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CARDIGANSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL. ANNUAL MEETING. The statutory meeting of Cardiganshire County Council was held at the Town Hall, Lampeter on Thursday week. Alderman C. M. Williams was voted to the chair pro. tem. and there were also present Aldermen Evan Davies, Gil- fachronw; Morgan Evans, Oakford J. H. Davies, Cwrt- mawr; T. H. R. Hughes, Neuaddfawr; and James James, Llanrhystyd Councillors J. C. Harford, Falcondale; Benjamin Jones, Llanilar; Evan Jones, Llanrhystyd Edward Jones, Talybont; Evan Morgans, Liansantffraid; C. Morgan Richardson, Cardigan; Walter T. Davies, Felinfach D. J. Williams, Tregaron H. Davies Evans, Highmead A. J. Joseph, Devil's Bridge; John Jones, Taliesin James Evans, Llanarth Thomas Morgan, Yshytty Ystwyth; Daniel Evans and T. Pennant Phillips, Llandyssul; W. Griffiths, Llanllwchaiarn; Ed. Evans, Strata Florida Thomas Morris, Troedyraur; D. S. Jones, Llangoedinore; Peter Jones, Trefeirig; Robert Doughton, Robert Ellis, and E. H. James, Aberystwyth; David Jenkins, Lledrod; William Evans, Llanfibangel; John Morgan, Cwmrheidol; Richard Jones, Llandyssilio; Henry Bonsall, Bow Street John Williams, Cardigan Joshua Hughes, Aberporth Captain Jones, Penbryn Thomas Davies, Llangeitho; David Davies, Llanddewi- brefi; Dmiel Jenkins, Nantcwnlle J. O. Davies, New- quay David Jones, Penbryn J. J. Davies, Llanfair; J. Parry and J. Morgan, Goginan Thomas Evans, Llan- grauog J. D. Jenkins, Llanwnen E. Lima Jones, Aber. arth and J. M. Howell, Aberayron Mr H. C. Fryer, clerk Mr Howell Evans, chief constable. APPOINTMENT OF CHAIRMAN A LIBERAL POLICY." A temporary chairman having been appointed in the absence of Dr Lloyd, Adpar, Mr Peter Jones said the gentleman whose name he had to submit to the Council for the position of chairman during the ensuing year was a gentleman who occupied a very prominent position in county atfairs. He had been a member of the Council practically since its fortlation he had been most regular in his attendance it the various committees and at the Council. In addition to that, they had had the advantage of his services as chairman of one of their most important committees, namely, the Standing Joint Committee. He (the speaker) was sure that the impartial manner and sound judgment displayed by him in that capacity justi- fied him in anticipating a very efficient performance of the duties of chairman by him during the ensuing vear. Although he (the speaker) differed politically from that gentleman he had very great respect for him--(bear, hear) âand he hoped that t4ey as Liberals would agree to the selection he now submitted to them feeling sure that they would be practising what they had preached for many years-(hear. hear)âand that was, that there should be a representation in proportion to the numerical strength of the various parties. He need hardly say any- thing further, but if the year might be an eventful one, he felt sure that the duties devolving upon the Council would be performed thoroughly. He, therefore, had pleasure in submitting Mr J. C. Harford as chairman. (Loud applause.) Mr T. H. R. HUGHES seconded the proposition. Mr J. DANIEL JENKINS supported and said he was glad Mr Harford had been selectej, because of his knowledge of agriculture. (Hear, hear.) The proposition was unanimously carried amid loud applause. Upon taking the chair, Mr HARFORD was received with cheers and further applause. In returning thanks for the honour, he said he felt very much the honour which the Council had done him. When they started on that Council everything was fought on political lines, but he hoped now that they would bury politics and fight for the good of the county as a whole. (Hear, hear.) He was very glad to find that the proposition was supported by Mr Jenkins, Rhydybannau, whom he had fought in a way, but was defeated it showed that when they finished the fight they buried the hatchet. It was the same with many of them, they fought their battles oi politics, but when they came to the Council they fought together for the interests of the county. He had no idea that he would have been selected, and he thought it was a very liberal policy on the part of the Council to appoint a strong political opponent. He did not mean strong in voting power- (laughter)âbut strong in political opinions. He hoped they would not trouble him with questions on the stand- ing orders as soon as he took the chair and before he knew anything about them. (Laughter.) In conclusion, be asked the Council for the same support as they gave his predecessor, and said he would endeavour to rule rightly and according to the sense of the meeting. (Loud applause.) THE COUNCIL ADJOURNS. At this point, Mr ROBERT ELLIS proposed an adjourn- ment of the Council for half an hour so that the district members might confer together as to the appointment of members on the various committees. The proposition was agreed to and an adjournment was accordingly made. ELECTION OF ALDERMEN. On re-assembling, the meeting proceeded to elect eight aldermen to serve for the ensuing six years. Papers hav- ing been distributed and collected for the purposes of the vote, the election resulted as follows :-I%lr Peter Jones, Aberyetwyth, 39 votes; Sir M Lloyd, 39 Mr E. Richards, l'enuwch, 38 Mr J. M. Hovell, Aberayron, 38 Mr Walter T. Davies, 38 the Rev John Williams, Cardigan, 36; Mr J. Powell, Blaenwern, 36 the Rev T. Mason Jones, Ysbytty, 35; John Jones, 2; J. R. Howell, 1 Charles Lloyd, 1 J. S. Jones, 1. The first eight were declared duly elected. The retiring aldermen were William Owen Brigstocke, Parcygors, Boncath Jenkin Jenkins, Blaenplwyf, Derry Urmond Peter Jones, 52, Portland-street, Aberystwyth Jenkyn Lewis, Llanllwyd House, Llanon David Lloyd, Bryn House, Lampeter John Powell, Blaenywern, Rhydlewis, Llandyssul Evan Richards, Penuwch, Nant- eos, Aberystwyth; Daniel W. E. Rowlands, Garth, Llanio Road. Of thee three were re-elected, STANDING JOINT COMMITTEE. The following members were appointed to serve on the Standing Joint Committee:âMessrs Peter Jones, John Powell, Evan Richards, Morgan Evans, C. M. Williams, David Davies, D. S. Jones, James James, J. M. Howell, Edward Jones, D. C. Roberts, and D. J. Williams. FINANCE AND GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE. The following were appointed on this Committee :â Messrs Walter T. Davies, Richard Jones, Morgan Evans, James James, C. M. Williams, Major Bonsall, Robert Ellis, E. H. James, and D. C. Roberts, Joshua Hughes, Col. Howell, Bertie Davies-Evans, J. D. Jenkins, T.-H. R. Hughes, Daniel Evans, Thomas Evans, J. H. Davies, Daniel Jenkins, and Thomas Davies. MAIN ROADS COMMITTEES. All members of the Council resident within the Aber- ystwyth and Tregaron Unions were appointed to con- stitute the Main Roads, Bridges, and Public Buildings Committee for the northern division. The members of the Council residing in the Aberayron, Cardigan. Lam- peter, and Newcastle Emlyn Unions were appointed the Slain Roards, etc, Committee for the southern division of the county. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEES. The Executive Committee for the northern division was appointed as follows Messrs Peter Jones, C. M. Williams, H. Bonsall, Vaughan Davies, M.P., Robert Ellis, Major Bonsall, Evan Hugh James, Robert Doughton. Joseph Parry, D. C. Roberts, David Davies, A. J. Joseph, and T. Morgan. For the southern division, Messrs John Powell, Evan Davies, Thos. Evans, Captain Jones, Joshua Hughes, D. S. Jones, David Llojd, Thomas Morris, J. Williams, James Stephens, T. Pennant Phillips, Sir Marteine Lloyd, and Colonel Howell, J. D. Jenkins, Lima Jones, Jenkin Lewis, W. T. Davies, J. C. Harford, J. M. Howell, H. Davies-Evans, T. H. R. Hughes, and J. J. Davies were appointed. COUNTY ASSESSMENT COMMITTEE. The CLERK said the County Assessment Committee would have a large amount of work to do during the en- suing year and suggested that the members of the Finance Committee should be appointed on it in order that there should be no difficulty of securing a good attendance of members, as both committees met on the same day. The following members of the Finance Committee were appointed on the Assessment Committee :âMessrs D. C. Roberts, C. M. Williams, Robert Ellis, Morgan Evans, Daniel Jenkins, J. H. Davies, T. H. R. Hughes, Daniel Evans, Joshua Hughes, W. J. Davies, and Colonel Howell. WEIGHTS AND MEASURES COMMITTEE. Messrs Peter J mes, H. Bonsall, Vaughan Davies, M.P., John Jones (Taliesin), T. Mason Jones, Joseph Parry, and Robert Doughton were appointed on this Com- mittee. PRINTING AND ADVERTISING COMMITTEE. On this Committee Messrs T. H R. Hughes, C. M. Williams, Robert Ellis, Evan Hugh James, Edward Jones, D. C. Roberts, and Robert Doughton were ap- pointed. VISITORS TO THE ASYLUM. In view of the excellent attendance made by the visitors to Carmarthen Asylum last year, they were re- appointed as follows Messrs C. M. Williams, Dr Lloyd, Wm. Griffiths, and John Williams. TECHNICAL INSTRUCTION COMMITTEE. With the exception of Mr Charles Lloyd, last year's members (Messrs J. H. Davies, Morgan Evans, C. M. Williams, J. C. Harford, E. H. James, and Joshua Hughes) were re-appointea wim LLic auumon or Messrs Daniel Jenkins, Robert Ellis, Evan Davies, and T. Pen- nant Phillips. DELEGATION OF POWERS. In respect of the execution as local authority of the Explosives Act, 1875, in the rural districts the power of the Council was delegated to the justices of the county sitting in petty sessions and in borough towns having separate commissions of the peace, to committees of the Council. In respect of the licensing of places tor the public performance of stage plays in the various towns of the county, to local committees of the Council. In re- spect of the execution as local authority of the Acts re- lating to contagious diseases of animals, to local com- mittees composed of the justices acting for, and the members of the Council resident within, the various petty sessional divisionuf the county. MEDICAL VFFICERS' REPORTS. Drs Lloyd and Lewis and Messrs Robert Ellis and E. Lima Jones were appointed a committee to consider, col- late, and report upon the reports of the various medical officers of health throughout the county. This is a new departure. THE ELECTIONS. The powers conferred upon the Council by the Local Government Elections Act, 1896, were delegated to Messrs C. M. Williams, Peter Jones, Morgan Evans, C. Morgan Richardson, H. Davies Evans, Evan Davies, and D. J. Williams, so that such committee< might make orders necessary for removing any difficulties which might occur with respect to any election ot parish or district coun- cillors or guardians, or with respect to any other matter with which the Council could deal under that Act. THANKS TO THE RETIRING CHAIRMAN. Alderman C. M. WILLIAMS proposed that a hearty vote of thanks be accorded to Dr Lloyd, the retiring chairman. for his excellent conduct in the chair during the past year. (Hear, hear.) Alderman J. M. HOWELL had pleasure in seconding the vote and it was passed unanimously. AYRON CONSERVATORS. Having had the standing orders suspended, Mr LIMA JONES said that two of the conservators appointed by the Council for the Ayron fishery district were unable to act and as some important business would come before the Conservators before the Council again met, he proposed that Mr David Davies, Perthneuadd, Talsarn, and Mr John Jones, farm bailiff, Llanaeron, should be appointed conservators in the place of Major Price Lewes and General Rawlings who could not act. The proposition was agreed to. This terminated the business of the CounciL

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