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NEATH AND DISTRICT. PATTI'S PHOTOS on view at SIEDLE BROS., Heathfield-street. [6793 A rate of 1a. 3d. in the pound was made for the next six months by the Ystradyfodwg District Council on Friday. Mr. Watkin Bevan, surveyor to the Porthcawl Urban District Council, has entered an action against the Council for a loan of E30 4,. 6d.. which he paid for the District Council. HWH-CLASS MAZAWATTEE COFFEE. HIGH-CLASS MAZAWATTEE COFFEE. HIGH-CLASS MAZAWATTEE COFFEE. HIGH-CLASS MAZAWATTEE COFFEE. HIGH-CLASS MAZAWATTEE COFFEE. At 1,4,1/6, 1, 8 & 2 per lb. Of Leading Grocers. AMBULANCE.âA class has been conducted in the above interesting subject during the winter months, by Dr D. Llewelyn Davies, M B., ex- mayor. These lectures are most popular, and the examinations will shortly conclude the work of the session SCIENCE AND ART CLASSES.âThe annual Government examinations in connection with the Science and Art Department, at the several local schools; viz., Alderman Davies's School, Gwyn Hall, and Mechanics Institute, will commence on the 27th inst. ALDERMAN DAVIES' SCIFIOOL. -We are glad to find that one of the staff at the above school, Miss Gwladys Williams, daughter of Mr. Owen Williams, butter merchant, obtained a first-class certificate at the recent scholarship examinations. The result is most complimentary to the young lady, and the headmistress at the above well- known school. MR. COUNCILLOR EDWARD DAVIES.âMr. Davies, Caewern, a gentleman well-known and highly-esteemed in the parish, has been recently laid up at his residence, in consequence of an attack of influenza, but we are pleased to learn he is progressing favourably. FOOTBALL.âA match between the County Police and the local butchers, in aid of the Mayor's Charity Fund, will be played on Thurs- day week, and, being a novelty in the town, a good attendance is anticipated. We hear also that the members of the Working Men's Club are arranging a match in aid of the same funds. INTERESTING PRESENTATION AT NEATH.âAt a recent social meeting of the members of the St. David's Church choir, the proceedings were agree- ably varied by the presentation of a silver salver, bearing a suitable inscription, to Miss Lily Davies, daughter of Councillor J. B. Davies, J.P., the young lady being about to take her departure for Buenos Ayres. Speeches were delivered by the Chairman, Archdeacon Griffiths, the Mayor, Mr. R. P. Morgan, Churchwarden, and others.âThe presentation was acknowledged by Mr. J. B. Davies in very feeling terms. PORT TALBOT RAILWAY AND DOCKS.âMessrs. Pearson and Sons the contractors for this project, are losing no time in commencing operations. Already they have commenced work at the locks and also with the railway and the tunnel. Quite a large staff of engineers are on the snot. The resident engineer of the company is Mr. Case, and Messrs. Pearson's chief engineer is Mr. Stevenson. The contractors are, fortunately for the unemployed at Aberavon and Port Talbot, utilising all the local labour possible. AFFILIATION AT BRi I)GEND.-At the Bridgend Police-court on Saturday, Mr. R. W. Llewellyn presiding, "Gwilym Taf," (William Williams), the well-known Maesteg vocalist, was summoned by Janet Owen, 18, to show why he should not contribute to the maintenance of her illegitimate child, of which she alleged him to be the f ither. Defendant is a married man with a family of five children, and complainant a single woman, now living at home with her parents, in Maesteg, was at the time of the alleged seduction a domestic servant in his employ. The summons was dis- missed, after hearing the evidence. CHARITIES OF GLAMORGAN.âMr. Rhys Williams, B.L., attended on Thursday at the village of Llancarvan and inquired into the manner in which the local charities were dealt with under the Charitable Trust Acts, 1853 to 1894, and the Charity Enquiries (Expenses) Act, 1892, by direction of the Board of Charity Commissioners for England and Wales. Among those who tendered valuable information to the learned Commissioner respecting the historical Madame Lougher's Charity were the Rev. A. T. Hughes, vicar; R<?7i E D. Rees, Baptist minister; Messrs. T. Price, Llanbettery; J. Lougher, Moulton E. Lougher, Treguff Farm; L. Hughes, Morris Griffiths, and others. MARGAM DISTRICT COUNCIL.âA special meeting of the Margam District Ceuncil was held in the Council-room. Taibach, on Tuesday after- noon, Mr. Edward Knox presiding. References to the contracts for water works, &c., now in coarse of construction in the district, and the conduct of the surveyor in relation thereto, were made. The Surveyor, in a letter tc the Council, tendered his resignation, and after some discus- sion the same was accepted. The following gentlemen were then chosen overseers, viz., Messrs. James Muir, James Preston, Evan Davies, Edward Jones, Dr. J. H. Davies, and Ed war I Knox. GLAMORGAN COUNTY COUNCIL.âBYE-ELEC- TION RESULTs.-Maesteg bye-election was held on Monday, and resulted as follows:âJenkin Jones, colliery manager, (N.L.) 1,024; Thomas Rees, provision merchant, (N.L.), 759 Majority, 265.-The result of the polling for the Resolven seat, rendered vacant by the elevation of Mr. Isaac Evans to the aldermanic bench, was declared on Tuesday morning. Mr. W. H. David was the returning-officer. The poll was a light one:-Elected-Eianiel Evans, Abergwynfi (L.), 388 Non-Elected-Llew. Howell, Aberavon (L.), 357; A. Russell Thomas, Neath (L.), 272; Edmund Law. Neath (I.), 194 âThe contest in the Garw Valley resulted as follows:-D. Johns (L.), 445; T. Lewis (L), 319; J. Maddoc't (L.), 134. BRITONFERRT CRICKET CLUB.âOn Saturday evening the annual dinner in connec^Q^ the Britijgferrj Cj-icket Club took place'at th§ Rose ana Crown note!. An wft* prepared by the hofte-s, Mrd. Harris, to wkich ample justice was done. After the usual clear- ance of dishes, etc., an entertainment was held, presided over by Mr. A. steel, U.D.C., who was supported by Messrs. M. G. Roberts, J.P., C. V. Pegge, C.C., G. V. Perry, and A. Harvey, vicc-presidents. â Letters were read from Messrs. W. H. P. Jenkins J.P., Lewis Jenkins, U.D.C., and T. Gwynne. U.D.C., apologising for their absence, and wish- in? the club every success. A letter was also read from Viscount Villiers, stating that it would give him much pleasure to become an honorary member of the club. (Cheera.)-The Chairman in his address said he was very pleaded to again meet the members at this their annual gathering. He hoped the coming season would be a good one for them, and that at the end of it they would come out with honours.-A toast to the Queen and Royal Family," was proposed by the chairman, ani responded to by the company with musical honours. The" Holy Frisr" having been sung by Mr. W. R. V. Morgan, the annual report was read by Mr. J. Perrett, which showed a balance on the right sivie to start the coming season with, A toast to the Britonferry Crickct Club," was proposed by Mr. C. V. Pegge, in an excellent manner, and was responded to by Mr. Llewelyn Davies, who hoped every member would do his best this season to make the club a success.âA song. "Irish Jubilee," Mr. J. Perrett followed, and then came the toast to The President" (Lord Jersey), coupled with which was the iiame of Sir. VV, H. P. Jenkins. It was proposed by Mr. M. G, Roberts in eulogistic terms. He was sure that although Lord Jersey was absent from them he always took an active interest in the Britonforry C'i"ket Club. This t'ast was drunk with rinsing cheers.â"A song by Mr. Steel, ar-d a duet by Mr. W. R. Morgan and J. ^Perrett (cnwre-1) followed, after which a toast to the iVce-President*" proposed by Mr. LI. Davies. He was sure the club would be in bad circamat<wic*'S were it not for the sopport of the vice-presidents. Messrs. G. W. Pt-rry, M. G. Roberts, and A. Harvey ably responded, and .1Ãd it would be a pleasure to them to further the interest.. of the club. (Cheers-Songs by Messrs. L^ Davies and W. Perrett were sung, and a tons., to The Umpire was proposed by Mr J. Tallamy, and responded to by Mr. G. Perrett w*B0MS^h-~Mr-Dl°w ProssCT ^rh«' T& "TV6 so;s' an'1 the toast to for the excellent catering by MMtnl ii" Tile °'d Grey Mare>" su4 Stock well, and a vote of thanks to the chairman terminated a mo-t pleasant and jolly for thTeveJin^" M°r"an WaS theaccomPanist NEATH COUNTY POLICE.-FRIDAY. [Before J. H. Rowland. W. Leyson. J. N. Moore. and S. Gardner, Esqs.] DISORDERLY.âJames Leyson, of Onllwyn, collier, was fined 5s. and costs for being drunk and disorderly. No LIGHTS.âFrederick Thorne, cab-driver, Neath, was summoned for not having lights whilst driving his cab in the neighbourhood of Cadoxton.âDefendant said tha.t one of the lights went out and he could not help it.âThe defendant was ordered to pay costs.ââCharles Derrick, of Melincrytlian, pleaded guilty to the same charge at Briton Ferry.âFined 2s. 6d. and costs. THE DOGS AGAIN. Edward Wallace, of Yeo- street, Resolven, was fined 5s. and costs for keep- ing a dog without a licence.âJohn Reynold-, of the same place, and Joseph Tabor, of Pontwalby, were ordered to pay 2s. 6J., and 7s. 6d. and costs respectively, for a similar offence. I NUISANCEs.-David Jones, Inspector NND*>R the Neath District Council, summoned occupiers I of tenements in different parts of the district to obtain orders for abatement of nuisances. Mr. Edw. Powell appeared for the Authority, and orders were made in each case with costs. THE OVERSEERS OF BLAENHONDDAN.âThe Overseers of the above parish were summoned by the Neath Highway Board for the amount due on calls. In consequence of the illness of the Over- seer, on the application of Mr. Edward Powell, as the new Overseer had not had hig appointment confirmed, and was laid up, an adjournment of 21 days was agreed to. CLAIM AGAINST A CONTRACTOR.â-Henry David, contractor, Skewen, was summoned by Thomas Hooper, quarryman, Briton Ferry, for work done. Mr. E hv. PovveJI was for the com- plainant, and Mr. E. C. Curtis was for the de- fendant. Plaintiff said that he had quarried 216 loads at the aereed price of Is. 3d. per load, amounting-to £ 13 10s. H« had received £ 8 10s.^ and there was £ 5 due. He had 30B. sent on THE' 14th of March, after he had threatened proceed- ings, but declined to take it Cross-examined He denied receiving 30s. on a certain date, and that the signatu'e in the book produced was his. He was also subjected to a rigorous questioning. Complainant was asked to write his name, aad lie again reiterated the statement that the signature on the book was not his. h re-examination he said he never had a pen ani ink provided to- write his name as it appeared in Mr. David's book. He had never received L7 on account of this contract, and never had any sum from his brother. The latter, James Hooper, denied receiving any money on complainant's account from defendant's clerk. He could neither write nor read. but on being pressed scrawled his name, and pointed it out on Mr. David's book.âJohn David Evans, clerk to defendant, spoke to making certain payments to James Hooper. He could not explain why the items in dispute were credited in the books, and those which were not in dispute were not to be found in the books. -Henry David, the defendant, went into the box to disprove the statements made by complainant and his brother.âMr. Curtis, in addressing the court, contended that the complainant's case could not be maintained without landing the other side in charges of forgery, perjury and falsification of accounts.- m ^r- Powell commented on the absence of the books of the defendant, which ought to show, if properly kept, the whole transaction, and con- tended that the complainant had substantiated his claim.âThe Bench believed that the receipts. produced were those of Hooper Bros., and gave judgment for the defendant. They thought that the signatures of the parties made in court i should remain in the custody of the Clerkâcosts to follow the judgment. NEATH PETTY SESSIONS.âMONDAY. [Before Messrs. H. G. Thomas, and C. S. B. Gardner, and Councillor Llewelyn.] UNLAWFUL PRFSPI;c,E--Thomas Walters, a carpenter, living at Vixanler-street, was charged with being unlawfully present at the House of Lords public-house, at 11 a.m. on Sunday, the 24th day of March ult.âP.C. Davies provede finding defendant there in the company of other men, with beer before them.âDefendant stated that he was courting the servant girl.âThe landlord testified to the facts. Case dismissed. PIGS IN TROUBLE.âWm. Walters, butcher, Green; James Richards, Harris-court, Green and John Thomas, were summoned by Mr. D. M. Jenkins, with keeping swine within one hundred feet of dwelling houses.âMr. W. B. Davies proved the facts.âEach ordered to pay costs and discontinue keeping swine within the space presc: ibed by the Public Health Act. OBSTRUCTION.âWilliam Henry Hare, milk- vendor, Tyllwyd, was charged with obstructing the thoroughfare in Charles ville-place, on Wednesday, the 27th ult., by allowing his horse and cart to remain on the road.âSergeant Jones proved the charge.âCautioned, and ordered to pay 10s. costs.âA charge against Henry Davies, horse dealer, Llansauilet, for a similar offence, was adjourned for fourteen days, for additional evidence. NEATH BOARD OF GUARDIANS. A meeting of the Neath Bjard of Guardians was held on Tuesday, when there were present Mr. J. H. Rowland (chairman), Mr. Hopkin Jones (vice-chairman), Rev. J. Edwards, Dr. Thomas, Messrs. J. E. Moore, E. E. Bevan, D. R. David, L. Jenkins, B. A. Griffiths, J. Muir, Lewis Howells (Cwmavon), Thomas Jones, Rees Jenkins, S. B. Davies, A. S. Gardner, D. Williams, M. G. Roberts. Daniel, John Jones, G. H. Davey, S. C. Price, W. L. Howells (Aberdulais), Richards, J. H. Moore, D. Vaughan (Ystradfellte). PROPOSED REDUCTION OF SALARY.â Mr. Lewis Howells (Michaelstone Higher) brought forward hi-j motion for the reduction of the salary of the assistant overseer of Michaelstone t Higher, on the ground that a large portion of the district had been taken away by the formation of the Glyncorr.vg Local Board. His motion was supported by a resolution of the Parish Council, which the Clerk read. Mr. Howells said that the collector's salary was at present £30, but lie thought R12 10s. was sufficient. Even at that rate he would be paid Is. 61. in the X. âThe Clerk stated that the section quoted by the mover of the resolution did not apply in this instance. It referred to divided parishes. He read a letter from the collector giving reasons why there should not be a reduction made in his salary. He had practically to travel the same ground as prior to the separation of the district, and he pointed out that the development of the district and the construction of a new railway would increase his labours. There could not be any alteration, the Clerk said, in the collector's salary without he himself consented âThe vice- Chairman asked if they were going to divide on that question after the legal opinion of their clerk.-Mr. A. S. Gardner moved that they S-houl I adjourn the decision until they had ascer- tained the opinion of the Local Gjvernment Board.âMr. S. B. Davies seconded the motion. âMr. L3wis Howell consented to withdraw his motion until the department had been written to. CONFIRMATION.âA letter was read from the Local Government Board approving of the appointment of Dr. Pritchard as Medical Officer of the Northern district. j OVERSEERs.-The Clerk read letters from the Department vesting the Authorities n+ 'L_n r r vrerseers. LEATIà BANKRUPTCY COURTâTUESDAY. [Before Mr. Registrar Charles.1 BANKRUPT COLLIERY PROPRIETORS.âRE T. W. HARRIS AND OTHERS.â-This case had been adjourned from previous courts. T. W. Harris paid they had traded as the Lower Resolven Col iery Company. He did not know where his wife had got the snm of £702 10s. as shown on the amended statement of affairs. Illness had prevented her from attending the court.âEvan Harris, partner, said he bad not prepared an amended statement of his affairs, and he was ordered to do Q-W. H, Harris, the third partuer, Said he had been a sleeping partner in the concern. He is now the secretary of the Villiers Tinplate Works, Briton Ferry, and was earning about zC300 per annum. His directors would probably object to his setting aside so much per annum towards the payment of the debts.âThe case was adjourned. BANKRUPT FARMERS.âR> M. and T. Juns. Varte- Farm, Margam. -Debtors, who had been examined at previous courts, had carried on Abergwynfi Farm, Vart2g Farm, and Laleston Fields. 1 hey repeated the statement previously made as to the wholesale theft of sheep on the Abergwynfi mountain.-Replying to the Kegi- re w«""aongto the police when they fi.st lost the sheep.-The case was aijinurned until tbe next court.-The Registrar he intended to make a new rule, as botlisolicitors and debtors appeared to disregard the Registrar and everybody else. In future no nn! t ° ?8e a"tiI the court following the one at which the order was made. Then the debtor and his solicitor must appear and have the notes M?Md.âTheOnioiaIRecQiver(Mp. Thomas) expressed his thanks. BRIDGEND BOARD OF GUARDIANS. At the weekly meeting of this Board, held on Saturday, there was a full board, the Rev F W Edmondes in thechaii. COLLECTOR FOR LLANGONOYD. On the motion of Mr. T. L. Roberts, seconded by Mr. T. "tr. Richard John Samson was unanimously appointeu collector of poor rates for Llangonoyd Higher, at a gaiafj of £60 per annum. APPOINTMIENT OF OVERSER8. The uleek stated that he had received .notices that overseers had been appointed for the parish to of Gilestone, Coity Lower, Monknash, Llangan, Lltinlow and Llanilid. TENDERS. Mr. R. F. Davies' tender for funerals, the mileage to be Is., was accepted. lenders for coke, and hair-cuttine and shaving were deferred for fuither information. STRANGE MISTAKE.âThe Rev. S. H. F. I Nicholl reported that, in company with the Rev. H. Eynon Lewis, he had visited the Ely Schools, and they had selected certain children for aimis- sion into the Cottage Homes. The Chairman expressed the thanks of the Board to Mr. Nicholl and Mr. Lewis for the trouble they had taken. The Rev. H. Eynon Lewis asked to make a remark in connection with the visit. From. what he learnt from the master and his subordinates at the schools, they appeared to be under the impression that only Church of England children were admitted into the Cottage Homes. It struck him as peculiar, and he should like to have some information. The Chairman It is quite a mistake. The Rev. S. Nicholl: I told the master so at once.. The Bav. H. Lewis asked to be allowed to make an order te clear the matter up he thought they should inform the officials that they were under a wrong impression. He moted the following resolution, "The Brid-end and Cou-bridge' Boa.rd of Guardians liavit), be?n informed Viat the head officer and some of his subordinates at Ely Schools were under the impression that all- tne children sent from the schools to the Cottiee Homes at Lndgend were to be Church of England desires that the said officers be informed" that children are accepted into the Cjttage Homes irrespective of religious creed or sect." The motion was carried by 17 to 12. STRUCTURAL ALTERATIONS. The Chairman read the following report from the medical officer (Dr. Randall) :I have been a^keu uy yuur coiiimittce to report on the structural alterations necessary as regards the workhouse, taking into consideration the proba- bility that a new building or buildings would be erected. I have carefully considered the sick ward space needful to fulfil the requirements of the sick, and the claims of the children in the matter of separation and classification, brought to your notice in my recent report. I have thoroughly inspected the present workhouse with that end in view. After examining certain alternative schemes, all of which betrayed mani- fest drawbacks, I have arrived at the conclusion that, considering its structural defeats and faulty arrangements, due classification of the inmates and necessaiy facilities for nursing, &c., can only be obtained, by your coming to the decision to pull down the old one-storied block of wards at the back of the Housa then by procuring a por- tion of tne field behind, in addition, sufficient space could be obtained to build a new infirniary to contain a more commodious, with necessary otnces- and sick ward accommodation to fulfil the requirements specified in my previous report. ot erecting improved tramp wards viti bath room, &c., and repairing or reconstruct. rng the wash-house also, should be considered. In is matter of classification is a pressing ques- tion, and the evils of herding together people who have little in common but their poverty is apparent, and I feel sure thlot such needed reforms as I have suggested would tend to diminish pauperi m, and therefore, in the long rur), th truest economy, in addition to promoting the comfort of those for whom the Guardians are responsibie, and the efficiency of the nursing and general administration of the workhouse." The report was referred to the House Com- mittee. -+-


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