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TREGARUJS. SHEEP FAIR.âA very large number of sheep was exhibited at the fair on Tuesday last, and although trade was not by any means very brisk, prices secured at the previous fairs were still obtained and nearly all the pens were cleared before noon. There was a good number of visitors in the town on this day, attracted to the place most probably by the very important sale of part of Crcsswood estate situated in the township of Blaenaeron, parish of Caron-i8-3lawdd. ACCIDENT. On Thursday afternoon, when driv- ing towards home, on the Larr. peter read, a pony belonging to Mr Powell, Glanbre nig, seems to have failed to control itself at a turning in the road near Cefnllanio. The trap was consequently overturned and Mr Powell and his brother-in-law, Mr Woolleston, were thrown out, both receiving severe ir juries, though, we are glad to find, that no bones were broken. Roth are getting on well under the care of Dr Lloyd. DEATH OF CORPORAL NATHANIEL JONES. On Monday morning, Mrs Mary Jones, late Aberdwr, received a telegram from her daughter-in-law con- taining the sad news of the death of Corporal Nathaniel Jones from enteric fever at the Hospital in Bloemfontein. Toe distressing news had been communicated to his wife from the War Office and was forwarded by her to his mother. Corporal Jones was a great favourite with all who knew him, and was a most affectionate son, husband, and father. He was a young man in his twenty-fifth year and leaves a widow and three little ones to mourn his lo's. The youngest child is only three week old. He had the misfortune of losing his father through the tfrrible explosion at Penygraig Colliery, Rhondda Valley, some nineteen years ago. Deep sympathy is expressed by all towards his mother and two sisters, the young widow and three little children, who reside at Newport, Isle of Wight WAR Fu.Ni).-The ladies who undertook to can- vass the town and surrounding district for contri- butions in aid of a local fund for providing the four young soldiers from the district who are out fight- ing for their country in South Africa, with warm clothing, &c have very successfu lly completed their task and the fund has been duly closed. We understand that the total sum collected amounted to £8 10s. The result is very creditable when consideration is given to the fact that another collection towards the war funds was made a short time ago and that several other demands have been quite recently made of the residents. At a meeting of the Committe having the matter in hand, which was presided over by the Rev D. M. Davies, B.A., vicar of Tregaron, it was unanimously resolved to send a parcel to each of the town's representatives at the front, containing the following goods :-Two shirts, one vest, two pairs Fockg, one Cardigan jacket, one pair boots, 11 pound tobacco, four (6d) tins cigarettes, one tobacco pouch, one silver-mounted pipe, and a cap. The names of the recipients of these very serviceable parcels are Corporal Natbnid Jones, R.A. Meoical Corps, son of Mrs Mary Jones, late Aberdwr, Pentre Private Dan Driscoll, F. Company Welsh Regiment, son of Mrs Bridget Driscoil, Mdi-str^t Private Tom Jones, 2nr1. Grenadier Guards, son of the late Mr John Glad- stone Jones, Laura Cottage, Doldre, and Private Ed. J. Williams, son of Air Wm. Willitirs, builder, Llettemddu, war tbis town. Mrs Powell, Sun.y Hill, and Mrs Dr Lloyd, Llys Einion, were de- lighted to purchase the goodsaud forward the parcels WAR CORRESPONDENCE.âThe following letter was n-ceive i on Saturday from Private Tom Jones, 2nd Grenadier Guards, by his friend, Mr John Jon.s, -,t,necutt,r Tnat)a 'Nchu, 15th May, 1900. Dear friend,âAfter a prolonged delay on my part I now take the pleasure of lul- filling my promise, I should have written before only time has been very scarce. We have been on the move ever since I have been in the country after old Oiivier's commando who captured the five companies of the Royal Irish Fusiliers. We have been on his heels for over 150 miles and now have got him surrounded at a place called Brian's Drift. He must surrender now or die obligation gives the brute no choice. Of the two, he is worse iu his barbarity than Cronje but it will not last iong. YVe bronght in last night ninety-two Boer prisoners, who will be sent to Bloemfontein one of the next few days, and the sooner the better. Then we won't have the trouble of finding a guard to look afer them. They are of every age and nationality, but I have not seen any Welshmen coming iu as prisoners. All the prisoners are under the impression that Russia has taken London and that France has got an army on the way here to assist them and that there being no more soldiers in England, they have only to finish this lot eff and the war will be over. This is a good country if it was only cultivated. You can grow any kind of fruit, but we rarely see a piece that has been well cultivated. It is a pity to s^e such good soil uncultivated. At all the towns I have come across since I have been here I cannot buy anything, neither tobacco, beer, or food. They are properly oesolate. Only women aud a very few children are to be seen. All the men are out fighting us. Most of these prisoners that are here are natives of this town as far as I oan see. Food is brought to them by their wives or relations as the case may be. They seem to be glad that their fighting n over, but they dread the thought of St. Helena. I cannot write much more now as we are going back to the front in about an hour's time. We only came down as escort to these Boers. I must draw to a close as I must get myself ready LO tramp about thirty miles before we sleep again. It is a trying job out here, the same as we are, on a flying column, but it will come better after the surrender of Olivier. I hope you are all right, the same as I am-as happy as a pig in the mud." MUSICAL FESTIVAL The twenty-fifth annual festival of the Teifi and Aeron Vales Musical Union (Undeb Cerddorol Glanau Teifi ac Aeron) was held this year again at Tregaron on Wednesday, June 13th. The following ministers were present and delivered addresses suitable to the occasion at intervals during the day :âRevs John Evans, Abermeurig Dr Rees, Bronant; John Owen, Blaenpenal Howell Lloyd, Bwlchllan J. L. Roderick, Swyddffynon John Emlyn Jones, Periuwch Daniel Jones, Llanridewi Brefi and Morean Evans, Tregaron. Mr J. T. Rees, Mus. Bac., Penygarn, was the conductor this year, and it is needless to say that he accomplished of his arduous task to the satisfaction of all concerned. Miss A. Foulkes, R.C.M., proved a most successful accompanist for the day. The first meeting com- menced at ten o'clock and was presided over by the Rev John Owen, Blaenpenal, in the absance of the Rev T. M. Jones, Ysbytty. This meeting was as usual devoted to the juvenile singer3 of the the district, who had mustered in good numbers on this occasion and gave a splendid rendition of their part of the programme, which consisted the following tun,g, &e. â"Maidstone," "Dygiringan Engyl, Portha fy Wyn," "Iesu yw Bywyd y iByrt," Morio'r Ydym Tua'r Nefoedd," "'Hen Lyfr Mawry Bywyd and the anthem "Pwy yw y Rhai Hyn." Every one present testified that the children went through their work this year far better than on any previous occasion. The next meeting commenced at ten o'clock and was presided over by the Rev John Evans, Aber- meurig. The following iine,- were rendered with good effect :âEidduned, Wiltc Square, Leomin- ster, Islwyn, Trefdeyrn, Cwmdu, and Ludwig. The anthem Sanctaidd yw ein Hsr- glwyd Dduw" was also rendered during this meeting. Another interesting item connected with this meeting was the report of Mr R. D. Herbert of his recent examinations of candidates for toric sol-ffa certificates throughout the district. The candidates were not so numerous as on the previous year, but of the number that presented itself a good percentage succeeded in obtaining the various certificates. Mity-one certificates were thus obtained compared with one hundred and sixty last year. The following were the successful candidates from Tregaron. Junior cJementary, Ena Jones, GwalIa Stores Tim Davies, Corner Shop Tom and Willie Jon s, Garden View Jane Jones, Cefnresgair Mary Myfanwy Jones, Ochor. Elernent-iry, Mary Myfanwy Jones, Ochr Ena Jones, Gwalia Stores Ben Idris Evans, Chapel- street John Thomas, Laura Cottage Willie Jones, Garden View Willie Williams, Cross- street, Doldre; Tommy Rees Thomas, Currier- street Nanw Thomas, Wern Villa Margaret Davies, Ochorgareg Polly Williams, liar Cottage; BIlly Jone" Thomas, Cambrian House Guy E. J. Evans, Werua Thomas Davey Williams, Ilar Cottage Johy Morgan Evans and David Enoch Evans, Chapel-street. Intermediate Evan Evans, Chapel-street Margaret; Caro Davies, Corner House Margaret Anne George, Penddol Maggie Davies, Tanycae; and Mary Blodwen Evans, Chapel- street. The last meeting of ti- srymanfa was timed to commence at fi ve o'clock, ioe hair being occupied by Mr Hugh Jones, Blaenpenal, and the following tunes v ere sung with splen lid effect:â Cefnbedd Llewelyn, Llanidloes, Janit Street, Transvaal, Golgotha, Carey, Eden, and Lriumph. The anthem, "Caron Cyfiawnder," composed by Mr D. Jenkins, Mus. Bac., in commemora- tion of the late Thomas Gee of Denbigh, was also rendered at this meeting. The festival was a success this year from every point of view and the large chapel was literally crammed, especially in the evening, when hundreds were unable to gaia admittance to the meeting. The singiug all through was very good and the conductor was in his best form.

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