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.To the Editor of the Monmouthshire…



THE PRINCIPALITY. CAUTION TO SERVANTS.-âWilliam Holland, a farm servant employed by Mr. D. Williams, of Newton, was convicted ott Thursday week, before the Rev. HIT^h Bold and Dr. Lucaa, and committed to the Brecon House .f Correction for one month with hard labour, for neglecting his vTwk. AN HEIR TO THE HOUSE OF MAROAM.â0'.r68t rejoicings have taken place on this occasion among Mr. Talbot'5 tenantry, at Margam. There was a battery of cannon dragged cp and fired from the Half Moon, on the top of the Great Wood, at Llangonoyd, Pyle and Kenffig, and the numerous otber pa- rishes in which the large Mansel property is situated. The eveat was enthusiastically commemorated. Similar rejoicings took place among the tenantry in Gower.âMerthyr Guardian. DEATH OF MR. RICHARD WILLRAMS (Dryw Bach).âWe have been favoured with the following communication from Mr. Taliesin Williams.âDied, on Thursday the 20th instant, aged 49, after a protracted period of great suffering, Mr. Richard Williams, of Pant y Gerdinen, in the parish of Aberdare ;âa man whose name will long be dear to the admirers of Welsh music, poetry, and literature generally. At an early period of his life be developed a superior taste in Welsh lyrics combin- ing in his songs, many elegancies of imagination with a natural taste of genuine humour. He also attained a proficiency in the higher order of Welsh poetry. His justly admired prize, Awdl i'r Goleulli" (Ode to Light) is a fine composition, that evinces strong mental powers. He has also been a successful competitor on other subjects. His Englynion on Newbridge (Pont-y-ty-pridd) acquired for him an elegant silver medal, with an additional premium at the great Eisteddfod, held at Cardiff, in 1834 and he was second best in his encomiastic englynion to the Marquess and Marchioness of Bute, for the Royal Medal presented to that high festival, by the Princess Victoria (our present gracious Queen) and the Duchess of Kent. He has, subseqnently, won on other topics. His last successful effort was a composition on the marriage of William Williams, Esq., of AberpergwnJ in which he gave ample tes- timony of his regard for the ancient families of his native coun- try. Nor was his talents in music of an inferior order, for he has left behind him medals awarded iC b1' yocal powers.- As a husband, and the parent of a large fami.?» he discharged the duties of a meritorious man. In his various occupations of fjrmer, auctioneer, and wool-dealer, &c., he susUine the worthy character of industrious integrity and gladly wouUO all who transacted business with him have hailed his recovery ?o an extended period of intercourse. In social life he was obli- ging. and an ardent promoter of cheerfulness, in the best spirit of good feeling.-Alas! poor Dryw Bach !âIbid. HEREFORDSHIRE. The hay-harvest has commenced in this neighbourhood, and the crop has been very greatly increased by the recent beneficial rains. In places, however, there is a deficiency of under-grass, owing doubtless to the long-continued drought of the spring.â Hereford Jcurnal. A decline of about one shilling per bushel in the price of wheat has lately taken place in the Hereford and neighbouring inarkets, and it is expected by dealers that it will be still lower, ;ven before the harvest. This is an unusual occurrence at this. tdvanced period of the season and should nothing occur to pre- sent the housing of the luxuriant crops in good condi lion, it is not improbable that the price of grain will approximate to the low amount, so ruinous to the farmer, at which it remained for 5everal years.-Ibid. â CAUTION.âOn the 18th inst., an inquest was held at Castle Frome, before Thomas Evans, Esq., Coroner, on the body of George Woodyatt, who, after taking three glasses of whiskeyâ d companion taking the same quantity, which was given to them by a visitor at a house where they calledâcontrived to lnnk a considerable portion of the ardent. spirit from the 1bott e. after his companion had left, whom he followed, ana both, after ascending a hill, lay on the ground exposed to the sun. A thunder storm taking place, they were conveyed to a buildiug tnd Woodyatt appearing very ill, a surgeon was sent tor; but before he arrived, the unfortunate man had ceased to live the other man recovered. The Jury returned a verdict, that W ood- yatt died in consequence of having by his own free will drunk. a }uantityof ardent spirits.â Ibid. A SINGULAR FACT.âMr. Wm. Rowlands, of the parish of Orcop, has now a fine brood of eight young geese hatched by a gander in April last the goose whilst sitting, was taken ill and died when the dead body was removed, the gander took pos- session of the nest, and actually continued sitting till the whole .vere hatched, and are now a fine brood of birds nearly fit for the table.

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