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--THE MONNOW.—(No. T.)





TO CORRESPONDENTS. ¥ke division lists of the House of Commons are often so incorrect ihatws cannot take upon ourselves to decide the question put to us by a, subscriber at Abergavenny. We recommend a personal application to the gentleman whose,voie is the subject of dispute. We have seen the article in last Sunday's Examiner, to which Philo-Merlin" alludes. We are not surprised that the testi- mony of respect' lately paid at Raglan to an amiable nobleman should meet with animadversion from such a quarter. It is, how- ever, rather laughable to hear the wretched tenant of a Grub- street garret, who would prostitute himself, soul and body^for a glass of blue ruin," charging us with sycophancy. Of the rural sports at Raglan the Examiner says that they were in- tended to tempt the labouring people to exhibit themselves, for the diversion of the grandees, in actions unworthy of rational beings, and to hold them up in every attitude of degradation to scornful laughter. Fiddle-de-dee, thou wise-acre of Cockayne Look at the stage. In tragedy, comedy, farce, and pantomime, do not men every day make buffoons of themselves for their own profit and the amusement of others. Even thou, Mr. Examiner, un. bending philosopher as thou art, hast thou not often paid thy six- pence for a half-price admission to the shilling gallery, and laughed till thy sides were ready to crack at the fooleries of Lis- ton, Grimaldi, the clown, and Ellar, the harlequin ? Nay, iliheredidst than learn to talk of Noodleisrn but from the drolle- ries of Tom Thumb ? Provoke us not, or, by Gog and Magog, vcs will make minced meat of thee! °

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