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CARDIGANSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL. The quarterly meeting of the County Council of Cardigan was held at Aberayron on Tuesday, when there were present Councillor J. M. Howell, chairman Aldermen W. O. Brig- stocke, Parkygors J. H. Davies, Llangeitho David Lloyd, Lampeter C. M. Williams. Aberystwyth Jenkin {Lewis, Cilcenin Morgan Evans, Oakford Enoch Davies, Llandys- sul; Jenkin Jenkins, Blaenplwyf T. H. R. Hughes, Neuadd- fawr, and D. W. E. Rowland, Llanddewi Brefi; Councillors J. R. Howell, Llandugwydd Charles Lloyd, Llandyssul Mar- teine Lloyd, New Quay Jenkin Howells, Nantcwnlle D. J. Williams, Tregaron David Lloyd, Aberbank E. Lima Jones, Aberarth D. C. Roberts, Aberystwyth John Williams, Cardigan E. H. James, Aberystwyth Evan Jones, Llanrhystyd Daniel Evans, Llandyssul James Evans, Llanarth John Rowlands, Llangeitho David Davies, Llanddewi Brefi John Jones, Cilcenin Evan Mor- gan, Llansantffraed Walter T. Davies, Felinfach Edward Jones, Talybont E. O. Jones, Llanwnen D. Bowen Jones, Llanwenog W. Griffiths, Llanllwchaiarn D. Griffiths, Penrhyn Benjamin Jones, Llanilar Thomas Morris, Troed- yraur Thomas Evans, Llangranog J. Watkin Davies, Llanfair Joshua Hughes, Aberporth H. Bonsall, Bow Street; C. Morgan Richardson, Cardigan Messrs H. C. Fryer, county clerk J. D. Perrott, treasurer Roderick Lloyd and David Davies, surveyors, and Howell Evans, chief constable. VOTE OF CONDOLENCE. The CHAIRMAN, shortly after taking his seat, said he desired the Council to place on record their sense of the loss caused by the most sudden death of Alderman Daniel Jones, of Llanon. He was a man of many good qualities. He was a member of the Council from the commencement and every- thing he undertook to do he did. He (the Chairman) was sure he was only expressing the sentiments and opinions of all in proposing that the sense of their loss should be placed on record. Mr C. M. WILLIAMS seconded the proposition and was sure the Chairman had given expression to the feelings of all mem- bers of the Council. The late Alderman Jones was one of the most regular attendants at Council and Committee meetings He took a thorough interest in the welfare of the county and it was believed he did not lose more than one meeting during the whole period of which he was a member Mr MORGAN EVANS supported the proposition and it was agreed to unanimously. ELECTION OF ALDERMAN. The Council then proceeded to fill up the vacancy in the aldermanship when Councillor James James, J.P., Fynon- howell was elected by twenty-five votes. Mr J. R. Howell received two votes and Mr E. O. Jones two. STANDING .JOINT COMMITTEE. Mr C. M. WILLIAMS said that Llanfair division was not represented on the Police Committee. He therefore proposed the appointment of Mr J. Watkin Davies, one of the most faithful attendants of the Council meetings. Mr CHARLES LLOYD seconded the proposition, and it was agreed to. SEA FISHERIES. On proceeding to consider the propriety of appointing six members of the Western Sea Fisheries Committee, the CLERK said a report had been received from Mr Fryer, inspector of fisheries, on the application to dissolve the Committee, and a letter from the Board of Trade advising that the Committee should be continued. Anglesey forwarded a resolution asking for the dissolution of the Committee. Mr MORGAN EVANS proposed the adoption of the Anglesey resolution, remarking that the Committee had been in exist- ence for years and, so far, had done nothing. In reply to Mr Brigstocke, the CLERK said the proposed purchase of a steamer had been abandoned, and the Com- mittee had now appointed water bailiffs. There was a com- plaint that they had not been seen on the Cardiganshire coast. The Rev JOHN WILLIAMS, Cardigan, having asked for an expression of opinion by some member who attended the enquiry, Mr D. C. ROHKRTS said that nothing effeective could be done until a police boat was obtained to see that the regulations were carried out. As a special boat would cost between £2,000 and £ 3,000, a suggestion was made that the gunboat stationed at Holyhead, which now did little, should see that the regulations were carried out, and so do some- thing for its living. As sea ashing benefited inland towns more than the populations of the coast, it was also thought the matter of protection should be an imperial charge. The appointment of water bailiffs was a thing which could perhaps be done by the Committee itself. Hitherto, he was afraid, not much had been done, though no doubt something might be done towards making the fishing industry more pros- perous. Possibly the Council could not reasonably ask the Board of Trade to dissolve the Committee, but the Council might ask that department to assist in the protection and development of sea fishing. He therefore proposed that men should be appointed on the Committee who would be likely to attend and take interest in the matter. Mr HENRY BONSALL said he should hesitate in disuniting the Welsh counties united in the Committee as it was advis- able to take advantage of every opportunity for unity. Sea fishing was really an important matter for a large section of the population of the coast. Mr MORGAN EVANS said he was willing that members of the Committee should be appointed provided they were in- structed to do what they could to. get the Committee dis- solved unless something tangible was done. The following members were then appointed on the Com- mittee Messrs Henry Bonsall, J. M. Williams (Brynbwl), D. C. Roberts, J. M. Howell, Robert Ellis, and W. Hughes Jones. DISTRICT SURVEYORS. A letter was read from the Local Government Board saying that the future appointment and dismissal of surveyors rested with Rural District Councils. Mr DAVID LLOYD asked if that applied to surveyors ap- pointed before the Local Government Act was carried, and the CLERK replied that that was a matter for the Rural District Councils to consider. RAILWAY COMMUNICATION. A letter was read from the G.W. Railway Company saying they were prepared to try the experiment for twelve months of running a special train on days of Quarter Sessions, Assizes, and County Councils, from Newcastle Emlyn to Pencader so as to do away with the inconvenient waits be- fore proceeding to Lampeter. (Hear, hear.) Sir MARTKINE LLOYD said he had seen Lord Emlyn, chair- man of the Company, in the matter, and read a letter fron him announcing the experiment. Sir Marteine hoped mem- bers and their friends would make the experiment success- ful so that the train service might be continued. He pro- posed a vcte of thanks to the Company. Mr C. M. WILLIAMS seconded the proposition, and hoped Sir Marteine Lloyd would use his influence with the Com- pany to get the inconvenient breaks at Pencader in the journey from Lampeter to Cardigan permanently removed, and the CLERK said an attempt had been made to get at least one train a day to run in connection with. the M. and M. trains. Sir MARTEINE LLOYD said he should be pleased to do what he could in that direction. A vote of thanks having been accorded Sir Marteine for his action in the matter, he observed that he was indebted to the Council for the courtesy with which he had been treated ever since he had the honour of a seat in the Council. The CHAIRMAN suggested that Sir Marteine Lloyd should also use his influence with the Government to get railways made into every hole and corner of the county. Dr ENOCH DAVIES.âMr Vaughan Davies is going to do that. (Laughter). ABERAYRON DISTRICT COUNCIL. The Clerk having read a letter from Aberayron District Council in favour of continuing in office for three years, Mr LIMA JONES said no doubt that was the wish of the members, but not of the ratepayers. An annual election fave an oppor- tunity to the ratepayers to express their opinions of the acts of the Council, and he believed there was now a general desire to give an expression of opinion, particularly after the recent most flagrant slight offered to the ratepayers. He ad- mitted, however, that the Council had done some quiet and, useful work in the town. He asked that the matter be deferrerl for the feeelings of the ratepayers to be ascertained. The CHAIRMAN read a letter signed by several ratepayers against the application of the Council, saying their reason for triennial elections was obvious, and the members were not likely to find a seat again if it was once vacated. Mr LIMA JONES said he he wanted the opinion of the general body of the ratepayers and not of a few. (" Order "). Mr C. M. WILLIAMS suggested that the matter should be put on the agenda. Possibly the Aberayron friends would chauge their minds in the matter. Dr Exocn DAYIES- Yes, they always do that. (Laughter). The proposition was agreed to. MAINTENANCE OF MAIN ROADS. Mr C. M. Williams brought up the report of the Main Roads Committee for the northern division, which recom- mended that fences required on the Steddfagurig-road at sharp and dangerous curves, should be put up some time before the summer of 189(5 at a cost not exceeding .£28; that an expenditure of £10 should be allowed for improvements to the roads at Glownant, and £15 for the roads between Rattal and Ysgoldy Llanio on condition tkat the required land is given as promised by the adjacent owners that an iron girder bridge be erected at Lladrod in place of the stone bridge previously resolved upon that the estimate of £590 for the- quarter's expenses be allowed that .£100 be ;>.Uowed for the- completion of the road protection works at Dole. 5AVJD LLOYD, Adpar, brought up the report of the Main j-toads Committee which recnuimended that the applies- tion of Lampeter Council for payment out of county funds of cost of footpath pavings should not be considered. Other re- commendations of a minor nature were mace. Colonel ROWEL, referring to the main road. said that Cardigan Rural District Council was in favour of the County Council handing over the maintenance of main roads to the District Councils of the county. In that district there were seventeen miles of main roads under the management of the County Surveyor. The main ronds cost £20 per mile, ex. cluding salaries of county officials. The district roads, on the other hand, averaged £4 5s. per mile. In consideration of efficiency and economy, the Distiict Council thought the roads should be maintained by the District Council at the cost of the county funds. Proposing that th" matter should he referred to a committee,he added that each of the District Councils had their own surveyors, most of them good men. They were constantly on the spot, and had to travel over the main roads in the district about twice a week, whereas it was impossible for the County Surveyor to visit all the main- roads more than once a mouth. There were two sets of officers for two different sets of roads. The present system also brought about competition between District Councils. and the County Council in consaquence of which the Dis- trict Councils had to pay Is. 6d. for what they tormerly got for Is. and 2s. (3d. for what they got for 2s. Moreover, it was impossible for the county to keep all the workmen con- stantly in view. They came to their work late and left early, and some of the men were not worth Is. a day. If the roads were put under the control of the District Councils, one good man might be appointed for the whole county to supervise the work done once a quarter or once each half year and no money to be paid the District Councils unless the County Surveyor certified efficiency. Mr CHARLES LLOYD seconded the proposition. Mr D. C. ROBERTS pointed out that before a principle of" that kind was referred to a Committee the whole Council; should have an opportunity of discussing the principle. HE therefore suggested that Colonel Howell should put the matter on the agenda for the next meeting. Colonel HOWELl, adopted the suggestion. KIXANCE. Mr DAVID LLOYD, Lampeter, brought up the report of the Fin- ance Committee which recommended that the total of'the aggre- gate of salaries of coroners should not be increased, but tlTat a sub-committee should be appointed to consider and report upon the salaries of coroners generally with a view to readjustment; also that the Committee recommend a scale of fees and allowances to be paid to jurors, witnesses, and others at inquests. The Com- mittee also recommended that the following be appointed as valuers under the Finance Act, 1S94 Aberystwyth Union, Messrs. Daniel, Son.and Meredith and Mr J. E. James; Tregaron Union, Mr John Williams Aherayron and Lampeter Unions, Mr J. Daniel Jenkins, llhydybannau; Newcastle Emlyn Union, Mr Evnon Bovven and Cardigan Union, Mr E. J. George, Bailey, Boneath. The report was adopted. ALLOT!x.TS. Mr MORGAN RICIIARBSO*, Cardigan, brought up the report of the Allotments and Small Holdings Committee, which stated that seven applications by labourers had been made to the Llandyfriog Parish Council for allotments, and that Mr C. Fitzwilliams aud Mr Saunders Davies had refused. Enquiry had been made by tha Committee, who reported that the circumstances were such as to justify compulsory proceedings under section nine of the Act of 1891. Applications were also made for hnd ia Llanfihangel Ystrad parish, and iu respect of those also the Committee recommended the adoption of compulsory powers. Facts relating to an applica- tion in the parish of Llanwenoc; being too meagre to move upon a recommendation in respect of it was deferred. Mr Morgan Richardson explained the procedure as laid down bylthe recently- issued orders of the Local Government Board, and said that after the County Council had satisfied itself as to the bona fides of the applications the Local Government Board would hold an enquiry. If the Inspector thought there was no case then there would be an end to the matter. If, on the other hand, he thought there was a case the County Council would have to put into force the powers of the Lands Consolidation Clauses Act. In respect of the Llandy- friog applications, the Committee thought a strong bona-fido case had been made out for compulsory powers, and in respect of one case in particular the Committee feit that, if there was failure to obtain allotment the Act must be accepted as a dead letter. He therefore moved the adoption of that part of the report. Mr DAVID LLOYD, Adpar, having seconded the proposition, it was agreed to unanimously, Mr MORGAN RICIIAKD-OX ex- plaining to Mr Morgan Evans that the expense would fall on the parish making the application. Mr MORGAN RICHARDSON then formally moved that application for compulsory powers should be made on behalf of the Llanfi- hangel Ystrad applications. A, however, thero was but 6d an acre between one of the applicants and trie landlord in order to come to an agreement, he (Mr Richardson) was not personally in favour of compulsion. Mr WALTER T. DAnEs having seconded the proposition, the CHAIRMAN said it was correct with regard to one ot the applicant*, but not as regard the other. Mr DAVID LLOYD said the applicant offered 7s. Gd., and the land. lord wanted SR. an acre. It was stated at the enquiry that the actual value of the land was 4s., and that the applicant increased his offer from 4s. to 7". 6d. and would not budge further. Mr JENKIN JKNKI.NS said the land and the applicant were con- venient to each other. Not being a land valuer he could not speak as to the value, but he thought it would be worth 7s. 6d. to the applicant. It would be worth more to him than to tfienrespnt tenant. Mr J. WATKIN DAVlBS was understood to say that the land had been rented at 5s. 6d. an acre for years. The CII.IRMAN ha"in statd there applicants and that nf thp thought it desirable to include both within the scope rPr°P°siti°n to apply for compulsory powers ior Lianhnangel Ystrad was agreed to, and it was resolved to hold the necessary preliminary enquiries. NOTICES OF MOTION. On the proposition of Mr C. M. WILLIAMS, it was asrreed that for Parliamentary purposes the district polling at Cwmystwyth shall be Cwmystwyth polling district, the district pollimr at Mydroilyn the Mydirilyn polling district, and the district polling at Adpar, the Adpar polling district. On the proposition of Mr C. M. WILLIAMS it was also agreed that a special sub-committee consisting of an equal number from each Main Roads Committee and representatives of the various unions should be appointed to consider the general question of main roads with a view to the re-adjustment of existing inequalities in the proportionate mileage within the respective unions and for the consideration of any other business connected with main roads. LLKCIIRYD BRIDGE. Colonel HOWRLL proposed and Mr JOSHUA HUGHES seconded that measures should be taken forthwith, in conjunction with Pembroke County Council, to have a thorough examination made of the condition of the structure and especially of the foundation of Llechryd Bridge. Colonel HOWELL suggested that power should be iven to call in a practical mason Mr C. M. WILLIAMS thought the surveyors of the two COtmties should be asked to report. Surely two surveyors The CHAIRMANâOught to be equal to one mason. (Laughter). Colonel HOWELL added that that was the main thing. None of the surveyors were masons, and he wanted a practical mason to assist them with his advice. It was resolved to refer the matter to the Southern Committee with the local members, with power to call in a mason if necessary. DAY OF MEETING. Mr D. J. WILLIAMS, Tregaron, moved that in future the day of meeting of the County Council should be Thursday and not Tuesday, Tuesday being market day at Tregaron, and the day of meeting of Tregaron Guardians, District Council and magistrates. Mr DAVID DAVIES, Llanddewibrefi, seconded the proposition Colonel HOWKLL and Sir MARTKINE LLOYD were in favour of continuing to meet on Tuesday, and Mr C. M. WILLIAMS suggested that Mr D. J. Williams should defer his proposition to the end of the year when|he might be able to make out a strong case. Mr J. H. DAVIES, Llangeitho, thought the Tregaron members had already made out a strong case for alteration. Mr JEXKYN LXWls, however, thought the Tregaron members should follow the example of Mahomet. When he found that the mountain would not ccrne to him he said Then I must go to the mountain." Mr D. J. WILLIAMS declining to adopt Mr C. M. Williams's suggestion, the CHAIRMAN observed that Mr Williams never with- drew from his determination. MrC. M. WILLIAMS asked which Mr Williams the Chairman referrred to, and the CHAIRMAN replied Mr D. J. Williams." On a vote being taken fourteen voted in favour of Thursday and twelve in favour of continuing to meet on Tuesday, and the CIUIR- MAN declared the alteration carried. T 1,T DERRY ORMOND ROAD. Mr J. WATKIN DAVIES called attention to the road leading from Bettws to Derry Ormond station with the view of moving a resolution thereon and explained that the matter of declaring the road from Troedyrhiw to Olmarch a main road had been before the Council since 1891. When that road was declared a train road, he contended that the road leading from Bettws to the Station was included and proposed that it should be repaired by the County Surveyor. At present and for sometime past the road had not been repaired either by the District Surveyor or the County Surveyor. Mr DAVID LLOYD, Lampeter, also was of opinion that the road was included in the order. The SURVEYOR, in reply to Mr Brigstocke, said he had never been able to certify that bit Of road as a main road and Mr C. M WILLIAMS quoted from reports showing that the road had never been included in the order. The CHAIRMAN said he had allowed the discussion to go on as it was interesting. The notice, however, was not definite enough to admit of a proposition in favour of taking the road over, and he must rule it necessary to give special notice. The Council then rose.