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GLAMORGANSHIRE. ^OSTBKFAIL âConsequent upon the withdrawal vL l>»a Honour Judge Williams, a meeting of ^Payers, including representatives from S'^trissant and Gilfach Goch, was held at the School on i'r'day evening to select a jTOstitute After considerable discussion,, three >Mw«;e put before the meeting, vi^Mr S'thur J. Williams, M.P. Mr Thomas Morgan, ^U|?typridd; and Mr J.Gr.ffiths, forth A J^Joritywa'3 declared in favo"r. ofâ >*d gentleman, and a second show of hands Ithe minority to FilliL)port the candidature & Williams. A strong feeling in favour of a candidate, in the person of Mr Tnomas prevailed, but it was feared he would be strong enough to defeat the lory candidate J,ho ia already in the field. A vote of regret at of Judge Williams was passed s CwitAVoN DIVISION.âA largely attended meet- 2* mVelector8 wa8 held at the Boys' Schoolroom t?, Tb»«wlay evening last, the Rev Thomas IQ tfae chajr._Messrs S. T. Evans j^eath), T. K Davies, and W. R. Tnomas JMaesteg), and tile fiev john Evans (Pwllyglaw) addre88eg> vote of confidence in Herbert the Liberal candidate, was A^p«^ /'nD i?COftded by Messrs J. C. Morgan W. R. Potts, an<1 carried with acclamatiou. Merthyr, meeting of, tJ10. Reporters of Mr Thomas ]^HliaBD8f J.P. (chairnaa*, of the MerU)Vr Liberal ^ooiati,), canfi'dnte lor 6lectlou m *the lower |°"ion of the Ward, was held on g^day niKbt at the vestry f Tabern;iCie, grecon-road, under the;re«iidency of Mr David Giebeland. attet»d*ace was large. ? Ohairmun, in a lenS^ 'y Contended B«ftt Thomas Williams had far more faithfully served the rateoayers'OB the Board of Guardians h!!ri ,'ar<i of Health than Mr Piews, hi8 opponent, â¢2^ w'ien he was a member of those bodies. Mr as » magistrate, did not take parfc iâ ^booi Board cases in the and the _PPosite party wrongly accused b,m on this p0int considered Mr Wiil'»ros's Renerosity exceeded *bat of Mr p,e^ Ha dBalt on the iinportance 8eaUriog R00d Liberals on the ne\v couQoil) an retti|nded thein that Mr Piftws Was an extreme Tory.âMr Morgan collier ettthu«.icali/8|ipported Mr Williams s Can. jj'dature. â *Z W.otnas Williams was very ordially received âMr J. Thomas, Brecon-road, SPil8e,1» "That this mating ful y recogn«08 ,lllPortance of returning Liberal members «n en«.?,ttt>ty eaunaii for Gtamorganahire, and Mr Thorns Williams. Gwaelodygarth, tsprlaT' re^peot a fit and proper pe-s-m to on t?,I tb« town portion of Penydarren Ward Wâ-Said oouncil, and pledges itself to use return ^te means to secure his triumphant and I?u IM,» further, calls upon all working men St d Lib rtd-further, calls upon all working men <Wlv w to stand true to the principles so ^ht by their forefathers.'âMr John the motion, which was 1>. O T Mr George Morgan.âThe Rev carried °Dea supported the mitior. which was live^mously.- Addresses were also de- r Tbo^ ^^r Rice, Mr D. L. Jones, the Rev J. were»,»« d Mr J. Lloyd. The proceedings y ^othusiaetic tbroogboutt v i( >};* A well-attenaed meeting of tne supporteis u < the candidature of Mr John Jenkins, a candidate in the Town Ward, was held on Tuesday night at the schoorcom of Zion Chapel, Twynrodin. Up n the proposition of Mr J. Vaughan, Mr J. Williams, Castle-street, took the chair.-In his introductory remarks, the Chairman referred to the subject of Home Rule for Wales. Whatever might be their views on the question, « seemed like getting in the thm e of the wedge. He maintained that J the was quite time that a move should be made m this uirection. He contended that what they wanted on the new council were practical, business men,âMr J. Jenkins first address the meeting in Welsh, and afterwards in Enghh. He defended himself against the attacks which had been made upon him as an employ labour, by "XXX." in a local paper, by others. He then reviev/ed the provisions new act. He contended that Merthyr, with a population of 56,000, was entitled to become a county borough (applause) that they should make an earnest effort to attain to that position. He criticised some of the contentions of other candidates, and n3011 tioned for their information several works or reform in which he had been engaged in connection with the board of health. Touching upon the with the board of health. Touching upon the compensation of officials, he pointed out that one of his opponents, Mr David Williams, at the board of guardians, proposed that Mr Martin shoulri receive a pension of as much as £52 which the Local Government Board reduced. Would ha have done that for any poor man! (Sbame,) U0 »8" enumerated the various appointment held oy ms other opponent, Mr F. James, and strongly advocated the necessity of returning Liberals on the council.âMr Richard Jones moved a vote ot confidence in Mr J. Jenkins. This was seconded by Mr Hulbert, and supported by Mr i^ornas Jones in a vigorous speech, by Mr James ami h, and Mr Mullins. The resolution was earned unanimously.âOn the same evening Mr Thomas Williams, J.P., addressed a meeting of ratepayers at Penydarren. Ynysybwl. It is now understood that the Mountain Ash and Dvffryn division of the county council will be as one division, and this places three candi- dates in the field, viz., the Hon. H. 0 Bruce, Colonel Gray, and Mr G. Jones, Pwllhelig. In connection with the latter, a meeting was 1on connection with the latter, a meetin waR held n Monday evening, presided over-by Mr David James.âMr Rhys Llewelyn and Mr G. Jones (Liberal) having delivered addresses, Messrs Henry James and Join) ^ames also spoke. A resolution pledging the meeting to support Mr Jonea was carried with acclamation. Ystalyfera. Jones was carried with acclamation. Ystalyfera. A meeting of the supporters of. Mr James Williams was beld on Monday evening at Z >ar Vnitrv and it was resolved, notwithstanding the decision of the arbitrators in Swanseaâthey bavin? selected Mr Beynon as the strongest candidate to invite Mr Williams to proceed with HYRTATTPSKIRALLTTORCG DIVISION.âThe t wel ve supporters chosen by the two L.beral candidates of the above division met at the Liberal Club, Swansea, on Saturday iFor ie ° discu-sing before Messrs D. RnndeH, M.P., John H John Land ore; and Ibomas Phillips, Llaneliy acting aB referees, the claims of the H. John Landore; and Thomas Phillips, Llaneliy acting aB referees, the claims of the respective candidates. After a long and rather lively discussion the referees retired for about half-an-hour for the purpose of coming to a decision On reappearing they said that, after a most impartial weighing of the arguments, they had come to the decision that Mr John Beynon was the strongest candidate to contest the above division, and that they hoped w°uld abide by the decision, which had had their most faithful and unprejudiced consideration. A document has been signed by Messrs John Bevnon and James Williams, and the twelve supporters, in which they pledged themselves to do all in their power to secure the triumphant return of-tbe candidate chosen by the referees. Ogmore Division. o-i Monday evening a meeting in support of Ufr "Puftncj fMjouut Pleasant), the Liberal candi- SL wMl ek tl» Boarii Schoolroom. Tho c £ «» Mod br Mr Rees (KenfigJ, The candidate was well received, and made an effective speech. Mr Davies (of Pyle), proposed a vote of onnKHenoe in Mr Evans, seconded by Mr T. D. Williams (Kenfig-bill), and supported by Messrs "P W Bond (Porthcawl), B. Davies, and the Rev Thomas Howells (Longland Farm). The motion was carried. J. IU OGMORK DIVISION.âA meeting was held, at the Caivmistic schoolroom on Fnday evening to hear the views of Mr Rees Thomas, who has come out as an independent candidate. Mr Morgan Jenkins, of Red-hill, presided. Several questions were put to the caadidate.-The Chairman moved a vote of confidenco in Mr Thomas, and Mr Rees John seconded.âOn a division, 16 voted in favour and 18 against. Treorky. A public meeting was held on Tuesday evening at the board school, Treorky, to support the candidature of Mr VV. Morgan (Tynewydd) and the Rev J. S. Edwards (Hermon). There was a large attendance. The chair was occupied by the Rev W. Alarris(Niddfa).-Mr W. Morgan and the Rev J. S. Edwards followed, and dwelt on the value of Liberal combinations or associations to forward the interests of the Liberal party.âMr Jeffreys (Treherbert) proposed the resolutionâ "That this weeting,liaving heard Mr W. Morgan and the Rev J. S. Edwards, pledges itself to do everything in its power to secure their «Etan»n thAâQon^lty Mc^ T. Baronwy Isaac secondbd, and Mr W. Abraham, M.P., supported the resolution.âThe Chairman put the resolution to the meeting, and it was earned without a dissentient amid great applause. Ystradmynaoh. On Tniftday night a meeting was held at the Ciawryrystrad Welsh Baptist Chapel to further the candidature of Mr E'lward Edwards, Penlan, the Liberal candidate con- testing the county council seat for the Llantwit Fardre and Llanvabon division of Glamorgan- shire. Mr Lewis Williams, Tonteilwr, presided, and introduced Mr Edwards to the meeting. In a Welsh address of some length Mr Edwards gave a general explanation of the county council duties. Mr D. Daniels subsequently gave the gist of Mr Edwards's address in English, and Messrs George Everson, The Siiop, Thomas Humphreys, Twyn-yr-Harris, David Rosser, and others addressed the meeting in support of Mr Edwards's candidature, Llansamlet. Mr Sims, the chosen candidate for this division upon the county council, has commenced working in earnest. Meetings have been held at Birch- grove, Glais, Tubor, and Bethel. Councillor Martin occupied the chair at all the meetings with the exception of Tabor, and delivered addresses. Loughor and Penoerry. I At a meeting in support of the candidature of Mr J. T. D. Llewelyn, held at Bryuhyfryd, under the presidency of Mr W. W. Jeremiah, a vote of confidence in the candidature was unanimously passed, on the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr J. Francis, and supported by Messrs Ji R. Daniel and D. John. Llandaff Division, Mr William Evans, grocer, Lland iff, has issued his address as a candidate for this division, in which he states that he has consented to come forward at the earnest request of a large number of the electors of the division. Mr Evaus announces himself as a convinced Liberalland that his sympathies are with tb* masses of the people The candidates for this division are now Mr W. Evans, Liandaff, and Mr t. Forrest, St Fagan's, the latter of whom has bee^ in the field for some time. Llaneliy. We learn that Messrs J. S. Tregoning and John Bourne are not to hue their anticipated walk-over for No. 3 Ward, as a strong Liberal candidate is in readiness to contest, Pentra A crowded public meeting was held at Old Siloh Chapel, Pentre, on Tne,day evening, under the presidency of Mr Thomas Edwards, for the purpose of affording Mr Jeiikins, Ystradfechan House, an opportunity to express his views t-j the electors of No. 2 Ward in reference to the Local Government Act and various important political questions. Resolutions pledging the meeting to adopt every legitimate nean4 and render all possible support to secure Mr Jenkins's trium- phant return were carried unanimously. Swansea Valley Division. A meeting was held at the Alltwen Board School on Monday evening, when Mr Thomas Jones, the selected Candidate of the joint Liberal associations of Alltwen and Clydach, addressed the meeting. A vote of confidence in Mr Jones was proposed and seconded, and carried without single dissentient. Bridgend.. Jw!\fiee!)inK of the Bridgend Local Board beld on Wednesday, a resolution was basted request- ing Loru Dunraven' to do bis utmost to get Bridgend selected as the seat of the new county councii. ing Lord Dunravetii to do his utmost to get Bridgend selected as the seat of the new county councii.





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