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LONDON MARKETS. ConN EXCIIANGK, MAIIK LANE MONDAY, JUNK 17, 1838. âThere was a good steady demand for fine English wheat at the prices of this day se'nnight, and no material variation in the. value of secondary sorts. Piime foreign commanded quite as much money, with a fair sale to our own millers, and a few countiy buyeis were up this morning who took good condi- tioned paicels at last week's currency; inferior qualities weie offeied somewhat cheaper.- Flour was without alteration it) value.âPrime barley met a fair sale, at quite as much money. â Malt was fully as dear .-Beans and peas were taken or) pretty steadily, and at fully last week's cutlency.-The demand for "als was mosily confined to the consumers, who gave about the: rates of last Monday for the best heavy corn. Per (jr. Per Qr. WHEAT, Essex and Kent., red 66 7ti white. 60 75- Suffolk and Norfolk 67 73 do â -â Uvr old new 4'i 41 BAHI I.Y, Grinding 3.3 36 .M.dtiut; â â Chevalier. 34 35> MALT, Suffolk & Noilolk 55 58 Brown. â â Kingston Ware 68 72 pale ship OATS, Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, feed 27 29 Potatoe.. 33 36< Vout;hal it Cuik black. 24 27 COI k whlle â Galway 24 27 Scotch Feed.2830 Potatoe.. 30 35. I'I ANS Tick 37 41 Small. 42 44; PEAS, (irey 36 37 NIPPLE. 36 4 8 White 40 41 boilers. 40 44 SEED, Rape '2HL 341. Irish âl per last English Red Clover, fine 66 76 80s per cwt. White 67 68 76s Mustard, White 12 14s Brown 16 1i\s per bushel. Tares 32 36s old 30 37s.new 60 âs per qr. Ftoux, Town-made 56 62s per tack of 280 lbs. A VFB AV, E. Imperial Weekly) Wht. I Bail. Oats. llye. Beans peas. Arurage, ending | June 7 69 7! 38 10 26 4 43 U 39 11 39 7 AggregateAvenige ol'6weeks,which regulates Duty. 70 7J 39 3 25 8 41 7 39 0 38 8 Duty on For.Corn 10 8| 3 4 9 3 8 0 11 () 12 t> SMITH HEM' M A It K l/l'. MONDAY, JUNE 17.âHaving a large attendance of both me- tropolitan and provincial dealers to day, all kinds of beef com- manded a biisk illqniry al an advance on last week's curren- cies of from 2d to 4d per 8lbs. the most superior Scots realising. Is lOd per lb. Although we have enhanced the highest quo- talions of mutton to 5s per 8lbs., that sum was only obtained for a few extraordinary piime Southdowns, the number of which did not exceed 200 whilst the mutton trade, generally speak- infi, was animated, at improved rates; say fully 4d per Bibs. Store tegs sold freely at high prices. Per st of Bibs., sinking the offal 1 f ⢠s" S- s* d. s. d. Coarse and inferior Prime coarse wool 1ms's 2 10 3 0 Sheep 4 2 4 G ^econd quality do. 3 2 3 (j Prime South Down I rline large oxen. 3 10 4 4 ditto 4 8 5ft Prime Scots,&c.. 4 6 4 10 Larg.coarse calves 4 0 4ft Coarse and infcllor Prime small ditto. 4 8 5 2 Sheep 3 4 4 6 Large Hogs 3 10 4 6 Second quality do. 3 8 4 10 Small Poikers 4 8 f) I) Suckling Calves, from 21s. to 35s., and quarter old store Pigs, 15s. to 2ls. each. WOOL MARKET. MONDAY, JI'NK 17.â We have very little variation to notice in the demand for Biitish wool, which is in a decidely sluggish state-whilst it is considered by some persons that prices have still a downward tendency.âThe accounts respecting the wool lairs in Germany being decidedly favourable, considerably en- hanced rates having been paid in most instances, holders are asking higher prices, but which they have been, as yet, unable to obtain. Since our last, upwards of 2000 bales have anived in the pott of London. Per Ib. s. d. s. d. « ill Tc.b?: 1 1 8i Hall-bred Hogs. 18 1 8' Ewes and Wethers I 41 l 51 Leicester Hogs 1 4 1 41 Leicester Wetheis 1 11 1 ai Blanket Wool *⢠I"0 ft 1 I Flannel ditto ⢠,)t Combing skin 1 2* 4*