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To the Editor of the Monmouthshire…

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â â v Stforttnc; Tbe Monmouthshire Hounds will meet otf V/v>. N V IVJonday, Feb. § Crowfield. y '⢠> Thursday, 9 '} roll.y Hiid^^y: Saturday, 11 1 he Grai^ ,Vj At Half-past Ten or'eleck. The F. D. H. (Mr. Carr's Howids) will meet on Monday, Teh. 6th. The Chese. Thursdsv. ftih .The Veddow Wocd. Each day at Tin o'clock-weather permitting, A most brilliant chase, attended by a numerous field of, sportsmen, took place on Wednesday tost, at Ea»tcoiirt, where the splendfd pack onlounds belonging to the lIon. H. Mofeton, met, and found if gallant fox at Ravenbiwst,. which ran from thence to Keen's Wtffidy bidding defiance tohonnds aed horses then made a point for fttfessrt, from thence to the Earl of j Suffolk's park, turning to (fo -igirt for Jackament's Bottom, leaving Tatton to the left, still kttpmg his puisuers at a most respectful distance. Bold Reynard tkA. made his point for Hailey Wow, which he left to the right for tapptTton Com- mon, and from thesoce through the village of Tunley. The first whip, John Gra&tv well known to the sporting field, here rode up to the hound*, bettig the first check during a run of one I hour and 25 minutes in which Ihey left every horseman be- | hind for the last six miler. From Tonley, Reynard made his way for Pimlev Park, and on to the right for Cirencester Woods. fiittotag now approaching, it was found necessary to whip the bounds Off! after a run of two hours and 35 minutts, in a style which was oever known to have been excelled by the oldest sportsman present. Sir. Moreton, mounted on his well- known chesnut horse, led the way throughout the run. BATII STEEPLE CHACE, I%lAnt# The following are the conditions of-this race, for a sweepstake Of 15 sovereigns each, It sovereigns fcwfeit, for hunters belongiag <Qpeisons resident within five miles of Bath, and knowfi^ hunte* a majority of the subscribers, (if being the deterrrViYiauim t« sbwM, £ >nt horses brought from a distance fot the purpose ofsleeplethajin> alone.) The second horse to receive the pwfee added, itnd the wiai2sr to pay the expense of flags, &c. The d»tan< e lo be four miics across country. and the weight 12 stone. To take place on March 1, 1837. THE GREAT BATH STEEPLE CHACE, MARCH 4.-A sweep- stakes of 15 sovs. each, 10 forfeit, for horses of all ages, 12 stotte each; gentlemen rideis four miles across country with 30 sovs. aided by the city of Bath and the vicinity open to all England. A winner of any steeple-chase since November 1st, 1836, to carry 51b. e*t»« if two, 71b. No rider to go through a gateway, or to ride more than one hundred yards along a road or driftway. The horses to be named to Mr. W. Dane, White Lion Hotel, Bath, on or before the 1st Feb.. 1837. The stakes must be made goèd to Mr. W. Lane, the night be- fore running. Two umpires will in due time be appointed who will select a line of country for the race, a»d their decision in case of any dispute to be final.N .B. Horses that are qualified to run in the Bath eteepte-chase on March 1st, 1837, are to be allowed to enter for tht* *take SIT the evening Previous to the race without carrying^he_extmjiveigTi^X^

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