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A Reclaimed Pickpocket.j


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= When is a steamship wot a steamship ?â⢠j When she is a-building. j Retaliation is like the storm which sweeps through the forest in aestrimtioa. Kindness is like the combined infiuer.es of the sun and the rain of the cloud, which germinates seed and upholds their leaves, flowers, and odours. When tossed on the angry waves of a sea of trouble, a good motto it,, Never give up the ship." Put. when the ship mscifests a ten- dency to sink, it is a wise move to swim out and not go down with the wrcck. Ice value of labour as a tonic is not theo- retic<0. Work to do and the will to do it will arc- as certain to induce cheerfulness acd contentment as idleness or mere desultory occupation is likely to bring languor, initi- bility, and fancied ailments, j The editor of the Knohios/er Gem was mArried last Tuesday,, and in the most laconic j fashion that paper thus offers congratula- tions:â"Tke Gem congratulates its editor; and sympathises with his bride." Lowell Girl: "Da the fads of fashion obtain much among society people in Nashua?" Nashua Girl: We flatter our- selves we are not much behind the times. Why, some of the houses of our best people II are quite over-run with fleas."


IRescued From the Grave.