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Slipping Kntelltgenre.

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Slipping Kntelltgenre. NEWPORT. List of Arrivals and Sailings for the week ending the 23^ of February. INWAHDS.âBee, Casey, with pigs. Jago, Melhuish, with flour. Charles, Howe, with ma!t and flour. Hope, Tasked. with tallow, beans, and flour. Newport Trader, Jackson, with mahogany and flour. Nelly, Michael, with flour, malt, and bran. Robert, Clampitt; Brunswick, Yeo Regent, Ellery Abbess, Harris; Shaurock, Shea; Mary Ann, Beer; Ocean, Thomas Tredegar, Coombs Bristol Packet, Gamey Mode- rator, Johns; Mary, 'fiver; Carleoo, Harwood George, Johns: with sundries. Albion, later; Charlotte, Phelps; Tredegar, Crockford with iron ore. Oui wARnS.Bec Hive, Faurel, for Jersey, with coals. Ex- cel Parry; Minerva, Morgan Ocean, Fumey Hope, Steph- ine's ⢠Mosquito, Reeves Traveller. Stribley Moderator, Johns: Lamb, Williams; Park, Gregory; Ospray, Phillips; Charlotte, James Chailes, Howe William antl A HIT. Bright; Amity, Dunn; Athalia, Williams; with iron and tin plates. Tredeirar, Coombs; Mary, Tiver; Bristol Packet, Gainey; George, J ohns Carleon Jlar^ood j, with sundnes. List of Arrivals and Sailings fojr the week ending the 31st. f V January. FOREIGN EM F.Rpd OUTWARDS.âL&"ima, Clunis. for C.b3. COASTERS iNWARus.âWiHiam. Smith limn Glister, with iron ore. Olive Branch, Jones, from Bring water, with bricks. Julia, Stuckey, from Chepstow, with iron ore. Golden l'leecr, Handford, from Kinsale, with sundries. Mnijr, Lewis, from Swansea, with stone coal. Taunton, Thomas. fn/m. Bridg- water, with timber. Ann, Bush in,- from Bridgwater, (vilb sin- dries. Diligence, Phillips, from Youghal,.wit boats. Atnelia, Paiker, from Chepstow Thomas and Mary, Hider, firent b&r-n- staple; with iron ore. Bedford, Rosser; from Waterford, wnli sundries. Robert and Ann, Ridler, from Gloster, with iron. Prima Leopold, Little, fiom Whitehaven, with ironore. Gift*- r ter Packet, Thomas, from Carmarthen, with oats. Felicity, thomas, frum Porthcawl, with bricks. John and George, Cook, from Lydney, with stones. Ann, Kerr, from Gloster, with salt. Venus, Parsali, from Bridgwater, with sundries. Jane, Nurse, from Gloster, with iron ore. Bute, Walters, from 11 Bristol, with sundries. Kitty. Malton, from Fowey, with iron ore. Sally, Francis, from Bridgwater, with timber. Flora, Matthews, from Newport, with bricks. Three Brothers, Ar- nold, from Gloster. with fruit. Castle, Ellway, from Chepstow, with iron ore. Nineteen vessels in ballast. COASTERS OuTWARM.âCastte. Jones, for Bristol, with ⢠sundries. Kate, Lyon, for London Mary, Hooper, for Bristol, with iron. Glamorgan, Williams^ for London, with sundries. Benjamin, Rees, for London Hawk, Harry, for Newry, with iron. William, Smith, for Gloster, in bal- last. Vigo, Davies, for Downpatrick, with iton and coal. Sampson, Morgan, for Liverpool, with iron. Queen Ade- laide, Evans, for Poi'trtiah, with iron and coal. Francis, Davics, for Liverpool; V;ine, Melhuish, for London Ladyday, James, for Liverpool, with iron. Friends, Davies, for Bristol, with sundries. Wiliam and Mery, Long, for Yarmouth, with iron. Merthyr Packet, Edwards, for Brictol, with sundries. Julia Slucke) for Newport, in ballast. St. Day, Harry, for Truro; Harriet. ÃrapCl; Fanny, Scott; for Newpoit, with IV iron. Olive Branch, Joce", from Swansea, with salt. Feli- city, Thomas, for Barry, in ballast. Twenty-four vessels with coals. LYDNEY. List of for the week ending the 1st of Januaryr" ⢠â ARRIVEDâLydney Trader, Knight; Newnham, Rotftes; from Bristol, with fote>go;and British goods. », v Ci.iAniiD Ot'T.âJol)n George Elphinstone, Allison for Cork, coals. Lydney Tiador, Kniglit for Bristol, with British qoods. Trotter Fryer William, Williams; Surprise, Mor- gan Union, Meechia } Efeenezer, Power; Gratitude, Knight ⢠Aust, Hart True Harmony, Clutterbuck Amazon, Hawkins ⢠Aust, Hart; True Harmony, Clutterbuck Amazon, Hawkins ⢠Lewis and Ann, Allen; Weekly Despatch, Coates- Ann' Hawkins; William, Longney; Yictoiy, Prevrett Argo, Ciemments Paiace, Bird; Princess, Hart; Fly, Williams- Berkley, Dowell; Betsey, Nurse Caroline, Malpass Pene, lope, Cope; Eliza, Phillips; Utility, Sims; Happy Return, Clarke Abundance, Magss; Independent, Gower; Neptune. Knight; for Bristol Royal Forester, Furney; Union, Bey- nitii William and Mary, Dingley; Ann. Dingley; David, Washbourne Sophia, Ciidland Taunton, Headtbrd Galley, Storey Friends, Roberts, for Bridgwater Siaters, Bray Brothers, Quinton; Industry, Waters, for Chepstow John George, Cooke, for Cardiff, wiili British goods.


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