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COURT AND FASHION. >-JJ!FR MAJESTY'S STATE BAI L AT BUCKINGHAM PALACE. |jT Queen yave a State ball on Monday evening at 't,^ "Gingham Palace. The Throne room was prepared for yY'c'"g* The company began to arrive shortly before ten Among ilie earlier arrivals, besides tlie ltoyal %vere ^arl ^»rey> Count Pozzo di Borgo, the Eai) *Mpon, and the Earl of Durham. Prince Esteihazy a pelisse of deep crimson velvet, profusely decorated fV"' ^'a,n0M^s an'^ pearls. Ilis Excellency also wore the ''lor ol lhe Golden Fleece sel in precious stones. Some 'e fofei^?'. noblemen also wore the Hungarian costume. â¢c QMp<-n entered the (noit.li) Yellow Drawing-room ^"on after 10 o'clock, accompanied by the Princess of -â eiwingen, and attended by the Duchess of Sutherland, Marchioness of Normanby, the Hon. Miss Cocks, the > °'>. Miss Cavendish, Miss Davis, Baroness Lehzen, the "0rd Cainberlam, and Lord Byron. The ltoyal Family, '>'> their arrival were conducted to this room. The Queen's "oyal Quadrille and Waltz Band, lei^ by Weippert, was Mationeil in the Throne room and performed several times 'y desife the new vocal quadrilles, entitled "The Queen ?f England also an entirely new set of waltzes, "The J iimbe," the latter composed expressly for the occasion. Jii tlie Yellow Ball-room were stationed the Band of the vunrirille Inshioie, which performed the following dances ^"Q'^dnlles, "JLes Gais Loisirs," "Le Bon Garden," s< Fol e," LticreUu BorgiaWaltzes," Bal Racketen," Kunstler Bd Tansje," Paulinen Labitsky," Huldi- Galops, Fortuna and Paris," by Strauss, and Lcs Sabots." Her Majesty danced the first quadrille Prince Doria, Her Royal Highness the Princess ^Vwsta of Cambridge dancing in the same quadriUe with â¢scount Torrinaton. After dancing some quadrilles in 1 lirone-rooin, the Queen passed to the other Ball- ^Jin, where her Majesty danced a quadrille with the Earl March, Her Royal Highness the Princess Augusta ol dancing with Baron Gcrsdorff, the Saxon Mi- in the smie quadrille. The dresses of the ladies '*<5 very rich and elegant, and the display of diamonds "â 'I precious stones most brilliant. Among the most splendid cosiMinps were those of the Marchioness of Aber- rOnl and tbe M i rehioness of Londonderry, the former I her diamond girdle. Prince John Soutzo ap- in a Greek dress; and the Marquess of Douglas J/jd ]\jr. (Jain bell Macdonald wore the Highland dress.â Duke of Wellington, the Maiquess of Anglesey, Si> James Graham, the Lord Chancellor, and Lord Denman, among the company piesent. The Princess Sophia Matilda left at half-past 12 o'clock. Her Majesty went lit one o'clock to the dining-room, where supper was Sl''Ved on tables extending round the room. The beaufet 4 goill platp contained a number of the finest shields, ^"ses, cups, anil tankards in the Royal collection, bril- *j»mly illuminated with gold candelabra and sconces, and ^Hving a background of crimson drapery and gold. 1 lie Bounaparte family are represented by a letter from â¢"Wine, received by the Presse, to be ureally disap- pointed at the will of Cardinal Fcsch, each having ex J'pcted to be the inheritor of lhe bulk of his property.â I l,e Prince de Montfort (Jerome) is said to have been ,,Vjd in his expressions of discontent, his Icgacy not ex teedniij 2r< OC'O francs. The amount of the late Countess e Lipona's fortune is staled to be GO,000 francs per ann. The Court of Hanover, as we find stated by a Slrasburg expect this summer the visits of several distinguished j^Ms, and, among them, that of the Queen Dowager of '"uland. Prlllee George was to go to Nordemey foi s,)*De sea bathing, previously to another operation being on his eyes. Marchioness of Normanby and Lady Caroline Bar- have succeeded Lady Littleton and Lady Gardiner 'e Lady and Woman of the Bedchamber in Waiting (>ui.cn and Lord Byron and Mr. Rich have sue ^'led the ,,f Fnigall and the lion. Major Reppel as and Gioom in waiting on her Majesty, lhe Marchioness of Westminster will give a grand ball a ''â¢Â« close of the month, at Grosvenor House, to her Ma- J* S,J the Queen. A large temporary building will be rr<ted in ihe g; uden in the rear of the house for a ball I ;tlt j o;|,er arrangements oil a scale of unusual splen- (",r art contemplated. The Royal supper table is to ^Umodate eighty. Invitations for upwards of 700 o' haute 11>>l>(csue are issued. The 22nd is the day fixed, Sir John ( onroy ceases to hold an appointment in tht household of lite Duchess of Kent. The Ihn. :\1:.s Cocks and the Hon. Miss Cavendish succeeded the Hon. Miss Spring Rice and the Hon. 'is? Paget as the Maids of Honour in Waiting on the Queen. Auber, the eminent composer, has been appointed 0 the post of leader of Louis Philippe's private band, Vacated by the death of M. Paer. There is a great talk at Madrid about a law-suit between I^'lies of exalted rank and great wealili; namely, the yke de Berwick and the heirs to the Duchess d'Alba. A deccce of the Civil ti ibunal of Madrid, issued in October, 183;, had awarded a sum of f 600,000 to lhe already enor- mously rich Duke of Berwick. The Supreme Tribunal ol y*ticc has annulled this decree, and re-instated the heirs to the Duchess d'Alba in their rights We understand that on his recent departure from Lon- don his Excellency Itechid Pacha, the Ottoman Minister, Presented to Miss Pardee, the well. known author of "The ^"y of the Sultan," a farewell gift of the most cosily per Cities, antiques, arijulet,, and other eastern objects of luxury, I;Isteftilly arranged in a handkerchief of pink gauze, and lied with party coloured ribbons. It will be remembered 1114t this eminent oriental statesman was particularly men- Ilolled in Miss Pardoe's work. TRUE LIBERALITY.âWe are informed that the Earl of ^fton, with that liberality of feeling which has so long "'stiuguished his noble house, has granted a piece of land, added a handsome donation for the erection of a school °r the use of the children of his Catholic tenants and ependents, and of the neighbouring poor whose religious Principles debar them from the use of the endowed schools, Of which there are several on the noble earl's extensive es t"tes. A measure so well considered and beneficent can IIOl fail to unite more closely the interests of landlord and tellant, and to allay the irritation arising from the indul gence of selfish and sectarian views and distinctions. Alanche&lcr Guardian. THE DUCHESS OF CANNIZZAUO'S PARTY.âOn Sunday sl)"Iliiglit her Grace gave a grand dinner, at her mansion l!) Hanover-square, to his Royal Highness the Duke ol ^â¢'nbridge, Duke of Wellington, Duke and Duchess o' eaufort, Viscount Lowther, and a select circle. In th» fcveiiing was held a conceit, which was numerously at 'Prided'. SIR J. AND LADY GUEST'S DINNER PARTY AND CON- !jF-RT*âSir John and Lady Charlotte Guest gave a grand "Hier on Wednesday Se'nnight, to his Royal Highness 'e Duke ol Sussex, Lady Cecilia Underwood, the Mar- in's and Marchioness of Lansdowne and Lady L. Fitz- aLife Marquis and Marchioness of Tavistock, the Earl and Countess of Zetland, Countess Minto and Lady p "ny Elliot, Viscount Torrington, Sir J. Ilobhouse, Mr. 1 °uleit Thompson, and Mr. Vivian. In the evening there 'Vai a concert, at which his Itoyal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, the Persian Ambassador, Duke of Argyll, Duchesses of Somerset, Cannizzaro, and a long list of fa- s'»ionables were present. Pa IZE ESSAYS.âThe Rev. Joseph Angus, M.A., has I â ^d awarded him one hundred guineas for the best essay the tendency and effects of an alliance between the ^I'urch and State, and in reply to the lectures of Dr. Chalmers; and the second prize of twenty-five guineas to Rev. John Taylor, on the same subject. Rev. T. Jiffies, D.D., LL.D., Rev. J. Pye Smith, D.D., and Wil- 'ain Tooke, Esq., F.lt.S adjudicators. An elegant silver vase, enclosing 220 guineas, has been resented to the Rev. Wm. Marshall, B.D on his retire- ment from the curacy of the rectory of Bath, which office he has filled for nearly forty years. M AUIUAOF. IN HIGH LIFF.Captaill Vreke, nephew I alld heir presumptive to Lord Carbery, will shortly lead 10 the hymeneal altar the Lady Louisa Butler, the lovely ,Ier of the Marquis of Ormonde.â Morning Post. DEATH OF THE HON. GFORGE TALBOT.âIt is with deep regret we announce the demise of this gentleman, ""Icil took place on Thursday se'nnight, at Hampstead.â 1 he late hon. gentleman, who was in his forty-second year, WitS heir presumptive to the Earldom of Shrewsbury, and 'rried in 1829 a daughter of Sir Horace St. Paul, Bart., V whom he le aves issue a son, John, born 18tb tebruary, J830, now heir presumptive to the title, and a daughter, born 6ih June, 1831. Accounts have been received in town of the death of Prince Borghese, who died on the 1st instant at his Palace at Rome. The Prince is succeeded in his immense estates and possessions by his eldest son, the Prince of Sulmona, now Prince Borghese; while the second son becomes ''iiice Aldobrandiiii. SUDDEN DEATH OF MORI THE VIOLINIST. It is with deep rpgret we have to announce the death of this clever ni"sician, who has for a number of years occupied a pro- minent position in the musical world The remains of Sir Herbert Taylor, preserved in a cask ^â¢mtaining 200 gallons of rum, were landed at Dover on Thursday, from the Pandora. They were to be forwarded uader seal of bond to the Queen's warehouse, in London.