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---SATURDAY, MARCH 15, 1879.








CARDIFF. DINAS COLLIKBY EXPLOSION FUND.â On Sundal two ooUectiona were made at St. Andrew's Chureh in aid of the above fund. The amount collected was At lis. 5d. FLAT RACt AT ELY.âOn Monday a flat raoe for JB5 aside took plaoe at tha Qaaaa'a Banning Ground, EIJ. between two Cardiff mea, named Cu minings and Purchase. The cage was a good one, and resulted in a viotory for Cummings, who was applauded by the many spectators. RELIEF.â-Mr. Phillips, the relief secre- tary, waa again enabled, on Tuesday, to distri- bute a number of tiokets for loaves of bread, and small allowances of grocery. A comparatively PIT all amount is expended in relief per day, and by this, means the subscriptions are made to extend over a lengthened period, and to the advantage of the more deserving cases which are singled out for attention. MB. MELLOE'S BILL.âWe understand that Mr. Mellor, M.P., has been in communication with Mr. Jacobs sinoe the paaainr by the board of guardians of a resolution in support of his Bill, and that the petition decided upon is now being drawn up. In the ordinary oourse, it will probably be presented at the next meeting of the guardians for approval. THE CURATOB, OF THE MUSEUM.âThe following is the minute with reference to Mr. Btorrie's resignation, referred to at the meeting of the free library oommittee, on Tuesday night: â" Mr. Storrie, having stated his reasons for wishing to resign the ouratorship of .the museum, it was resolved, with only one dissentient, that Mr. Storrie's resignation be forwarded to the free library oommittee, and that thia sub-oom- mittee recommend that the resignation be accepted." CLOSING OF THE FINE ART EXHIBI- TION.âOn Saturday night, the Fine Arts Exhi- bition asd Bazaar, at the Assembly-rooms of the Town-hall, were formally, dosed by the Mayor (Alderman D. Lewia). His worship took the op- portunity of oomplimenting Messrs. Maddox and Whitwam, the secretaries, Mr. Payne, and other members of the oommittee, on the able manner in which they had superintended and arranged the many details of the exhibition. The financial position of the committee is not yet known, but it ia to be hoped that so exoellent an undertaking for so good an object aa increasing the funds of the Penarth branch of Missions to Seamen will have been successful. TENTH GLAMOBGAN RIFLE VOLUNTEEB Co BPS.â(Several fine young men have, within thia last few days, joined the above corps, and, oonsidexing that every member on joining pays an entrance fee and engages to make himaelf efficient for three years or pay a sum equal to the capita- tion grant for that period should he be unable to oomply with the agreement speoified, thiB speaks well for the popularity of the corps. A new drill instructor from the Bifle Brigade arrived from Winchester, on Tuesday, and will commence drilling at once. Captain Nioholl, the adjutant, has for several weeks been most assiduous in drilling the 10th and 16th oorps, and it is to be hoped that they will have an oppor- tunity shortly of drilling with the regulars. Sach an event did occur some years Bince with her Majesty's 94th Begiment and the 10th, and the manner in whioh the volunteers were received by officers and men of the 94th was highly appreciated. THE THISBE MISSION SHIP.âOn Friday Seek a tea meeting waa held on board -â president resident in Cardiff) Bat down to partake of a substantial tea, provided for them by the kindness of the Bev. C. Browne, ohaplain to the MisBion at thia port. The tea was presided over by Mrs. Browne, assisted by a few friends who attend the Thiabe Mission Church. After tea an entertainment, consisting of dissolving views, supplemented by recitations, readings, and singing, took place, and waa highly appre- oiated by all present. It may be mentioned that thia, one of the largest gatherings of .seamen that haa taken place sinoe the establishment of the Tlosbe at thia port, was due to the untiring effoits of the chaplain, ably seconded by Mr. J. Barber, scripture reader, and as sailors are a difficult body to approach upon religious matters, both theee gentlemen must be highly gratified at the success attendant upon theirlabours. 7 HE WORKMEN'S COTTAGE COMPANY. âThe ordinary general meeting of thia company was held at the Town-hall, on Monday. The various officers were re-elected. The report of the directors to the 31st of December last (whioh was signed by Mr. Chas. Thompson, the vice-chairman) showed that the net revenue of J61,259 14S. Id. admitted of a dividend for the last half year of 4 per cent, on the company's capital of £ 20,000,whioh with the interim dividend declared in July laat, brought the total to 8 per oent. for the year. The directors recommended that this should be declared. In this manner .£800 would be absorbed, leavinga balance of .£4591 Is.ld of which it was proposed to carry .£100 to the reserve fund, and £ 35914s. Id. to the next aooount. The report also stated that the reserve fund, in- cluding repayments of Government loans, now amounts to £1,4.45 lB. 5d., and:tbat,the ootiages in fiats commenced sinoe the last meeting were now completed, and partially let. The report was adopted, and votes of thanks were passed to the ob&igman of ü. meeting, Mr. Thompson, and the secretary, Mr. Waring. SAD DEATH OF A CHILD.âAn inquest was held on Wednesday, before Mr. E. B. Beeoe, on the body of Mary Millward, a little girl three J ears of age, who died in the arms of her aunt, use Millward, at Dr. Pratt's surgery, on Sunday night last. It appeared that the ohild was deformed in consequence of a fall, and that its mother had recently died at Bristol. The father was also dead. Miss Millward went over to Bristol from Cardiff to fetch this and three other orphan ohildren. She found that a Mrs. Livings had been keeping the deoeaaed for 2s. 6d. per week. The ohild was, however, very thin, and Mrs. Livings said she had as much food as ahe required, but did not get enough nourishment. The witness took the child to Dr. Pratt's surgery on Sunday night. The doctor saw it was in a very critical condition, and asked the witness to atrip it. She did ao, and the poor little ohild died then. Dr. PTatt now said that he had never seen a child in suoh an emaciated condition before. It would have required very nourishing food to pro. long its life. It appeared to be rather a child of eix months than three years. The aooident to its spine would cause great emaciation, and he was surprised that it had lived so long. The jury then found, on the doctor's evidence, that the child died from natural causes, resulting from a cur- vature of the spine, caused by an aooident. CARDIFF BICYCLE CLUB,âThe annual meeting of thia club was held on Weiaeaday evening, at the new assembly-room at the Qieea's Hotel, nr^er the chairmanship of Mr. Hntchins. The following effioers were duly electedCaptain, Mr. W. T. Bate; sub-captain, Mr. F. Perch; trea- surer, Mr. W. Perch; hon. secretary, Mr. B. C. Keate (Mr. Hutchins having resigned through preeeuTe of business); bugler, Mr. A. G. Harries. A committee was also appointed. It waa decided to open the new bicycle ground at Tredegarville on Easter Monday, and to hold a variety of|sports. Fifty gentlemen, desiring to become members, have already sent in their names, and additional namea will now be re- ceived by Mr. B. C. Neate, Newpert-road, Roath. Ihe club this year will consist of bicyclists and non-bicyclists. Baoes will probably beheld once a fortnight throughout the seaaon, for whioh Mr. Hutchius is now issuing tickets. PARIS EXHIBITION.âA lecture was de- livered on this subject on Wednesday evening in Wood-street Chapel by the Bev. W. Watkiss, illustrated with dissolving views. The attend- ance was good. Mr. G. W. Armstrong presided, and, in responding, trusted the lecture would be given again at an early date. The lecturer pro- mised to arrange to re.deliver the lecture, if possible, next Wednesday, the 19th inst. To LOVERS OF THE FINE ABTS.âMr. J. G. Maddox's sale of pictures and goods of an artistiocharacter, which has been going on at 26, Dake street, for several days past, will posi- tively close this (Friday) evening. There remain unsold some choice pictures, lustree, and other articles of virtu, besides a quantity of glass ware, vases, console tables, and cabinets. The sale commences at seven p.m. BETHEL CHAPEL, MOUNT STUART- BQUARB.âA capital programme of vocal and inttrumental music was given here on Wednesday nifrlit under the condnctorship of Mr. Thatcher. The following ladies and gentlemen assisted :â Mioses Gray, Miss Candy, Miss Williams, Mias Fowler, Miss Rogers. Miss Hook, and Messrs. Richard". Griffiths, Vaughan, Thatcher, and Master Wilkes. HELP FOB THE POOR.âSome more relief was distributed at the back of the Town-hall, on rhursday, by Mr. Phillips. The applicants in- cluded a number of able-bodied persona, who apparently were well able to do a day's work. "HAMADRYAD" HOSPITAL SHIP.â-Re- portfor the week ending the 13th day of March, 1879 Number of patients remaining last week; 45; admitted since, 9 discharged, 16-; died, 0 out-patients treated, 78; remaining on board, 38. âW. Hughes, medical sunerintendent. FIREPROOF SAFES.âMr. J. G. Maddox bas on view at his saleroom, Philharmonic Chambers, a number of first olasa ftTe-proof and thief-resisting safes. They are for sale by private treaty. CAUTION TO SMOKSBS !âW. F. NiehoUs and Co., of bi. Mary-street, Cardiff, and 9; Castle-street Bwansea, are the only Manufacturers ot the "Ad miralty Smoking Mixture," registered. To be had of respectable tobaooonists, and at above addresses. SUDS. BMM. SKXDS.âGarden Seeds, ftower Seeds, Farm Seeds, of best quality. All Seeds teotert before being sent out. Catalogues gntis and post free from J. Hibbert, 17, Angel-street, Cardiff. 1990d iiBKAT Wnnta Ronu 8t*xio»v-ro*4. QacdiS,âAB 0rdinary Daily at L30; price 2a. &. B. Bom,TON. Dental 8nrgeoa, opposite the IDa Urinary. Cardiff Set of teeth firam 5 to 86 guineas. Mr. WALTXB SHBraAKs, Dental Surgeon, corner of Oh«rl«fc»if I«I Ovdifl, Teeth from h. to GLOn HOTEL, Angel-street. An Ordmary Daily it 1.30.