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THE SEE OP HEREFORD.âWhile every parish almost, in England, is more or less convulsed with the bare probability (but from Tuesday's Gazette now reduced to actual certainty) of the elevation of Dr. Ilampden to the bishoprick of Hereford, the city and diocese most intimately interested in the appoint- ment is in a state of blissful repose as to the coming of the much-retlceted-upon Regius Professor of Divinity. Hereford has given no sign adverse to thc reception of Dr. Hampden, 1f it be the pleasure of the crown. The Dean and Chapter met together a fortnight back to congratulate Dr. Musgrave on his dtMm to the Archie-episcopal See of York, and the scene at the palace between his 10rdhlp and his clerical congratulators is said to haye been very touching to the feelings of all prcsen t; but they gave no opinion as to the fitness or otherwise of his successor, either before or since the meeting of the capitualar body. The town council also purpose to wait upon his grace with their meed of congratulation, mingled with their regret that his lordship should be so far removed from their diocese. Notwithstanding it may seem paradoxical that Hereford should stand aloof from all sort of agitation on this momentous ques- tion, so deeply affecting their primary interest in the great con- cern of church government, we presume by silence that they are satisfied to receive and willrespectfully welcome Dr. Hamp- den as their diocesan. We know a movement was made by the laity in favour of the elevation of Mcrcwethcr to the episco- pacy; anù a memorial to Lord John Russell was in cours" of signature. It was, however, withdrawn at the express desire of the dean himself, who felt the delicate position in which lie stood in the matter. Every style of supplication, entreaty, and remonstance has been, it is rumoured, addressed to the dean and chapter, urging them to undergo even the penalty of pre- mu 11 ire rather than be the consenting parties to Dr. Hampden, by their assent, becoming their spiritual head. The conge d' elire is now before them, and the question is, What will the Dean and Chapter of Hcre.'ord do ?" A few days will solve the question which has disturbed four-fifths of the clergy and half the bellch of ÃJishop.-A correspondent. The following account of ti.e submission of Abdel Kader to the Emperor of Morocco appears in the Semuphore de Marseilles of the 8th :â"The steam packet Philiippe Auguste, which left Algiers on the 5th instant, entered our harbour last evening. We have received by that vessel the important intelligence of the submission of Abdel Kader to the Emperor of Morocco. Bou Ilamcdi, who had been sent by the Emir to the Emperor to oii'er him his submission, returned to the deira with a Moorish envoy, who informed him that Abderrhaman had re- jected that offer, and would only consent to accept it on th6 express condition that Abdel Kader should immediately dis- perse his deira that the principal chiefs, who remained with him, should pledge themselves to reside separately on whatever points might be assigned to them by the French Government and the Emperor of Morocco and, finally, that Abdel Kader himself should not quit the residence he was at liuertyto choose. Our correspondent adds, that Abdel Kader, whose situation had become most critical, had accepted these conditions, and ap- pointed a place for his residence in the neighbourhood of Fez The deira of the Emir was immediately dispersed, and his horses we; c hmstnmg in thc presence of the Moorish Envoy, according to the Arab custom." Mr. O'Connor's land-allotment scheme, as was to be ex- pected, is likely to proye a source of disl1.ppointmcllt and a f:1Ãlure. At Lowbands, the spirits of tho tenants, which were beginning to flag, have been kept up by a remittance of money and seed-wheat from head-quarters, but it is quite evident that the scheme can never succeed with individuals unaccustomed to agricultural pursuits, and without both adequate capital and near good markets.â Hert ford Journal. Captain the Hon. M. F. F. Berkeley, C.B., M.P. for Glou- cester, who is now within :5 of the head of the list of Captains, has become the second Naval Lord of the Admiralty, in con- sequence of the retirement of Rear-admiral Prescott, who has accepted the office of superintendent of the Portsmouth Dock- yard. BRISTOI. SUGAn MADKET, DEC. 17.âWe have to report a duil maiket h-r all kinds of British plantation sugais. The sales are limited to about iaO hhd., but which is owing, not from want of demand, but deficiency of supply. Prices have been well maintained. There has been a good demand for rums, and stocks are nearly all passed into the hands cf the dealers. SHPCKINO DEATH OF THE lio", MISS RYDER.âStafford, Tuesday.â A most painful sensation has been created in this dis- trict by the death of the Hon. Miss Ryder, daughter of the Hon. G. Ryder, and granddaughter of the Earl of Harrowby, which took place a: the nolile earl's seat, Sandon-Hall, yesterday. The unfortunate young lady was in her 17th year. On Sunday even- ing, between 7 aq<| A.flSejock, the igmj&tas .were alarmed by violent Screaming. "Tlie Earl of Harrowby,*fcor3 Sitsdorr,"ana several-of the domestics, immediately hastened to ascertain the cause, when they beheld the Hon. Miss Ryder rushing down stairs from one of the upper rooms enveloped in flames. Lord Sandon caught her in his arms, and endeavoured to extinguish the ine. Unhappily the fire had inflicted the most dreadful in- juries. When she was carried into adjacent apartments,she was found to be shockingly burnt about the face and body. Messen- gers were immediately despatched for the attendance of medical gentlemen in the neighbourhood, and every thing that could be suggested for the relief of :hc unfortunate sufferer was applied. Lord Sandon was burnt about his face and hands in his at. tempt to save the life of his niece. During the night MissRyder'i sufferings were dreadful. She nevar rallied, and yesterday ex- pired. She is said to have been warming herself, and her dress being of iigiit material it was drawn to the bars by the dlaught, and instantaneously fired. The shocking event has produced the deepest grief in the families connected with the noble Rarl. SIlTnnELD CATTLE SHOW.âTbis exhibition closed on Satur- day. less than bO.Oi O persons visited it during the four days it was open. The sales of the cattle and other stock exhibited at the show have exceeded in number those of any preceding year since the establishment of the club. and the animals have geneially obtained unusually good prices. TENANT FARMERS.âIt must be gratifying to the neighbour- hood to perceive that T. Lei huridge's prize of fifteen guineas to the tenant fanner who shall have employed thegreafest number ef labourers on his farm, at the highest rate of wages, during the past year, was adjudicated, at the Taunton Agricultural Meet- ingot Friday last, to Mr. Thomas Danger, of Hunstile, near Bridgwater. The condition of Mr. Danger's farm, its high state of productiveness, is the best answer that can be given to those who say they cannot afford to pay their labourers higher wages than the usual rate. The fairn in question may also be termed a model-farm for the neighbourhood. It was stated at the meeting that the average of Mr, Danger's wages to his labourers was at twelve shillings a-week.âBridgwater Paper. DIAIII OF THE REV. THOMAS MACUIRK.âThe parish priesi of Balliamore, the celebrated Vather Maguiie, of almost Euro- pean lame as a controveisialist, is no moie, intelligence having reached town announcing his death by typhus fever. Notwith- standing his extreme opinions upon all poiuts connected with the religion of which he was so distinguished or ornament, few d vines of the Roman Catholic church ever enjoyed the same shaie of popularity which it was his fortune to obtain among all cieeds and clasts of his fellow-countrymen. It is rumoured, in influential circles, that there will be, ere many months elapse, a further augmentation of the army. Ihe last made, about eighteen months since, amounted to 10,000 men. The late secretary at war contemplated the formation ot a militia foice, but the intention was abandoned by the piesent government. The staffs of several of the regiments had neverthe- less been filled up. so that very little additional expense will be incurred, shouid the militia be re-embodied. A singular question has arisen between the Bihnp of London and the fellows of Jesus Collegs, Oxfoid. About. 200 years ago, a native of Glamorganshire founded a fellowship m Jesus Col- lege, fUI persons educated at LiandafF, aud ma:.1e it a condition that the holder of it might be sent abioad as a missionary, if the Bishop of London thought fit. The Bishop of London has de. termined to enforce the provision for die lirot lime, ill conse quence of the great demand for colonialclergymen but the Rev. Morgan Davies, who now holds the fellowship, refuses either 10 go abroad or resign, and the college support him. Mr Davies lesigned the enracy of Ramsgate, and obtained an appointment as chaplain to a man-of-war, to escape the dilemma, but the rirst Lord of the Adllliralty. on the representation of the Bishop, has cancelled the appointment. munificent Dr. Warneford lias given another donation of i,IOO(,. towards extending the system of education at the Queens' college, Hirniiogham. The RtJv, Isaac. Benson, incumbent of West Acklnm and Buriogate for the diocese of York, refused to grant a marriage license to a party the oilier upon the ground of habitual diunkenness. A parcel of goods of various descriptions has been received from the United Slates, for the use of the Ragged School at Edinburgh. bb Mr. Labron, formerly a tobacco manufacturer at 10lk ha, conseutea to a verdict of £ -{o00. agiilim turn, for smuggling tobacco. 0 ba b A London firm h .s imported a large quantity of cotton seed, which it intends to sell to farmers for fatieniue cattle and sheep for which it is Balli to bo especially adapted. P' A schoolmaster named Gowdy was fined at the Coleraine sea- sions, for having assaulted one of IJl3 pupils, by flo in. him in a very severo manner.. gg g The original £ 20. shares «n the New River (London) Water Company, seyemy-two >0 number, are said to be now worth £ â¢20,000. each The late lamented Mr. Youatt in one of his orations to the members ol the Veterinary College observes-' "that by the improvements in modern chemistry, the medical profession are en bled successfu y 10 treat.hseases which were .oeviouJy lu nosed as not witmn the reach ot medicine." This truth has betui manifested for many years but in no instance of greate? iinpoi tance 10 than by the discovery of Blair's Gout and RIDnm"aCs!ASny case of dropsy may be cured by Holloway's Pills â Females at a certain period of life are subject to this dan- cerons complaint, which first makes its appearance by the swell- t »tin hahds, and so gradually makine sirnnp- infoads on the constitution. Hundreds of dropsical patients ( thfir cases arc pronounced as hopeless), are cured tamer and»< Wool °», Bedford, (and »lâd, at .lie lime was made so pnbhc), this gentleman cured himself by that he could not survive thiee A correspondent who complains ot bad and offensive drain- a^toHMi street, may '"f. »'««⢠ine of magistrates the advice was given lathei to indict tlie landlord than the .en«»t, i« as tl.e lam would piefer dealing witli that p y<