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MARRIAGE OF MR J. M. HOWELL AND MISS EVANS. On Tuesday last, the marriage was solemnized in Tabcrnacle C. M. Chapel, Aberayron, between Councillor J. M. Howell, of the firm of Mrs Howell and Son, irontnongers, and Ann, eldest daughter of Mrs Evans, of the Lloyd Jack. The ceremony was performed by the Rev Thomas James, M.A., Llan- dyssnl assisted by the Rev W. S. Jones, M.A., Mach- ynlleth, In the presence of the registrar, Mr D. H. Davies. Considerable interest was takeu in the pro- ceedings and the demonstration made by the inhabit- ants could not fail to have been very gratifying to the bride and bridegroom as well as to their relatives and friends. The morning opened with a clear sky and bright sunshine and as the hours wore oil the inhabitants ran up their flags and banners, so that by eleven o'clock, 'he hour fixed for the ceremony, the streets were ablaze with bunting and the members of the fair sex were saen wending their way to the locale of the wedding. Tne event was also celebrated by the firing ot cannon and firearms of smaller bore. Tabernacle Chapel was nearly filled with a large congregation and the members of the Choral Society of which the bridegroom is the leader. The baton ou this occasion was wielded by Mr J. R. Phillips, and Mr L. J. Roberts, B.A., University College, Oxford, pre- sided at the harmonium. The wedding guests began to arrive shortly after eleven o'clock, and on the arrival of the bridegroom, accompanied by Mr B. B. Griffiths, N. P. Bank, Machynlleth, as best man, the Choral Society sting a hymn ending with the words- Eternal Lord of Heaven above, Look down and bless their plighted love. The arrival of the bride leaning on the arm of her uncle, Captain D. Evans, and accompanied by her bridesmaids completed the party. All acknowledged that the wedding was remarkably tasteful and pretty. The bride was dressed in cream cashmere, trimmed with merveilleux, bonnet with white heather and veil, and carried a beautiful bouquet of stephanotis, white carnations and maidenhair fern. Tha bridesmaids were Miss Evans, sister of the bride, Miss Griffiths and Miss Rona Evans, cousins of the bridegroom, Miss Bessie Jones, cousin of the bride, and Miss Olive aud Miss Alice Jones, nieces of the bridegroom. The bridesmaids wore floral cashmere dresses with Medicis collar Gainsborough hats and coral coloured sashes, with gold and pearl bangles, the gift of the bridegroom. They all carried bouquets of choice flowers sent from Highmead, Tyglyn Aeron and Llanaeron The Rev Thomas James, Llandyssul, performerl the main portion of the wedding ceremony in the Welsh language, and the Rev W. S. Jones of Machynlleth, read an appropriate passage from the New Testament and prayerf. During the ceremony the Choral Society sung a wedding hymn composed for the occasion by Watcyn Wyn to a tune by Mr D. Jenkins, Mus. Bac., Aberystwyth, also composed for the occasion. The first verseâ C'enwch, cenwch, glyehau gwynfyd, Cenwch briodasol gan Cenwch ber garolau hawddfyd Dan weniadau'r nefoedd lanâ was repeated as a chorus to the succeeding verses, and a duet by Miss Sarah Jane James and Miss Sarah Anu Evans was very effective. The ceremony having been concluded, Mr L. J. Roberts played Mendelssohn's Wedding March, and the bride and bridegroom were felicitated by a large circle of friends and neighbours, They subsequently received congratulatory letters and telegrams from Colonel Davies Evans, Lord Lieutenant of the county, the Rev T. Levi, Aberystwyth, Mr Gower Griffiths, Tiverton, the Rev J. Ishmael Thomas and Mrs Tnomas, Bradford, Councillor Evan Evans, Neuadd, the Rev D. J. Evans, M.A., Carmnthen, Mr Dan and Mr Willie Jones, St. Mary's Hospital, London, from friends at Llanover and others. The wedding breakfast was laid out at the house of the bride's mother, Mrs Evans, and the following were among the guests, Mrs Howell, Mrs Evans, Mr and Mrs B. E. Howell, brother and sister-in-law of the bridegroom Master Stanley Howell, Captain David Evans, uncle of the bride, the Rev \V. James, Llan- dyssul, the Rev W. S. Jones, Machynlleth. Miss S. A. Evans. Mrs Griffiths and Miss Griffiths, Old Bank, Mr B. B. Griffiths, Machynlleth, Mrs T. Z. Jones, Miss Olive Mary Jones, and Miss Alice Jones, Mr and Mrs L. J. Roberts, Mr, Mrs, and Miss Aeroua Evans, Llanelly, Mr Evan Evans, Frongoy, Mr Isaac Evans, Wernllaeth, Mrs Davies, Llanover, Miss Phillips, Newcastle Emlyn, Miss Bessie Jones, Castle House) Mr E. Lima Jones, Councillor J. H. Jones and others'. After breakfast, the Rev W. James, ho referred to Mr Howell as a former pupil of his, proposed success and happiness to the bride and bridegroom and Mr E. Lima Jones, supporting the proposition, said it was intended by the members of ^abernacle Chapel to have presented Mr and Mrs Howell with a tea and coffee service, but the ceremony had to he deferred until their home-coming. It was not often, added Mr Lima Jones, that honour such as had been paid to Mr Howell that morning, was given to a tradesman. It was usually reserved for local magnates and very often arose from fear of oppression or hope of reward. If any stranger asked him why the inhabitants did that honour to their fellow-townsman, he would reply, Because Mr Howell is the leader of our leading in- habitants because he has done more than anyone else for every good cause in the town." As a proof of the estimation in which he was held, it might be stated that he represented his own district in the County Council, the members of which had recognized the abilities his neighbours had appreciated so lon». He also represented his own parish on the Board of Guardians, and already the poor felt grateful for the services he had rendered. In addition to that, every movement having for its object the improvement and advancement of Aberayron, had in Mr Howell a per- severing and earnest supporter. The presentation the members of Tabernacle church would make him would be in recognition of sixteen years' services as precentor of the chapel. He had been the mainstay of the musical festivals which had been held for eleven or twelve years as secretary, the chief work of the cymanfaoedd held in the district fell upon his shoulders; and he was appointed superintendent of the school at a remarkably early age. In fact. whether in the church or in the town everything that conduced to the advancement of the people had in Mr Howell a warm and enthusiastic supporter. At present, the opportunities for useful public life were as not numerous for women as for men, but the bride had performed what duties had fallen to her lot with great credit and was personally respected and esteemed by all who knew her. (Cheers.) The Rev W. S. Jones, also supporting the toast, referred to Mr Howell's useful public life, to his true and warm- hearted friendship, and to his intellectual and moral qualities.âMr J. M. Howell, acknowledging the toast, said it was an intense pleasure to him to be surrounded that day by his friends and relatives on the occasion of his marriage With regard to his public life, he had found that the man who did his duty fearlessly was respected all round. In Wales, he feared men before taking action asked who were likely to condemn and who commend. He felt thankful that he had inherited to some degree the spirit that prompted him to do what he thought to be right without having regard to circumstances and he could not help being gratihed to hnd that notwith- standing the stout opposition he had had to offer in the past, men of all classes and shades of opinion joined in offering their felicitations. (Cheers).âThe health of the bridesmaids was next proposed by Mr J. Hugh Jones and acknowledged by Mr B. B. Griffiths and Mr L. J, Roberts proposed the mothers of the bride and bridegroom and the toast was supported by Capt. D. Evans, Mr Isaac Evans, Mr B. E. Howell, Mr Evans, Frongoy, and Mr David Evans, Llanelley. Miss Oli ve Jones, daughter of Mrs T. Z. Jones, recited lines composed for the occasion by the Rev E. Phillips, Newcastle Emlyn Mrs Griffiths, Old Bank, and Mr D. H. Davies, registrar, recited englynion and a pleasant afternoon was spent. The bride and bride- groom left between one and two o'clock for their honey- moon in North Wales. The following presents were sent to the bridegroom --a handsome silver framed table mirror, Mr Bowen Rowland,M.P. cheque, Mrs Davies, Llanover; silver tish carvers, Mr and Mrs Richard Jones Chipping Sodlivirv silver mounted pipe and case, Miss Margaret Davies, Old Hank i Morocco travelling writing case and Ijooks, Mr Evan Evans' Neuadd, New Quay silver egg stand, Mr Gower Griffiths' rivlrtcjn silver cruet stand, Dr Davies, Tynyfron Villa > jelly dish, Mr D. Morgan, Cross Inn Morocco bound album- book CSC-' Wfe8' BtRgend House Morocco pocket rings' M* ^ndgend House; silver serviette case V -fs^Qdw-in^ avren.y, Co., Bristol; silver pencil AI aster ^anley Howell, .North Road; vase.s, Mr and Air- Howell, do. pair handsome bronze figures, Mr and T Evan Jones, Feathers Hotel; hand painted plaques, Mrs j Roberts,Albert Street; Macauley's Essays and Lays, Mr j. J. Roberts, do. tablecloth, Mr and Mrs Davies, London House ink stand, Mr and Mrs Evans, watchmaker, tobacco box, Mr and Mrs Jones, S, North Road wedding souvenir, Mrs Capt. Griffiths, Market Street glass dish, Mrs Evans] Clifton House very handsome Japanese vases, Mrs Griifiths, Miss Griffiths and Mr B B. Griffiths, Old Bank bevelled plate pier glass, Mr and Mrs Evans, Llanelly; oil painting, Miss S. L. Evans, do crystoleum painting, Miss Magcrie Evans, do bamboo music rack Miss Mona Evans, do; biscuit box, Mr Galvin, excise officer a pair of carvers, Dr Lewis, Llanon silver mounted silk umbrella, Master, inson Jones Principal Edwards's Commentaries, 1 ^vaiis, Liouaon oooic, iriumpnant Democracy, Mr Hutchings also complimentary poetry, from Lev Evan Phillips, Gwynionydd. Jennie Dyti, Frances, ATi-s Aeron Davies, Granellian, Watcyn Wyn, D. H. Davies, "rs Gower Griffiths; specially composed part song, o £ ,J?ukinfS' Mu-'5- »'«ry knives, T. Turner and Co. Nliemelu; engraved monograms uii spoons and forks a bhettieid firm choice flowers from Major Lewis, Tyglyn and, from Col. Evans, Highniead and a magnificent hououet from the latter; walking stick and inkstand, Isaac Evans. To the Bride Cheque, the Li-idegrooiti bedroom rug Mrs Howell; pair of pencil drawings (drawn by heiself), Mrs 1. Z. Jones; one pair of blankets Mrs Jones, Penwern; cheque, Miss Jones, do; electro plated egg stand, Miss Phillips, Newcastle Ellityll cushions, Mrs Jones, North-road bracket and old china jug, Miss Davies, Victoria-street; money, Mrs Jenkins, Bronfrn gold eanngs, Mrs Davies, Llanover two damask table cloths, a friend; damask table cloth, friends; cushion, Mrs \v illianis, V ictona-street; bedroom ware, Mrs L. Jones, No :i, North-road letter case, Miss Nancy Jones, do flower vase. Miss Kate Jones, do; porcupine work basket, Miss Liuie Jones; do cheese stand, a friend; chenilles table cover, Miss Evans, Drury-lane towels, Mrs Jones, Belle Vue- terrace linen sheets, Mrs Jones, (,)Ll(-,eii-sti-ect set of iurrs a friend biscuit box, Miss M. A. Williams, Market-street cake stand and glass jug, Miss Ellen Williams, do; counter- pane, Mrs Joseph Rees, do; pair vases, Miss Gretta Kees do; china teapot, Aiiiie Pugh, do; ornamental tlower pot, Mrs Evans, Ianthe House; pair vases, Miss Nell Evans, do; pair linen sheets, Mrs Capt William's Tabernacle-street; counterpane, Mrs Jones, Albert-street shell Mrs Da vies, Tabernacle-street; Turkey hearth ru"' Mrs .Jones, Fitzroy, Llanddewi antimacassar, Mr J. R.' Phillips, Albert-street toilet covers, Mrs Rees, Market- street; toilet set, Mrs Williams. Bow, Londin â¢'bedroom clock, Mr Jones, Water-street, Dowlais; antimacassar, Mrs Phillips, Police Station; hot water jug, Mrs Morgans, Tabernacle-street; silver brooch with crystals, Mr J.. Evans, Market-street water colour picture, Mr 'Evans do embroidery, Miss Evans, do glass basket, Mrs Jones' (to; flower basket, Mrs Griffiths, 2, Market-street; glass basket' Miss Jones, Ripon House vases, Miss E. J. and H. S. do rug, Mrs Davies, Greenland-terrace; butter cooler,Mr Thomas' Royal Oak china egg stand, Miss Ellis, K antgoy; china bowl, Mrs Davies, Queen-street; toast rack, Miss Evans Albert-street 1 pair salt cellars. Miss S. A. Evans, do china cruet stand and jug, Mrs Davies, Victoria-street; electro bieakfast cruet stand, Mrs Jones, Bryneiron money, Mr Jenkins, Pontfaen glass dish and tumblers, Mrs Jones, Llaethdu; china teapot, Mrs Davies Oadw^aivplace*, china tea kettle, Master Willie Evans, Tivyside, Llechryd glass boat flower stand, Miss Jones, Neptune-place; pair oil paintings, Mr Pugh solicitor butter cooler, Mrs Lloyd Masons Row; cup and saucer, Miss S. Lloyu, Star of V* ales cream jug, Miss E. M. Lloyn, do Milr °K Th R°re+ns' 1 S Bl/,lton' Ij'anayron mantle border,' Miss Kuth Baynton, do. sofa cushion, Miss Williams Belle Vue Terrace beaded mantel, Mr John Ilees, Aberystwyth pictures Miss A. E. Davies, lueen-street tea cosy, Miss M. J. Thomas Tabernacle-street pair of slippers, Miss Evans, Alt)an-s(Iii.%re damask table cloth, Mrs Lewis, Tabernacl-street: flower vases, Misses Olive and Alice Jones, Old Bank pair of vases, Miss Kate Davbs, Rock Terrace pair of ornaments, Miss E.' M. Jones Tabernacle-street towels, Mrs illiams, (,Itiecii -street money, Mrs Jenkins, North Road; quijt, Mrs Davies, Rock Torrice money. Mrs Jones, Albert-street silver teapot. Mrs Erans, Monaehty Anns stiver sugar basin and s;>0011, Miss Evans Red Lion pair of vases, Miss Evans, Oxford-street money, a Friend antimacassars, Mrs Davies, Quay Parade toilet covers, Mrs M.' Davies, do. vases, Miss M. A. Janies, Regent-street mirror and flower vase, Miss James, Market-street money, Mrs Evans, Clifton House; set of jjgs, Misses Lloyd, Panteg time piece, Mr Williatkis, Penlonc pair of blankets, Misses B. and A. Jones, Castle liotise china tea spt, Mrs Rowley, Aberystwyth inkstand, Mr Tories. Prince of Wales, tea-pot, Mr Jones, do china tea set, Miss Jones, do sugar basin and cream jug, Miss M. J. Jones, Victoria- street feather pillow, Mrs Jones, do mirror, Miss M Jones, do pair electro candlesticks, Miss James, Alban Square cheque' Mr B. E\ ans, Tivy Side Inn, Llechrvd crvstal earrings, Miss D Kelly, 11, Market-street; money, Mrs Jones, Regent-street" sofa cushion, Miss Baynton, Cardiff; pin cushion, Miss Davies Llan- a> ron flowers, Mr and Airs Parkinson money, Mrs Jones Lower Regent-street; flowers, Miss Rowley, Aberystwyth tnonev Mr John Jenkins, Tabernacle-street; ornament, Miss H. M..Morg illS, Greenland-street; pair of vases, Mr Edwin Morris, painted plush mantle border, Mrs Johns, Merthyr; silver mounted glass dish, Mr A. O. Lloyd, Brecon hot water jug, Miss Ann Jones Cambrian House; set of trays, Mrs Lewis, Tabernicte-sti-uet painkd mirror, Miss Maggie Evans, Alban Square antimacassar, Mrs Davies. Tregaron; pair of brackets, Mrs Davies, 4, Alban-square case containing butter knife, pickle fork, and jam spoons Mrs D. R. Jones, Alma House salad bowl, Mr Wooicocks two plush antimacassars, Miss K. J. Jones, Lima House ornamental flower pots, Miss Jane Evans, Tabernacle-street pair of pictures, P. C. Evans, Belle Vue-terrace; pin cushion, Miss M. m! Williams, Belle \ue-terrace; monev, Mr D. Evans Red Lion silver tea service (5 o'clock), Mr R. S, Lloyd, Alban-square photo frame, Mrs M.Jones, Regent-street do., Mrs iNf. Jones, parade glass dish, Mr Garfield Evans, Milford House brooch of Aberystwyth crystals, Mr Hall, Aberystwyth money, Mr Francis Evans, Tabernacle-street; feather bed, Mrs Lloyd, Island House money-, Mr J. Rees, Market-street; (lam ask taole cloth, Mrs s. Griffiths, Tregaron, bracket, Miss Maggie Davies, Compton House; mirror and flower stand, Miss Martha E Lloyd Island House; rustic stand, Master John Lima Jones' Victoria-street; silver casket, Mr H. Howell, Treherbert;' 1 da.mask table cloth, Mrs Lloyd, Alban-square table cover, Mrs Lloyd, Star of Wales.


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