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thJ^QUef" ,iaB /Iea8eJ t0 appoint Alfred Tennyson, room of W. asMr;'°hrn ^rSCie,'fit iSTt"ticipated' wil' 8,,cceed Mr.Shiel hJldbv x t "'P ?'SapP°in^entwill no longer be held by a Member of Parliament, and the salary will be reo duced to £1,530 a year. Randal Edward Plunket Baron Dunsany haâ been elected a Morn!?!* 7"daf °! b,sbG,,acethe Duke of Portland, held at cental, "f mgA f mkUnificent "turn of thirty per cent, was made by order of that patriotic and benevolent nobleman, to his numerous tenantry. The Treasurer of the Birmingham Town Mission has re ceived a donation of £ 30, given â¢'Jn memory of one who died October 13, 1850." per the Secretary Miss Burdett Courts has presented tIle sum of £100 to the aval School at New Cross, the moiety of which she has ap- propriated to the purchase of two debentures qualifying her to nominate pupils to that institution. The population of the Hebrides are acain reported to be in a state of famine. The Sheriff, officiating in the Long Island, has announced that the failure of the potatoe crop is as exten sive and complete this year as in any season since 1846. that the oats are almost a total failure, and the bete crops infenor to those of last year. Mr. Thomas biggin, of Dronfield Woodhouse, killed last week an ewe sheep, which weighed, when cut up. 1541bs. This animal attained to that extraordinary latness with only com- mon food and attemion, never having bad either corn or cake. She had, in three years, six fine lambs. One of the first musical instrument makers ifi Ireland is Thomas M. M'Mahon, a lunatic inmate of the Armagh Asylum. Where darkness predominates, dirt accumulates, and as OUr government taxes the admission of light and air into the dark dwellings of the poor, especially in our crowded cities, it is surely very, very studious in encouraging filth, fever, miasm, and malaria amongst them. The government have determined to extend the metropoli- tan police to a circuit of twenty miles from the metropolis, and the commissioners are now etTectingithe necessary arrange- ment. 61 It came out in the course of a recent trial at the Southwark County Court, thai a dealer in wine had employed a manufac- tnrer of aerated waters to infuse into a quantity of Bucellas wine to resemble champagne. A London paper states, that six officers at least have now declined the command of Hong Kong. The Law Times says :â" As yet we have heard of no appeal from the County Courts. This is extraordinary, seeing that the Act has been into operation upwards of three mouths. It would appear from this that the suitors are more satisfied with the law dispensed to them in thtse courts, than we lawyers have supposed." The Queen has been pleased to appoint Charles Chipchase, Esq., to be Collector of Customs for the Island of Trinidad.' The produce 01 eight concerts given at Boston by Jennv Lind, amounted to 170, 000 dollars. 44 What are you engaged in ?" said the head printer of a newspaper establishment to one of the compositors. In an elopement." "Stop," said the interrogator, I want you tc share in a murder." At New York, Jenny Lind has given her 26th concert with undiminished success. Rumours were current thai she was on the eve of leafing for the west, and ultimately for Caii fornia. Mr. Disraeli is writing the life of Lord George Bentinck. He has undeitaken this literary task at the request of the Duke ol Portland. Professor Thomas Holloway, the celebrated proprietor ol the ointment and pills, has obtained an injunction in the Roils Court, against a person of the name of Holloway, for selling medicines purporting to be the genuine article of Pro fessor Holloway, who had expended £ 150,000 in bringing his pilis and ointment into use, all over the civilized world. GLASGOW..Nov. 2; -Pig lron-ll consequence of the nu- merous meetings relative to the scrip system, business in pig iron has been rnueh interfered with during the week. Tht price to-day must be quoted 44s for store-keepers' warrants, at which some business has been done. I XTSNT or THE UNITED STATS It has been computed the United States have a frontier line o1 10 750 miles, a sea. coast 5,130 miles, and a like-coast of 1,160 miles. One oi its rivers is twice as long as the Danube, the largest river in Kurope. I he Ohio is 600 miles longei1 than the Rhine, and ion n°, ^l,dson has a navigation in the Empire State'1 1 0 miles longer than the Thames. Within Louisiana are o-iss and creeks, almost unknown, that would shame by com- narison the Tiber or Seine. The State of Virginia alone is larSer 'ban England. The State of Ohio contains .^000 square miles more than Scotland. The harbour ol New York receives the vessels that navigate rivers, canals, and lakes to the extent of 3 000 milesâequal to the distance from America to Europe. From the capital of Maine to the Cres- cent City," is 200 miles further than from London to Constan- tinopleâa rJutethatwould cross England, Be'gium, a part of Prusa. Austria, and Turkey.âNational Intelligence. ATLANTIC Exciritsiov I he Americans are about to give a new impulse to 1 transatlantic trip, by the cheapness of the are at which they announced their intention of perform- ing the voyage. Some projectors at Boston have ailvenisrd that they wiil undertake to convey passengers from America to England and back, with first class fare and accommodation, for 100 dollars each, instead of £1000 as heretofore each passenger to be a'lowed six weeks' residence in England Should the plan be reciprocated on this side of the Atlantic, crowds of summer tourists, with £20, and a few weeks to spare, may pass agreeably from one country to the other. SUICIDE TII SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAYâMr. William CUIer, Coroner for Edst Surrey, held an iaque*i at Mr. Smith's he 1 wo Brothers TaVrn. N IjW road, Batlerseii-fialds, upon Ibe body of Mr. Robeit Henry Hamock, u member 01 Triniiy College, Cambridge, formerly possessed of a veiy large amount of properly, and brurhtH-in.la, to Mr. Goocli, It'e chief eogmeer of the South-Westero Rail way. The deceased, who was in hii 37th year, and who hod recently held the appointmeot of soper- inteodaoi of the locomotive department at Windsor, was fouod killed on the Soiith-Western line on lest Saturday night. Several wttoesies s'ated their opinion to be lhat the deceased had destroyed himself; and it was shown that Ihe pressure o( indigence and. a great reverse of fortune, had unsettled hit intellect. A verdict in accordance with this evidence was then returned. THE GALE IN THS BBISTOI. CHANNEL.âDuring the whole of 1 hurs lay there wag tremeadous wether in the Channel, at interval* the wind blew a perfect burricwrt. A coal vessel, called the Harriet, foundered, the cr. were fortunately picked up by the Oiprey steamer. It was curreoily reported at the Commercial-rooms Ibltt a large tappoted to be an East Indulmllo, had foundered off B deiord Bar, sod lint all bdOd had perithed aho, that a schooner bad sunk on the N uh S-inds. At night it blew a gale, with heavy squalls. The shippiog at Kingroad held on, with the exception of a baiqoe, tUpposed to be ihe SYíioam. which drove on there and grounded oo the Duoball. The Welsh mail which was due at eleven o'cfock at night, did not arrive till two, Fiiday motniog, having been defined three hoars ic <HOSai>rff Aust CHAPPED llADS âThe application of a little oil, pomatum, common grease, lard, or cold cream, opprates as a preventive for chapped hands. The camphorated balls sold by chemists are compounded of starch, rice powder, white lead, oil, soap, camphor, &.c., moistened by Hungary water, oil 01 rosemary, and of lavender. It would not suit a private consumer to make them. A little honey used when washing has a re- markable effect in softening chapped skin. First wash the hands until free from dirt, then rub honey well into the chap- ped parts, then soap and wash the honey oil, and rinse; then dry thoroughly by dabbing with a soft towel. A FOOT-RACE IN A Railway TUNNEL.âTwo Honourable Members of the Legislature at Frankfort, Kentucky, a few day ago went out to make observations, and got into the tunnel all the cars were coming, They look 10 iheir heels, lod did preity well. They never ran agaiost a locomotive before, however, and were about to be overhauled, when (hey threw themselves against the sides flf the luonel they literally spread themselves. Never were two Honourable Menabeis so peifectly flat. The cars whistled by without touchiog. They looked inlo each oihet'i faces, aod one burst into a laugh. The other's serous mood was not off so quick. It's no laughing matter," said he but that observaiion made it one decidedly. -Louisville Democrat. POPULAU GAMES and PASTIMES.âThe great body 01 the people are but children of a larger growth, and are as much in need ot pastimes nay, more so, for they require whole- some exhilaration to enable them to bear up against the wear and tear of toil, and the stern realities of life. Deprived of innocent amusement, they droop, they become listless, mo- rose, dangerous they cease to 10"e their country. There are persons who maintain that the pleasures of religion, and a knowledge of their duties, are sufficient, or ought to be sui. ficient, to enable the working classes to endure the hardships of their lot with patience, if not with cheerfulness but this is to infer that the majority of those who are doomed to afire of toil and suffering, have attained to a perfection of Christian heroism not often practised by those who preach its necessity Solomon tells us, »⢠There is a time to work, and a time to play." Why should those who toil, be denied their share of pastime r Agnes Strickland. TALK AFTER CHURCH. â" Well, Laura, give me a ahort sketch of the sermon Where was the text?"â" Oh I don t know-I have forgotten it. Hut would you believe it, Mrs. V. wore that horrid bonnet of hers I I couldn'tkeep my eyes off all the meeting time. Miss P. had on a lovely little pink one, and Miss T. wore a new shawl that must have cost, at least ten guineas I wonder her folks don't see the folly of such ex travagance. And there was Mr. II., with her short figure, in one of those rough shaggy paletots, called Vegumas! it is astounding what a want of taste some folks exhibit."â" Well, if you have forgotten the sermon, you have not the audience. out what preacher do you prefer, this new one, or Mr. A. V' â" Oh, Mr. A., decidedly He is so handsome and so grace- ful-what an eye, and what a set of teeth he has Different WAYS OF DOINO THE SAME THING.â"Pray excuse me," said a well-dressed young man to a young lady in the second tier of boxes at the theatre," I wish to go up stairs and get some refreshment--don't leave your seat." 1 he sailor seated in the pit near his sweetheart, and disposed to do the same, arose and saidâ" Harkee, Pol), I'm goistg aloft to wet my whistle don't fall overboard while I'm gone," ALL OVEII.âThe celebrated Madame Ileeamier, who died io Pans last spring, wa* ia her day one of the most U.-cioating of her sex, and exercised a prodvtJW«H influence by her talents, grace, aod beauty, throngh a long series of years, The durallon of her personal attractions extended far beyood the ordinary term, but when nt length the long bright day dtQw towards" dO"f, no declining beauty wu ever accepted wph moie amiable :an»lour. "My dear," she replied to a friend, who was compli- nenting her defiance of time, "when I saw tliat the little joys in the itreet no longer turned to look at me, I knew all ilia. over." PUNCH SCHARADE FOR THE EXHIBITION OF 1851. I am found in the sea, L am ound in the air, 1 am found in a bed, I am found in a chair, I am found in the palace, I m found in the lane, I am found in the fields, I am found on the plain I am found down a well, I am found up the steeple I am found by myself, I ain found with the people j 1 am found in the cellar, I m tOund on the all, Iiiiii found very great, and I'm found very small What I am none can tell, yet I've not the least doubt That those who have sought me have all fOUnd me QuU





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