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LLANIDLOES NOTES. Seated in my comfortable nest one evening this week, I was congratulating my-elf upon the possession of two wings, strong and willing, which had placed me, as I thought, far above the reach of those worthless incubi of society, who infest the houses of honest labour in the hopes of thus sharing the reputationâwithout the trouble-of being useful members of the community. But I had little reason to take comfort, for j i?t then I heard, first nf all as a prelude, a very important "Ahem" then there was a stumble, a scramble, and a great muttering of broken sentences upon the belfry stairs. "Stork Stork I say Bless my soul, what a place to live in! I shall complain to his Editor Stork What horrible stairs Broken neck at least!! What a set of Churchwardens, to be sure. No lijrht, neither! Confound the whole lot! Stork I say- I Thus grumbling, panting, and fuming, the little author of all this commotion arrived at length in my sanctum, and, quite exhausted, sank down on the side of my warm couch. He was a man of about fifty winters-winters, I say, because by looking at him you could not believe that he had ever felt the relaxing and cheerful influences of a summer's sun, upon his frozen existence. His face was more like vinegar than even sour ale is, and his manner about as reassuring as the docility and cordiality of a hungry crocodile. His conversation reminded me of the dreadful God spoken of in Homer's Odyssey, who had a great eye in the centre of his forehead, only the difference was that in this case the great I vas in the centre of all he said. He had not spoken long before I found out that things were in a desperate state in our town, everybody doing the wrong thing in the right place; doing those things he said they ought not to do, and leaving undone his solemn behests. Had he tried to expostulate with them," I ventured to ask. He not likely, that was my work he would indicate where the dirty linen was! my business must be to wash it." The height of my tower- home from the ground is about sixty feet; it took this visitor three seconds to perform the descent. Some people passing the Churchyard about this time said they saw a comet shoot out of the tower-and fall. Men who shirk public duties often allege as their excuse home calls; they dilate upon the pressure of their busi- ness, or the ties of their family. Visit such homes, and probably you will find them absent, "just gone out" you are always told call at their shop or office, and if your entrance is sudden, probably you will find them very busy over yesterday's paper, or smoking "just a whiff to re- move a bad headache;" and as to the family ties-well the knot is decidedly a loose one, judging from the lack of sympathy, or love, which exist between them. Such men have not tested the difficulties of action, but content themselves with pronouncing judgment upon the deeds- of others, based upon their own warped conceptions of right and wrong. The intense cold of these last few weeks is having an extraordinary and highly inconvenient effect upon the postal arrangements in our town. A speedy and decided thaw (undiluted) is greatly to be hoped for, and confidently expected. Slides amuse children-and Doctors! But to steady- going pedestrians is it more than a joke to have ouir streets rendered impassable for the pleasure of the one, and the profit o: the other. This note, for the benefit of our police force their attention to it will be esteemed. It might interest the ratepayers to know the names of these Councillors who, having attained the height of their ambition in being selected upon some Committee, such as the Lighting, or Finance, are not satisfied witk that, but by keeping away have the additional pleasure of knowing that public affairs are at a standstill for want of their presence. If this occurs too often you know, we really must still more increase your dignity by printing your names in large type. As the result of the Eisteddfod, on New Year's Day, the funds of the Working Men's Institute will be aug- mented by about 1:30. The annual sale of old papers, periodicals, &c., was held in the reading-room on Tues- day. Biddings were brisk, and good prices realized. The Nineteenth Century was bought at Is. 9d. a copy, which is a high price for it second hand. Purely local, a sketch by our "Sprouting Bard"â Of your Committe I've had enough," He spoke in accents harsh and gruff; "I leave you all, you'll go to pot." The others trembled at their lot And now I've had my say I'll go." He's gone! and they !-are out of woe. # THE STORE The Old Church Tower, 22nd Jan., 1879.















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