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MR. WHITE, Surgical and Mechanical Dentist, At Mr. Evan Williams's, Clock and Watch Maker, Newport, HAS the honour most respectfully of announcing to the No- bility and Gentry of Newport and its Vicinity, that he may be consulted in all oral deficiencies, and begs leave to intro- duce to their notice, his admirable imitation of natural Teeth and Gums. Ihey are incapable of contracting unpleasant odour in wear, are not subjected to carious decomposition, and retain their cclour unchanged to the latest period of use. When placed se- curely in the mouth, it is impossible on the minutest inspection to detect them from Human Teeth, and they answer all the pur- poses of mastication, articulation, ornament, and comfort. Na- tural Teeth mounted on plates of Silver, Platina, or Gold. The operation being mechanical, is performed without the slightest pain, and they may be removed and replaced by the wearer with the greatest facility. The most discoloured teeth rendered beau- tifully white without pain or injury; the scorbutic Tartar* re- moved carious teeth stopped with gold or cement; children's teeth regulated and every operation in Dentical Surgery per- formed with ease and safety, at half the usual charge made by the Profession in general. Tinctures and Dentrifices for removing the Scurvy, and beau- tifying and fastening loose teeth, may be had from 2s to 7s 6d each Bottle or Box. N.B. From the repeated advertisements in the London and Bristol papers, Mr. W. expects no remuneration until every satisfaction is evinced, which is not usual by those professional gentlemen. Letters addressed to Mr. White, post paid, punctually at- tended to. His Treatise on the Anatomy and Philosophy of the Human Teeth, may be seen at Mr. Williams's, Newport. The Tartar is a calcaneus crust, held in solution by the saliva, and productive of foetid exhalations. WILL SAIL A BOLT THE 5TIr MARCH, A REGULAR TRADER, FROM TI1) NBW YORK., THE fine coppered British-built Ship, NESTOR, JOHN SMITH, Commander; Burthen 700 Tons. This Vessel left Newport for Philadelphia last Spring, with upwards of a hundred Passengers, who expressed their gratitude to Captain Smith, in the highest teims, for the kind treatment they received. In order to insure a Passage by this Vessel, early application is recom- mended. For particulars of Freight or Passage, apply to Messrs. Stone- house and Co., Newport; Mr. L. Pilter, Bristol; Mr. Duffield, Pentwyn Tavern Mr. Peter Hodges, Brecon Mr. M. Fair- clough, Cardiff; or Mr. T. Bevan, Carrier, Abergavenny. N.B. The Nestor having been built and fitted up for the Troop Service, and having seven feet height between decks, is admi- rably calculated for taking Passengers,; and as she will take a limited quantity of her Cargo, Passengers will have every com- fort, which it is impossible for them to get in smaller vessels. TO EMIGRANTS. For Hobart Town and Sydney, THE fine River-built Ship, SIR JOHN RAE REID, A.I., ANDREW HAIG, Commander Burthen 350 Tons. Is a de- cidedly superior Ship, for Good and Passengers, to any trading to these Colonies. Loading in the West India Dock. This fine Vessel has the principal part of her Cargo engaged, and will be soon ready for her voyage. For Freight or Passage. early application to be made to tho Commander, at Jerusalem Coffee-house or to 5, Lime-strâ⢠Insolvent Debtors' Court. NOTICE is hereby given, That THOMAS BARTON ..L BOWEN, Esquire, one of his Majesty's Commissioners for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors, will, on the Twenty-seventh day of February, 1833, at the hour of Ten in the Forenoon pre- cisely, attend at the Court House at Monmouth, in the county of Monmouth, and hold a Court for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors, pursuant to the Statute. T-WAILMET TO 2.X.S TO LET. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS, Market or Stand- ing Ground or Perquisites, belonging to the Corporation of the Town and Borough of Monmouth, arising from the Markets and Premises held within the said town, together with the Ware- room on Castle-hill, where the Standings, &c., are now kept, (except the Tolls arising from the Live Stock at the Fairs, and except the Pitching-money now collected by the Serjeants-at- Mace). will be LET by AUCTION, at the Town Jury-room, on Friday, the First day of March next, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, for a Term, and under conditions then and there to be named and produced. T. A. WILLIAMS, Monmouth, 15th Feb. 1833. Deputy Town Clerk. ABERGAVENNY. WANTED,âTWO or THREE Good HANDS to MAKE FARMERS' FROCKS. No one need apply without bringing patterns of her work. Constant employment will be given.-Apply personally to Mr. Nathan Isaacs, Pawnbroker, Frogmore-street, Abergavenny. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A RESPECTABLE YOUTH, as an APPRENTICE to the IRONMONGERY BUSINESS, where he will have the advantage of learning the different manufacturing branches connected with the trade. Apply, if by letter, postage paid, to Mr. Theophilus Stephens, Chepstow. POOR TO FARM. WANTED,âA Person to Farm the Poor of the Parish of LLANGATTOCK-VIBON-AVEL, in the County of Monmouth, from the 25th day of March, 1833, to the 25th day of March, 1834. Tenders, sealed, will be received by the Churchwardens or Overseers of the said parish, on or before the 14th of March next, on which day a Meeting will be held at Newcastle, for the purpose of taking into consideration the Ten- ders received, and entering into a Contract. For any further particulars apply to the Churchwardens or Overseers. 3SB. TO BE SOLD, standing,âThe Produce of Two Acres (be the. same mere or less) of excellent WITHIES, Black and White, situate on the Banks of the Wye, at Goodrich Ferry, within two miles of Ross. Apply to Mr. Wm. Thomas, Kill Court, near Ross i-if by letter, post paid. TOWN OF MONMOUTH. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. BUiVTON Se SON, At the Vi OHCESTER LODGE INN, in the said town, on Wednesday, the 6th day of March next, at Four o'clock in the Afternoon, (unless disposed of in the mean time by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given, in the Merlin,) subject to such conditions of sale as shall be then and there produced,- ALL that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, with its Appurtenances, situate in Monnow- street, in the said town, in the occupation of Mr. Richard Wil- liams, Tailor. These Premises are in a most eligible situation for Business, being situate in the centre of Monnow-street. The Dwelliig-liouse consists of a large Shop in front, and Kit- chen, on the ground floor; Dining-room, two Bed-chambers, and two excellent Attics a good cellar, extending from the front to the back part of the house, Back-kitchen, and Yard, with every necessary convenience for trade. For a view, please to apply on the Premises and, for further particulars and conditions of Sale. to Mr. Charles Renie, at the Worcester Lodge or to Mr. John Howard, Monnow-street, Monmouth. TOWN OF MONMOUTH. DESIRABLE FEESHOLB PgLOPESLTlT TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By BURTON SON, In the month of March next, in lots (particulars of which will appear m a subsequent paper), SEVERAL DWELLING-HOUSES, COTTAGES, STA- S BLES, BUILDINGS, and extensive OUTLETS and GAR- DENS, lying between the River Monnow and the Market- place comprising THE CROWN and THISTLE INN and the House adjoining, and the several Cottages and Buildings in Horse-shoe- lane, and also the large Garden, called the White Swan Garden. For further particulars, apply to the Auctioneers or to Messrs. Powles and Tyler or Mr. J. G. George, Solicitors, Monmouth. January 25th, 1833. MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By BURTON and SON, On the Premises, on Monday, the 25th of February, 1833, THE following Useful CATTLE STOCK, and HUS- BANDRY IMPLEMENTS, of MRS. M. POWELL, of the OLD-HOUSE F^RM, in the Parish of Dingestow, in the above county j-consisting of two Cows and Calves, one three-year- old Steer, one two-year-old ditto, one two-year-old Heifer, two yearling Steers, three young and useful cart Mares (one of which, is in foal) and their gearing, one yearling cart Colt, and three store Pigs. The Implements include one good road Waggon, nearly new, adapted for a light team, one broad wheeled Cart, one nanow wheeled ditto, two Ploughs, one pair of Harrows, one ground Car, corn Sieves, Rakes and Pikes, two good Lad- ders, waggon Rope, and several other useful articles. The Sale to begin at Eleven o'clock. BRECONSH1RE. OAR. AND ASH TIMBER rOR SALE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By THOMAS PRICE, At the QUEEN'S HEAD INN, in BRECKNOCK, on Saturday, the 2d of March, 1833, at Four o'clock in the afternoon ;â LOT 1. 900 OAK TIMBER TREES, of large dimensions, now standing on Pontybat Farm, in the parish of Llandevalley, close to the Turnpike-rcad leading from Breck- nock to Hay, and about six miles from the Brecknock and Aber- gavenny Canal, marked progressively with red paint. Lot 2. 100 ASH TREES, standing on the same Farm, marked progressively with red paint. Lot 3. 200 OAK TREES, now standing on Tirbach, in the parish of Battle, about five miles fiom the said Brecknock and Abergavenny Canal. The above Oak are of large dimensions, and are adapted for Naval purposes. Mr. Wm. Jones, the Pennoyre Farm- Bailiff, will show the Timber. For particulars apply to Samuel Church, Esq. Solicitor, W alter Churchey, Esq. or the Auctioneer, Brecknock. MONMOUTHSHIRE. To be Sold by Private Contract, ALL that FREEHOLD FARM, called RICKETTS FARM, containing about Ninety Acres of Arable, Mea- dow, Orchard, and Wood Land, with good Farm-house and suitable Barns and Outbuildings, situate in the parish of Sken- ffith, in the occupation of Mr. John Phillips, as yearly tenant. There is a great quantity of thriving Oak Timber on this Estate. Also,âAll that superior WATER CORN-MILL, with a never-failing supply of Water, situate upon the River Monnow, in the said parish of Skenfrith, with the Stable, Cider-mill, and several desirable Parcels of Land thereto adjoining. Also,-All that convenient DWELLING-HOUSE, called THE MILL HOUSE, situate in the village of Skenfrith, with the Garden aud Offices thereto belonging, and now occupied with the said Mill, by Mr. Wm. YVatkins, as tenant thereof. For particulars, apply to Messrs. Powles and Tyler, or Mr. Norton, Solicitors, Monmouth. MONMOUTHSHIRE. To be Sold by Private Contract, THE following valuable and desirable FREEHOLD PRO- J- PERTY (that is to say) :-A good DWELLING-HOUSE, with convenient Outbuildings, and NINE CLOSES, containing together about 25 Acres (more or less) of Arable, Meadow, and rasture LAN I), situate by the side of the Canal, in the parish of Panteague, in the countY of Monmouth.âA BARN, BEAST- HOLfelt,, and FOLD, and FIVE CLOSES, containing together about 2J Acres (more or less) of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, situate in the said parish of Panteague, near the first- iMnUoiid .Premises, and about a quarter of a mile from Pont- rnydynn I in HoiksâAnd three COPPICE WOOtfe, contain- ing together about 29 Acres (more or less), well stored with young iunber, situate in the said parish of Panteague, and adjoining the before-mentioned Premises. The whole of the above Property is advantageously situated at a short distance from the market town of Pontypool and its surrounding Iron Works, where the produce of the Coppice GameS meet W1th a ready sale. The Estate abounds with 1 ^-8 Mr- Solomon Jones and Mr. William Row- atias, will shew the Premises. For further particulars, and to reat for the purchase, apply to Messrs. Gabb and Secretin, citors, Abergavenny if by lett( postage paid. Abergavenny, T- n 1 oor'