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LATEST INTELLIGENCE. In the French Chamber of Deputies, August 27th, the President of the Council concluded a long address by sayingâThe King has ordered us to submit to your deli- beration the following project of law, to take rank, after it shall be adopted among the articles of the constitutional charter, as article 23 :â PROJECT OF LAW. A single article to replace article 23 of the charter. The no- mination of the members of the Chamber of Peers belongs to the King. Their number is unlimited. The dignity of a peer is to be conferred for life. It is not transmissible by hereditary de- scent. All dispositions to the contrary are and shall be abro- gated. The present article may be modified hereafter. Never- theless, no proposition for that purpose shall be submitted for examination to one legislature, unless the preceding legislature shall have deferred it for that purpose. Brussels papers, dated August 31st, have been received, giving an account of the elections for senators as far as they had pro- ceeded. The following is a list of the senators already electjd Brussels, The Count D'Aersehot, MM. Joseph D'Hoogvorst, Henri de Merode, Beyts District of Louvain, M. Charles Van- derlenden de Hooghvorst and the Baron de Penthy District of Alost, The Count d'Andelot, Eugene de Robiano Antwerp, MM. Albert Cogels, Dubois District of Ghent, Le Marquis de Rhodes, Massez, Eugene de Raveschost (The Orange candidates were signally defeated); Bruges, M. Pelichy Van Huerne; Namur, M. de Stassart; Hainault, M. Leopold Lefebvre. The elections for Deputies were going on in the same spirit. At Ghent, which returns six Deputies, all the Liberals were chosen. The Independent says-" The names of the Senators which have 'just been taken from the electoral urn of the capital, afford a happy augury for its representatives. If we regret that the worthy Surlet de Chokier has not received a testimony of gratitude which was due to him in all the provinces, at least we have the satis- faction of saying that the Orange party have not elected one can- didate. Count d'Aerschot, M.de Merode, and M. J. Hoogh- voist, are, either on their own account, or that of their family, men dear to the revolution-men, whom we can, without the slightest regret, associate with our new Monarchy. Baron Beyts is a conscientious man, devoted to his country,âone who has constantly struggled against the tyranny of the House of Nassau, and whose merit will be of great utility in our first Chamber. The Deputies of Flanders, Messrs. Andelot, and Eugene de Robiano, elected at Alost, belong to the Catholic party. We hope that they will not forget the principles which they professed in the ancient union. Messrs. Albert Cogels, and Dubois, elected at Antwerp, might have desired the return of the ancient 11 family of Orange before Prince Leopold's accession to the throne but it is to be imagined that these respectable merchants now are aware that the prosperity of Antwerp depends upon the con- solidation of the present order of things. Let us hope that the elections in the other districts will be as satisfactory as these first nominations." A correspondent to the Courier from Brussels, dated August 30th, concerning the feeling of the Belgians towards the French, saysâYour journalists seem very uneasy at the stay of the French army in Belgium but if they were aware of the senti- ments of the Belgians on the subject of the union with France, their fears would be dissipated. Their protracted stay here. will certainlv destroy the opinion which has been formed in England, that the Belgians desire to be again united to France. In spite of the eminent and undeniable service which the French have just rendered us, the mistrust and want of courtesy with which they are treated must be sufficient to prove to them that, of all opinions, the least popular one is the idea of a re-annexation of our territory to theirs. He adds-We have no news here. Every body's attention is turned towards the Minister of War. In a few days the greater portion of the Civic Guard of Flanders will be organised under the old and well-known officers, and will be sent to guard the frontiers on the side of Dutch Flanders. VIENNA, AUG. 19.-General alarm was caused yesterday by the sudden death of a mechanic with the usual symptoms of cho- lera. To-day all is easy, it being affirmed from many quarters that the health of the city is in no danger, and that the indivi- dual in question died of an ordinary dysentery. Many families, however, are going away, and the road to Bavaria is crowded with travellers. The Emperor is at Schoenbrunn, to which access is free. The young King of Hungary is here, which much tends to make the people easy. Prince Metternich and the foreign Ambassadors are also here but trade is at a stand, and the ex- change affords a melancholy prospect. A report has been very ,current on 'Change that accounts have been received from Rot- terdam of the total defeat of the Poles. The Paris letters also mention a report that some advantages have been gained by General Rudiger's corps, which, however, is believed to be the same report that was current here some days since and with regard to the Rotterdam accounts, they can only be traced to an article that appears in one of the Dutch papers, which states that in a skirmish between some of the troops stationed at the outposts, the Poles had retreated to the main body of the army. (From, the Messager des Chambres, dated August 31.) Letters from Germany inform us that the tumults in Hungary assume a serious character. Military forces have been dispatched from Pesth to repress the revolt. This revolt, it is said, began by the sanatory precautions taken against the cholera, but there is ground for believing that these disturbances have also a poli- tical character. Several Austrian correspondents assure us that entire regiments have quitted Hungary tojoin the Polish standard. We must wait, however, for more positive information before we form a judgment on these events. For several days past there has been a report of a new inter- ventionjof the Austiians in the Roman States. We are enabled to affirm that this report is entirely destitute of foundation. German papers to the 24th ult. have been received. We sub- join all that is worth extracting SCUTARI, JULY 26.âThe Grand Vizier, with his whole force, is advancing against our Pacha, and has his head quarters at Alessio. Mustapha has retreated into his fortress, which is already besieged by the Sultan's troops. A deputation is gone to Alessio to offer the submission of our city to the Grand Vizier, and we may daily expect to see it occupied by the troops of the government. It is to be hoped that Mustapha Pacha will then be delivered up to his own people, and that then the miseries of the war will be put an end to.

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