the courage to act let them resign." Better news j comes from Aberavon aad Port Talbot, where the County Council ejections are creating more j interest and excitement than has been witnessed since the Local Government Act came into force in 1883. Tho retiring members-Colenel D, R. David, for Margam, and Councillor J. Morgan Smith, for Aberavonâboth of whom are Conser- vatives, are opposed bv sturdy Liberals in the per- sons of Mr Evans, LL.B., for Margam. and Councillor F. R. Smith for the ancient boroughs. | bean interesting tight, for tho sitting members are strong and popular. Councillor J. Morgan Smith has occupied the EBa unin- terruptedly since 1889, and Colonel David, aa au employer of labour, e:certs great influence. All the more reason, therefore, why in both wards the Progressives should light with a will and a grim determination. Meetings are held nightly by both sides, and excitement is high. It would teem, however, that at last these two thorough-going Rndical districts are to Wipe 08 the stiiin of being represented by two Conserva- tives. Dr. R. T. Williams, Gwynbryn, Cwraavon, has entered the lists against Mr Herbert Evans, J.P., fdr the Cw-hmvon division. The doctoris 'an ardent Liberal, and, like Mr Evans, is a Cal- i vfcbtic Methodiat. ? f- At Barry--Alderman J. C. Meggitt's retire- meat after ft period of 15 years' faithful seivice is generally regretted. The Rav. D. H. Wit- haUls, M.A., Welsh Congregationalist minister, who has bad experience on theCarnaivon County Council, ia the Unsectarian candidate, and ia opposed by a local Conservative in 1\le F. P. Jones Lloyd, solicitor. At Cadoxton Dr. P. J. O'Donnell, who is a Roman Catholic, is opposed by Mr Gwyu Morris, of the South Wales Circuit, I who was clerk to the Jate School Board. In the Vale of Glamorgan constituencies I there appears every prospect that Mr Oliver Jones (Fonmon Castle) will be unopposed, this being probably due to the fact tbat there is no central organisation among tha Unsectarians, of I whom there are a large number in the vil- lages of Dinas Powis and Llancarvan. Fur- I ther down the ale, in the Cowbridge division, Mr W. T. David, of Pendovlan, is fighting as a direct representative of the tenant farmers, and as a farmer's son, highly lespected aud equally well-known among agricultural classes generally, he can clearly prove that there are many interests which it is well to safeguard on the county body. Colonel noaifray, a landowner, is the opposing candidate, and Colonel Wyndhatu-Quin, M.P., has been rendering him assistance. Mr Evan Thomas, Pontlottyn, miners' agent, has been chosen as the Free Cnurch Council can- didate to contest the Burgoed Ward of the Gelli- gaer Parish, in opposition to Mr D. b. Jones. In tho itfertbyr district the Education Act Reform Association, of which the Rev. John Thomas is chairman, submit two pertinent ques tions to the candidates (11 Whether they are pre- pared to pat in operation the Welsh policy of refusing rate aid to Voluntary schools, and (2), whether they will go in for the nbolitiou or religions tests in the appointment of teachers. The Trades Council'* programms also embraces those points. In the town division Mr D. W. Jones, the outgo) ug member, has answered the crucial questions satisfactorily, and he is not to be opposed by any Progressive candidate. In Merthyr Vale division it does not seem certain whottier Mr Thomas Williams or Alderman Vd. Prosser, the nericd of whose aldermanship now expires, will come forward. In Gellifaelog Mr John Evans Iscoed, retires because of ill health. The Rev. J. D. Hughes (Moriah) is now spoken of as the new candidate. Mr Nortpan F. Hankey, the retiring candidate for Plymouth division, some time ago expressed himself strongly in favour of tho proposed concordat of Mr Lloyd George. This, however, is not now before the public, and it is a question whether the pro- nouncement of tbe retiring member will satisfy the reqnirements of the Progressive party, A. Labour candidate has been found for the Ply- mouth division of Merthyr in the person of Mr C. B. Jones, checkweigber of the No. 1 south pit. Mr Jones has tbe support of the Plymouth Colliery workmen. Nothing further Beems to have been heard of Mr E. P. Mar- tin's views of the questions propounded by the Mertbyr Education Act Refoim Association. It is believed that be contemplates retiring from the representation of the Caehams divioion, now that be has removed to Aber- j gavenny, and that his brother, Mr H. W. Martin, will presently offer himself as a candidate tn- stead. Mr George Sibberine Jones, who has rendered good service as chairman and member of the Porthcawl U D.C is the nominee of the Pro- gressives for the Ogmore Valley Ward. ) A very pretty little fight quite the most interesting in the county -is proceeding in the Kibbor division, comprising Whitchurch, Radyr, Llanisheu, Rudry, Llanfedw, Llanedeyrn, Lis vane, Van, and Rhydygworn. Here. ever since the County Council was formed, the seat has been uninterruptedly occupied by the penial squire of Greenu;eadow, Colonel Henry Lewis. Only on one occasion during that period of 16 years has hig re-election been challenged. This time, however, the gallant colonel is not to have a quiet walk over. The Progressives, who are re- solved to take their share in the national move meut, have found an excellent candidate in Mr Eli Rees, The Elms, Whitchurch, a, thorough Progressive, who enjoys the confidence and support of the Liberal, Labour, a.nd Free Church organisations. A past master of tactics, the sitting member has refrained from issuing RII election addsess, and it is quite amusing to watch so stalwart a Tory posing as a colourless independent. But Mr Eli Rees has an p-hill fight, and if be is to win every Progressive in the division must get to work at once. Jn the Ogmore Valley division the retiring member, Dr. D. J. Thomas is standing aside for the moment so as to secure the return of an equally acceptable Progressive in the person of Alderman W. Llewellyn, J.P. His re election as alderman is pretty certain, and m the ensuing by-election Dr. Thomas will again champion the good old cause. Mr G. Sibbering Jones, the champion of the national policy, is making excellent headway in tbe Ogmore division (Porth- cawl district)âa division which is as large in area. as ma.ny a Parliamentary constituency. So far there is no manifest expression of ex- ceptional interest in the elections in the Swan- sea district. Much will depend on the attitude of tbe Church party, a.nd as yet that has not been revealed. In the various centres meetings of parishioners being convened for the purpose of selecting candidate", and there is reason to believe that if and when tbe tnnecomea there wilj be plenty of activity. It is to be hoped, however, the electors will no allow themselves to ba lulled into an attitude of false security. To prevent aoch a possibility it be well for tbe Liberals to be up and no: and prepared-for all contingencies. As predicted, Mr E. P. Martin is withdrawing I from the representation of the Caeharria Ward, Dowtais.and Mr H. W. Martin, J.P., his brother, has consented to take his place. His viewa on the Edncation question am M rmce to be ascer





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