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itonDflit Ãlarketø. CORN EXCHANGE: Monday, Jan. 30.âThere is a very short supply of all grain: with the exception of Irish Oats, a very large portion of vhicl have come to hand in very bad condition. Although the si.pplv of Wheat remains exceedingly small, yet Is per quarter rc-iuc- tion may be quoted on the finest parcels, and the inferior ties are very difficult of sale, although offering at a reduction of 2s per quarter. Barley is equally dull, and little business has been done in this article. The same remarks will apl'!Y to Malt, which is veiy heavy of sale. A few of the finest parcel? of Oats have gone off on the same terms as on Monday lab t, bm the inferior qualities are lower. Beans and Peas of all de- crip tious are exceedingly dull of sale, at last Monday's prices Per Qr. s. s. Per Cjr. s. Wheat,Ivent&Essex 45 to 62 Peas, Grey 34 lo 36 Suffolk 45 â 62 Small Beans 44 â 46' Suffolk 45 â 62 Small Beans 44- 4b Norfolk 40 60 Tick ditto. 30 â 45 Rye 30 35 Oats, Potatoe. 25 31 Barley. 28 32 Poland 25â30 Matting Hartey. âââ ââ Feed. 23-26 Peas, White 34 36 Flour 40 50 Boilers 36 38 Ditto, fine 50 55 Malt 528 lo 60s. THE ARRIVALS AHEâ Wheat. Barley Malt. Oats. Beans Peas Flour English 5200 8749 6863 4699 1131 1141 102(8 Scotch. 71 100 215 1300 â â 80 Irish. 879 â 20338 â â â Foreign 2892 108.9 â 3791 I 1141 466 200 Average Prices of Grain in England and Wales for the last Week-(Imperial Measure). Wheat .59 0 I Oats 24 0 | Beans 40 0 Barley 36 0 | Rye ..41 0 | Peas 39 0 Aggregate Average of the Six Weeks, which regulates Duty. Wheat 59 4 I Oals 24 9 Beans 42 4 Barley 35!ltHye 42 5 1 Peas 41 0 SMITHFIELD MARKET. Monday, .Tan. 30.-This day's supply of sheep was, for the time of year, rather great; its supply of beasts moderately good of calves aud porkers limited. Trade was, with the primest of each kind of meat, somewhat brirk, at fully-with the middling and inferior kinds very dull, at barely-last Friday's prices. (By the quantities of 8lbs., sinking the offal.) Coarse and inferior beasts from 2s 2d to 2s 4d second- quality beasts, 2s 8d to 3s 2d prime oxen, 3s 6d to 3s lOd prime Scots, &c., 4s 2d to 4s 4d coarse and inferior sheep, 2s lOd to 3s Od second quality, 3s 6d to 3s lOd prime coarse- woolled sheep, 4s 6d to 4s IOd; prime Southdown sheep, 5s 2d to 5s6d lambs, Os Od to Os Od large coarse calves, 4s 4d to 4s lOil prime small ditto, 5s 2d to 58 6d sucking calves, 17s Od to 35s Od; large hogs, 3s 6d to 4s Od neat small porkers, 4s 6d to 4s lOd and quarter old store pigs, 12s Od to 20s Od each. WAV AND STRAW. SMITHFIELD. JAN. 28. flay .j. 85s Od to 90s Od I Clover 115s Od to 120s Od â Inferior. 72s Od to 83s Od Infenott. 84s Od to 105s Od Straw. 40s to 44s. PORTMAN MARKET.âCoarse Heavy Lowland Hay, âs to âs; New Meadow Ilay, s toâs; Old ditto, 80s to 96s; use- ful ditto,âs to âs; New Clover ditto, â& to âs; Old ditto, 95s to 115s Wheat Straw, 36s to 42s per load of 36 trusses. NFWfTATE AND LEATDEiN^IAlX" 'III,,titiery, fait. 30.â(By the carcass, per quantities of Ribs., being one half thÃ¥ Imperial stonfr and lib. additional.)- Beef, 2s 8d to 3s IOd Mutton, 2s lOd to 4s 2d Veal, 3s W0r* to 4s 6d l'ot k, 3s 6d to 4s lOd. PRICE OF SUGAR. The average price of Brown or Muscovado Sugar, com- puted from the returns made in the week ending Jan. 24, 1837, is 335 11 jjd per cwt., exclusive of the duties of Customs. BOROUGH HOP MARKET.âP. R CWT. Monday, Jan. 30.âChoice pockets continue in demand. Currency East Kent, in pockets, 1833, £0. Os to £0. Os; 1834, £0. Os to SO. Os; 1835. f3. 10s to £ 5. 0s 1836, £ 4. 6s to £ 8.0s; Mid-Kent, 1833, CD. Os to £0. Os; 1834, £0. Os to £0. Os; 1835, £3. 10s to £ 4. 4s; 1836, C4. 10s to f7. 10s Weald of Kent, 1833, £ 0. Os to £0. Os; 1834, JEO. Os to fO. 0s; 1835. £ 3. 8s to £ 3. 16s: 1836, £ 4. Os to £4. 16s Sussex, 1835, X3. 5s to f3. 15s; 1836. £ 3.15s to £ 4.12s; Farnham, 1835, SO. Os to fO. 0s 1836, £ 7. Os tof9. 103. SEED MARKET. Turnip, White, per bushel, 25s to 27s; Red, 25s to Ms; Green, 25s to 26s Canary, per qr. 40s to 45s Cinque Foin, 34s to 35s Tares, new. 44s to 48s ditto, old, 38s to 40s; Hapeseed. 130 to £ 34; Clover, Red old. per cwt. 54s to 76s White, 54s to 80s Foreign Red, 58s to 76s White, 60s to W-l, Trifolium Incamatum, âs to -5; Trefoil. 18s to 22s; Linseed Cakes, English, fl3. Os to E13. JOs; Foreign, £9 9s to £10. 10s per ton. LIVERPOOL WOOL MARKET, JAN. 21. English Wools have been almost unsaleable during the last five days. In the Yorkshire markets the same state of inactivity at present exists. The accompanying quotations may therefore be regarded as merely nominal.âDOWD Ewes and Wethers, 181d to 19Xd ditto Tegs, 20d to 21d Combing Fleeces, 19d to 20d ditto Skin, I7d to 19d Supenor Skin, njd to l8Jd Head ditto, 15^d to ltf^d per lb. Newport, Saitrtday, February 4, 1837 Published by the sole Proprietor, EDWARD DOW'LINC of Westgate-street, at the Merlin Office, in the same street and Printed by him at the House of Mr. LEWIS ENWAM Commeicial-st.reet, in the same Boroueh t/i wWh >5' lda.'eicd)liShin& 0ffice, a11 0rders to tlie Editor are to be London A gents:â Messrs. Newton and Co., Warwick >l square; Mr. R. Barker, 33, Fleet-street; Mr. G. Reynell No ? SY T; and.Mr- S. Deacon, Coffeehouse! Paper'isreguSytled" Mansâ¢Â° where lhU J Agenw for Ireland, Johnston ar-d Co., Eden Quay, Dublin, ]