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I Cardiganshire County Council Elections. Appended is a list of results of the elections for members on the Caidiganshire County Council which took place ou Satur- day in the divisions where there were con- tests. A list of the unopposed returns appeared in last week's issue. New QuayâMr Evan James Davies, Glyn, the sitting member (L), 139; Capt Jenkin Thomas, 11, Park-street (L), 127; Mr Evan Lewis, Evans Hall, (Ind), 8; majority for Mr Davies 12.4 AberayronâMr John Davies Davies, Feather's Hotel (L), 160 Mr Francis Evans, Glanmor House, the sitting member (L), 105 majority 55. Llanfairclvdogau-Col H Davies-Evans, Highmead (C), 165 Mr D Saunders Davies, Bryndulas, the sitting member (L), 113 majority 62. TalybontâMr Edward Evans, Neuaddfawr (L), defeated Mr Bunce Morgan, Glanfread (L)' with a majority of 42. The sitting member was Mr Edward Jones, Elgar (L), who withdrew his nomination. Taliesin-Dr John James, Fagwyr Filch, the sitting member (L), 130; Dr D 0 Williams, Trerddol (C), 65 majority 00 Llanllwchaiarn-The Rev William Griffiths, Maengroes, retiring alderman (L), 83; Mr EvanLewis, Soar, the sitting member (C), 79 majority 4. Llan wnen-Mr J C Harford, Falcondale, retiring alderman (C), 99 Mr David Evans, Ffynonfair, the sitting member (L), 88; miianr^ystydâMr D Morgan James, London House (C), 155; Mr E J Evans, Cnweybarcut, the sitting member (L), 115; majority 40. LlanwenogâMr D Martin Jones, New Court Shop, Llanybyther (L), 178 Mr Herbert Davies Evans, High Mead (C), 147; majority 31. Llandyssul (North) Mr Jenkin Jones, Pantmoch, the sitting member (C), 119 Capt. William Davies, Rhydowenfach (also an old member of the Council) (L), 105: majority 14. Llandvssul (South)âThe Rev T A Thomas <L), 203; Mr Charles Lloyd, Waunifor (C), 191 majority 12. â Cilcennin â Major Price Lewes, Tyglvn Aeron, the sitting member (C), 166 Mr John Edwards, Cefngwyn (L), 76; majority 90. Nantcwnlle (retiring member, Dr Evan Evans, Greengrove)âMr W Jenkin Lloyd, Blue Bell, Nantcwnlle (L), 140; Mr Evan Rees Lloyd, Penblodeuyn (C), 69; Evan Davies, Parcau Bachjlnd), 15; majority for Mr W J Llangoedmore â Mr5* James Stephens, Glanolmarch, the sitting member (L), 145 Mr B T Davies (Ind), 78; majority 67. Aberporth Mr Thomas Watkins, Rock- lands, Cardigan, the sitting member (I,), 85 Mr Joshua Hughes, Rhosgadairnewydd (L), 80; majority 5. There were three elections at Aberystwyth, the fourth representative, Mr D C Roberts, having been returned unopposed for No. 2 Ward. Mr Roberts has been returned unop- posed since 1895. In No. 1 Ward, Mr R J Jones (C), the sitting member, was opposed by Mr T Doughton (L), and the result was declared at the Ysgoldy, as follows:- Doughton 173, Jones 142, majority 31. In 1901 Mr Jones beat Mr Robert Doughton, who then sat on the Council, by a majority of 74, and three years ago was returned unopposed. In No. 3 Ward, Mr Roberc Ellis (L), the sit- ting member, was opposed by Mr J T Davies (C), and the result was declared at the Town Hall as follows :âEllis 215, Davies 164, major- ity 51. Mr Ellis was returned unopposed in 1904 and in 1907 was elected by a majority of 22 over Mr T E Salmon, in 1898, by a majority of 29, and in 1895 by 7 over Dr Beddoes. In Ward No. 4, Mr G Fossett Roberts (C), the sitting mtmber, was opposed by Mr Edwin Morris (L), and the re suit was declared at the Council Schools as follows :-Roberts 267, Morris 192, majority 75. Mr Roberts was elected at a by-election in 1905 when he defeated Mr William Thomas by a majority of 94. Speaking after the declaration of the poll, Mr Fossett Roberts said that the result showed that the ratepayers believed the election was not necessary in that ward and if it had been left to them they would have said so. Unfortunately, a few political extremists opposed to him forced that elec- tion upon him and that was why the expense was incurred. He was sorry to say that he had to contend with great difficulties in the campaign. An attempt was made to get rid of him by ministers of religion whom he thought would be better employed in greaching the Gospel, leaving politics alone. te congratulated the electors on showing that they were able to form their own opinions. (Hear, hear). It will be seen that the Liberals gained a seat at Aberystwyth and that Conservatives gained seats at Llanwneu, Llanrhystyd, and Llanfairclydogau. The Liberals will have a majority of twenty-four on the Council, having thirty-six members against twelve Conservatives. The returning officer was Mr H C Fryer, the late clerk of the peace, who after the close of the elections will sever his connection ;with the public work of the county.



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