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Family Notices

Family Notices

BIRTH. On the 23d instant, at Lausaintfracd, in this county, the ladv of William Hunter Little, Esq., of a son. MARRIED. On Thursday, the 2d instant, at the Cathedral, Salisbury, hy the Rev. G. T. Marsh, Vicar of Lutton Bengers, the liev Thomas Prothero, A.M., eldest son of Thomas 1'rt.thcro, Esq." of the Friars, near this town, to (Jeorgiana Mary, only daugh- ter of the Hev. M. Marsh, Canon Residentiary of Salisbury and Chancellor of that Diocese. On Tuesday last, at Ragland, by the Rev. William Powell Vicar, Mr. James Walkinshaw, of Abersychan Iron Works to Sophia, second daughter of Mr. John Holmes, of Baglaud. On Thursday se'nnight, at St. George's, Hanover-square by the Rev. Daniel Finch Ilatton, Christopher Turnor, Esq.' of Stoke Rochlord and Panton House, in the county of Lincoln to the Lady Caroline Finch Halton, only daughter of the Firl of Winchelsea and Nottingham. DIED. On the 31 st January, William, the infant son of Mr. Wm. Williams, of the Park Machine, near this town, aged two years and six months. February 5th, at Coed-y-Pane, in the parish of Langibby Margaret Lewis, widow, aged 97, enjoying all her faculties and good health to the last hour of her life. On the 7th of Februaiy, at Cardiff, at the very advanced age of 93 years, Wm. Evans, one of the oldest inhabitants of that town. January 29, in Dublin, of the influenza. Thomas Revell Guest, Esq., ot Cardiff, and brother of J. J. Guest, bq., M P for Merthyr. On Friday, the 3d inst., aged II years, Anna, eldest daugh- ter of Thomas Baker, Esq., solicitor, Abergavenny, after a few hours'illness. The amiable qualities of this affectionate-child so endeared her to her parents and a large ciicle oft friends thaf. the only relief they can now experience is the assurance which the early practice of piety, and her resignatiorun death, afford of a glorious immortality. 5 On the same day, Mrs. Ann Cross, wife of Mr. Rd. Cross, late master of the workhouse, Abergavenny. Last week, Margaret, daughter of the late Mr. Lewis, shoe- maker, of Abergavenny. On Tuesday, February 7th, Mrs.Mai thews, of Neville-street Abe.gavenny. On Friday, Feb. 3d, Mis. Evans, wife of Mr..Tames Evans tailor, Frogmore-sticet, Abergavenny. On the 5th instant, aged 60 years, Mr. James Yarworth of Abergavenny; an honest and highly respected man. On the 7th instant, Mr. John Williams, farmer, near Lla- nelly Church. On Friday, the 3d inst., at Abergavenny, Mrs. O'Neill, mo- ther of the celebrated actress of that name, now thp v-'ir., «r Sir \V. W. Beecher, Bait. Ut" 01 Wednesday, February 1st, at Chepstow, Mary Willett Phil potts, the infant daughter of the late Mr. R. Phillpotts of the Customs, Liverpool. January 31, aged 69, Catherine, wife of Mr. Edward Evans of St. Paul's, Bristol (formerly of Newpoit), daughter of 1\1r: John Meredith, an extensive pewterer of that city. On Saturday last, aged 54, Mr.Thomas Waters of Chippen. ham Gate, Monmouth. On Sunday last, aged 79, Mr. John llicketts, an old and truly honest inhabitant ot Monmouth. On Monday last, Mary wife of Mr. Adam Howe. butcher, Monmouth the deceased had not been married three months On Friday last, aged about five months, one of the twin chii dien, and on the succeeding Sunday the surviving one of Mr C. Curtis, Monmouth. On Thursday last, the infant son of Mr. Charles Lawrence of the nrockwear Boat Inn, Monmouth. On Tuesday, the 31st instant, in the 77th year of his aire Mr. Richard Day. of Crickhowell, Breconshiie {late of Aber- gavenny. cooper) a man who, through life, was highly re- spectedâin death deeply regretted the best of neighbours a sincere Iriend, and a truly honest man. On Saturday, at Holmer, near Hereford, aged 90, Mr. Wil- liam Webb, a respectable inhabitant of that parish during sixtu years. ° y Yesterday se nmght, at Glyn Celyn, most deeply and deser- vedly lamented by all who knew her, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of the Rev. Charles Griffith, Rector of Talachddu in the county of Brecon. On Monday, in the 54th year of his age, John Morfran Esq., of Devynnock, Breconshiie. On the 22d of January, at China Longville, in the parish of Wistanstow, and county of Salop, Thomas Duppa, Esq. in his 8tst year. He twice served the office of High Sheriff'for the county of Radnor, and bequeathed all his estates in the county of Salop to his nephew, T. Duppa Lloyd, Esq., on condition that he does not absent himself Iroin the said parish of Wistan- stow for one whole yer.r at a time, and also that he assumes'the name of Duppa instead of Lloyù,