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TmMNBu/s TIC-ERADJOATOR will instantly remove Toothache, Tic-Doloreux, Neuralgia, or any Pains in the Hefn) or Face, by eiraply applying it to the part affected, its superiority over all others being that it Is applied outwardly, while many ot the nostrums that-are in the market contain strong poisons, and are taken inwardly. N.B.âThis will neither leave any mark nor injure the ekin where applied, ls.ljd. per bottle; per post Is. 3d. TKIMNKLL'S LirE-Givxvo AND PRKSERVWG VRGE- TABLK NKHVINB TONIC (for both sexes) for indigestion, liver complaints, weakness, and nervous debility, arising from an\ cause whatever, is the best ever offered to the public, as it oombats against all impurities and weakness that the human framA w neir to..N.B.âIt requires no alteration of diet, or confinement, and may be taken by females at anv period without the slightest danger. Is, ItJ, and 2s."9d.; per post Is. 3d. and 2s. 9d. One trial is sufficient to prove the virtue of the above compounds, to be had at most respectable Chemist* and Druggists and Medieine Vendors throughout the world. If you have any difficulty In obtaining it, send Stamps or Post- office Order direct to the Proprietor, and it will be forwarded at once.âSo a Manufacturer and Proprietor, W. Trimnell, Medical Botanist, Moira-terrace, Car- diff. 002:3.ie THE ups and downs ot a ride across country re- semble the vicissitudes of hfe both horee and man may be no sooner up than down, and so experience teaches hunting men to be prepared against casualties. The majority of Masters of Hounds keep Elliman's Royal Embrocation in their stables, finding nothing so good for sprains, strains, cuts, sore backs, *e.; and In their own houses EUiman's Universal Embrocation, to relieve the stiffness arising from severe exertion, or care a bruise, cold at the ohest, or rheumatism. 60922 FOR ROUUH IbaD WEAR FOR BOTS there is nothing like Parry and Roc-e's (Swansea) make of real Welsh stockings. They look well, wear well, and wa*h well Each pair has Parry, and Hocke'z name and 7, mark attached. None genuine without this. 7906o


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