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DOMESTIC NEWS. SHIPWRECK—Total Loss of the ship Georgt M'Lsod, another lndia.man.Intelligence was, in the coarse of Fli. day, received by the undet writers at Lloyd's, of the de- struction of another fine Indiaman, named the George M'Leod, homeward bound, with a valuable cargo of rum, find 3,700 bags 01 sugar on board, which occurred a shor' tune since, in co!!ser," i her running tiport a hard an .olt on the coast of Scotland, in the Solway Frith, within a few miles northward of Skenburness. The George M'Leod was commanded by Captain W. Murdock, and had a crew of sixteen s^arrien, besides officers and mates. She was about 600 tons bnrden in measurement, beins$the property of Messrs. Leishman and Huntley, merchants, residing at Glasgow, and sailed from the Mauritius in the early part of November last. On Tuesday last portions of the wreck, namely, a head-board, with the name George M'Leod" painted on it, and the top of the round- house, were picked up, by z sailing vessel, between Pori Cailisle and Skenburness. It is not at present known whether the owners are insured. WRECK OF THE LARKINS INDIAMAN, OFF MARGATE. —Another vessel is added to the list of homeward bound, which, at the veiy close of their voyage have suffered shipwreck in the channel. The Larkins a fine ship, be- 'otiKinn to Messrs. Haviside and Co., of Cornhill, which arrived in the Downs on Thursday last from China, after breaking from her moorings oh Saturday right,eameashore on the Walpole Rock, about one mile to the east of Mar- gate, at hall-past four o'clock on Sunday morning. The Larkins rode out the «a!e well during Saturday morning, having a hundred and twenty fathom of cliatn out, but about midnight it was discovered that she vas dnving on shore, and Captain Hibbert considered^! advisable to cut both the main and mizen masts away, in order to save the ship from striking. In this, unfortunately, he was not successtul, as she came on shore with the flood tide at about four a.m., on Sunday morning. The ship sits well, and great hopes are entertained that the cargo will be got out without much damage, though the sea was too hiah up on Sunday night to allow any steamer to ap- proach her, and her position precludes the possibility of communication from the land. Captain Haviside lelt town for Margate an early hour yesterday, 'ihe Lar- kins is laden chiefly witb it ;••• fried only one pa«- si'tiger. Captain Hibbert remains 011 ;rl the jhip, wan the greater part of the crew. REDCAR.— Drfw/FW/ Loss of Life an. Pyojterty.—A letter from Redcar mentions the total wreck of the brijrday, March 11, at Stafford Shropthire —Tnuuday, March 9-3, at Shrewsbury. Herefordshire—T-je.-day, March 28, at Hereford. Monmouthshire—Saturday} April 1, at Monmouth. (Gloucestershire—Wednesday, April 5, at Gloucester. City of Gloucester—The same day, at Itie city of G!ou» Cester.

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