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NEATH AND DISTRICT. PATTI'S PHOTOS on view at SIEDLE BROS., Heathfield-street. [6793 A rate of 1a. 3d. in the pound was made for the next six months by the Ystradyfodwg District Council on Friday. Mr. Watkin Bevan, surveyor to the Porthcawl Urban District Council, has entered an action against the Council for a loan of E30 4,. 6d.. which he paid for the District Council. HWH-CLASS MAZAWATTEE COFFEE. HIGH-CLASS MAZAWATTEE COFFEE. HIGH-CLASS MAZAWATTEE COFFEE. HIGH-CLASS MAZAWATTEE COFFEE. HIGH-CLASS MAZAWATTEE COFFEE. At 1,4,1/6, 1, 8 & 2 per lb. Of Leading Grocers. AMBULANCE.—A class has been conducted in the above interesting subject during the winter months, by Dr D. Llewelyn Davies, M B., ex- mayor. These lectures are most popular, and the examinations will shortly conclude the work of the session SCIENCE AND ART CLASSES.—The annual Government examinations in connection with the Science and Art Department, at the several local schools; viz., Alderman Davies's School, Gwyn Hall, and Mechanics Institute, will commence on the 27th inst. ALDERMAN DAVIES' SCIFIOOL. -We are glad to find that one of the staff at the above school, Miss Gwladys Williams, daughter of Mr. Owen Williams, butter merchant, obtained a first-class certificate at the recent scholarship examinations. The result is most complimentary to the young lady, and the headmistress at the above well- known school. MR. COUNCILLOR EDWARD DAVIES.—Mr. Davies, Caewern, a gentleman well-known and highly-esteemed in the parish, has been recently laid up at his residence, in consequence of an attack of influenza, but we are pleased to learn he is progressing favourably. FOOTBALL.—A match between the County Police and the local butchers, in aid of the Mayor's Charity Fund, will be played on Thurs- day week, and, being a novelty in the town, a good attendance is anticipated. We hear also that the members of the Working Men's Club are arranging a match in aid of the same funds. INTERESTING PRESENTATION AT NEATH.—At a recent social meeting of the members of the St. David's Church choir, the proceedings were agree- ably varied by the presentation of a silver salver, bearing a suitable inscription, to Miss Lily Davies, daughter of Councillor J. B. Davies, J.P., the young lady being about to take her departure for Buenos Ayres. Speeches were delivered by the Chairman, Archdeacon Griffiths, the Mayor, Mr. R. P. Morgan, Churchwarden, and others.—The presentation was acknowledged by Mr. J. B. Davies in very feeling terms. PORT TALBOT RAILWAY AND DOCKS.—Messrs. Pearson and Sons the contractors for this project, are losing no time in commencing operations. Already they have commenced work at the locks and also with the railway and the tunnel. Quite a large staff of engineers are on the snot. The resident engineer of the company is Mr. Case, and Messrs. Pearson's chief engineer is Mr. Stevenson. The contractors are, fortunately for the unemployed at Aberavon and Port Talbot, utilising all the local labour possible. AFFILIATION AT BRi I)GEND.-At the Bridgend Police-court on Saturday, Mr. R. W. Llewellyn presiding, "Gwilym Taf," (William Williams), the well-known Maesteg vocalist, was summoned by Janet Owen, 18, to show why he should not contribute to the maintenance of her illegitimate child, of which she alleged him to be the f ither. Defendant is a married man with a family of five children, and complainant a single woman, now living at home with her parents, in Maesteg, was at the time of the alleged seduction a domestic servant in his employ. The summons was dis- missed, after hearing the evidence. CHARITIES OF GLAMORGAN.—Mr. Rhys Williams, B.L., attended on Thursday at the village of Llancarvan and inquired into the manner in which the local charities were dealt with under the Charitable Trust Acts, 1853 to 1894, and the Charity Enquiries (Expenses) Act, 1892, by direction of the Board of Charity Commissioners for England and Wales. Among those who tendered valuable information to the learned Commissioner respecting the historical Madame Lougher's Charity were the Rev. A. T. Hughes, vicar; R


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