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[The following appeared in tbe Second iitUiiou of last week-] LOCAL AND DISTRICT NEWS. LOCAL PRESENTATION AT THE LEVEE.—Lieutenant T. H. F. Davis, Royal Glamorgan Militia THE STEAM FIRE ENGINE h TAFF," that was to have been here on Saturday and publicly tried on Monday, from the works of Mes-rs. Mei ryweather and Sons, London, will not arrive for some few days, on account of some preliminary arrangements that require to be made. MR. A. P. VIVIAN.—Major Pendarves Vivian and Lady Augusta Vivian were warmly welcomed at Aberavon on their return from their bridal tour, their carriage being drawn by hand to their residence. INQUESTS.—An Canton, oh Thursday, on the body of the boy Taylor, whose death was reported in our first edition. Verdict Accidental death."—At Canton, on Friday, on tbe body of a painter named Crogan, who was taken fatally ill suddenly while working at Major Gordon's residence. Verdict, Natural causes."—At Cardiff, Friday, on the body of a male infant, found in the East dock, wrapped in a piece of old black dress, and much decomposed. Verdict, That tbe child was still-born." SHACKLEFORD, FORD, & Co.—There was a meeting of Bristol shareholders of Shackleford, Ford. and Com- pany on Thursday, at which it was resolved not to sign either of the forms sent out by the directors, or to enter into negotiations with the directors unless they agreed to refund the money paid for goodwill, also the money advanced to Shackleford and Ford and the Speller Works; to protect the company against the claims of the bank and the overdrawn account, and to pay the calls on the shares for which Messrs. Cossham and Wil- liams subscribed to the articles of the association. It was further resolved, in case the directors declined to comply with this demand, that the company should be voluntarily wound up under the supervision of the Court of Chancery. ACCIDENT.—On Thursday evening, some boys were playing in Bute-terrace, when one named Michael Snllivan, of 7, Stanley-street, was run over by Mr. Cory's carriage. He was taken to the Infirmary, and his in- jarieil, which were not great, attended to.—On Saturday morning a railway labourer was bronght to the Infirmary who had been run over at Navigation by a Taff Vale engine. His injuries were severe, but not believed to be dangerous. RATEPAYERS' ASSOCIATION.—At a meeting of the above on Thursday evening, the memorial to tbe Corporation for the Division of the South Ward, was adopted, and wilt lie for signature at Mr. D. W. Jo nes', draper, High Corner House, and also at Mr. Solomon Martf. optician, Bute Docks. The subject for discussion next Thnrsday svening will be the Drainage Question. MENTHYR BOROUGH.—Mr. Richard Fothergill, of Ply- mouth Ironworks, an advanced Liberal, has cousented to stand for the second seat. Mr. B. T. Williams ad- dressed a meeting" at Aberdare on Thursday, when the Rev. Dr. Price avowed bis preference for Mr. Fothergill. Mr. Williams complained that "it was his meeting," and that Dr. Price had no right to advocate Mr. Fothergill frum that platform, He also said that he would go to the poll against Mr. Fothergill. Mr. Fothergill is a mart of great ability and energy as well as of wealth and would make an excellent member of Parliament. CARDIFF POLICE.—FRIDAY. (Before R. 0 JoxES, Esq., and Alderman PRIDE.) EMBEZZLEMENT BY A CLERK- Andrew Ker, 53, Etm-street, Roatti, was charged with embezzling moneys belonging to his employer. Mr. Ensor ap- peared for the prosecution the prisoner was undefended. Mr. Ensor said he appeared for the prosecutor, Mr. Alfred Ritson Thomas, and the charge he was instructed to prefer against the prisoner, who had been in Mr. Thomas' employ, ment, was that of embezzling several sums of money, the property of Mr. Thomas. Mr. Thomas had no kind of vin- dictive feeling, and were it not for an imperative feeling of duty he would be quite willing to withdraw from the'case, as it was a very painful thing for him to prefer a charge against a persoh who had held the position the' prisoner had under him; but the defalcationswere considerable, and Mr. Thomas felt itto be his duty to society to proceed with the charge, reo gardiless of persona) feeling. He (Mr. Ensor) would to-day proceed with no less than four, charges—that on the 3rd of August last the prisoner received £ L0 5s. from Messrs. Trayes and Co., .timber-merchants, for which lie had given Mr. Thomas no credit; that on the 9th March he received £52 17s. from Messrs. Trayes, and gave Mr. Thomas credit for only £50; that on the 20th April, Messrs. Trayes paid him £6 for Mr. Thomas, and he gave no credit whatever; and that on the 1st June he received from Messrs. Trayes a cheque for £:.20, and he gave no credit to Mr.. Thomas for it, but the cheque had since been cashed at tbe bank. In all these cases the prisoner had given receipts to Messrs. Trayes on behalf of, Mr. Thomas. The following evidence was given > Francis Radford Frost: I am a clerk and cashier ifi the employ of Messrs. Trayes and Co., timber-merchants, of this town. 1 produce a receipt of August 3, .11:166, for £ 10 55., fiom Messrs. Trayes' office. It bears the word's, Received payment of £ 10 5s. for'A. li. Thomas, A. Ker." Tliat is Mr. Ker's writing. It is a charge-for sawing timber. I know Ker's writing, I have seen bim write. The whole of the r«- ceipt of the invoice is in Ker's writing, On the^8th March I paid Mt„ Ker £ 52 17s, on account, of, Mr. A. K. Ihouias. He gave me the receipt prodded, writing it in my presence Received of Messrs. Trayes and Co. thebatanceof their ac count, £ 52 17s. £ or A. R. A Kel\c O^'20"1 April I paid the prisoner, for Mr Thomas £ 6 and he then wrotereceipt which I produce-Receded ±6 on account fur A. R. Thomas, S. Ker." On June 1st inst. [ gave him the cheque produced, for £ M), payable to" A. it Thomas or bearer,' and he gave me a, receipt now produced, for £ 20, on account of.A. R- Thomas. -Thomas. Han bury: Urn a clerk in the bank of thePrq, vincial Banking Corporation, banted, in Cardiff. Messrs. Trayes and Co. keep an account at that bank. The cheque produced was presented at the bank, and duly paid by me on the 1st of June. I gave £20 far it, but I cannot say to whom. -Atfred Ritson Thomas I am the proprietor of sawmills in this town. The pnsollerwas acierk in mv employment. He had1 no other employment, as far as I am aware, Part of his duty was to collect money for me, to enter the amounts received in a cash-book which was kept entirely by him, ajad to place the money in a safe in his own custody. When the amount in the safe became very large, I took it. There was no regular time or manner for him to pay i over to me. He was 1'1 the. habit, out of the money so received, to payac. counts due from me, and wages. He has not accounted to me for the sum of £10 5s. received in August last. There is no entry of that sum in the cash-book which he kept, and which I produce. The book contains an account of money ptid by Messrs. Trayes and Co., on the 8 h of M (rch, 1867. Tiie amount entered is £ 50, instead of £;)2 lis. There i< n. entry of the sum of £ ti paid by Messrs. Trayes on the 21)111 April, nor of a cheque or sum of£;20 paid on June 1st. The book, in fact, only contains entries lip to May 2;>rd, except the entry nurked JurI", but without the day of the month. The amount paid by Messrs. Trayes on the 1st of June should have been entered by him on that day. The prisoner and I balanced the cash at the end of each month, until February last; hut since that date the cash has never been balanced. I have had a cross account with Messrs. Trayes, but not recently. I can't tell why the cash was never ba- lanced after February. I charged the prisoner yesterday, in my oQioe, with having



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