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BUSINESS ADDRESSES. ABERYSTWYTH. E. JONES, (Late MORRIS JONES) COACHBUILDER Moor Street, Aberystwyth. CARRIAGES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION MADE TO ORDER Repairs executed by First-class Workmen. JOHN BAIvEli, Rhydypenau Farm, Bow Street. BY the "request of numerous friends has been in- duced to take a VALUER'S LICENCE, and he will be happy to attend to the commands of gentlemen leaving their farms or requiring a Valuer's services con- nected with land or stock. BINDING OF ALL KINDS CHEAPLY AND EXPEDITIOUSLY EXECUTEP. ORDERS RECEIVED BY J. GIBSON, 3, QUEEN'S-ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH MUSIC WAREHOUSE, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. PIANOFORTES AND HARMONIUMS FOR SALE OR HIRE. W. K. WHEATLEY & SONS HAVE-now on View (inspection invited) the Paris IjL Exhibition Model American Organ, by Mason and Hamlin, 13 stops, knee swells, .Price 34 guineas. Hillier's New Model American Organ, nine stops and knee swell 28guineas, The New Moiel Walnut and Gold Piano, seven octaves, ivory keys, truss legs, by Dodson, from Collard and Collard's. 35 guineas Walnut Cottage Piano, 7 octaves, by Dodson, from Collard and Collard s 22 guineas. A Stock of Pianos by Brinsmead, Kirkman, Metzler, and other makers, procured if not in stock, at London prices; Alexandre's Harmoniums, and Wheatley and Sons' Organ Harmoniums, from 5 guineas. For Price, Excellence of Manufacture and Quality of Tone Unequalled. KCSTRCMENTS MAT BE HAD ON THE HIRE AND PURCHASE SYSTEM OF MONTHLY PAYMENTS. A Large Stock of Ocarinas from Is. 9d.; Concertinas, 3s.; banjos, 5s.; violins, 4s. Gd.; cornets, 25s.; and_Musical Instrument Strings and Fittings of every description. New and Popular Music from 3d. a copy; also the popular Copyright Music. Orders for Pianoforte and Harmonium Tuning, within thirty miles of Aberystwyth, will receive the attention of W. R. WHEATLEY. Teacher and Tuner from Messrs. John Brinsmead and Sons, London. Testimonials for Tuning from Brinley Richards, Esq., and other eminent musicians. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS NO MORE BIRD BOYS REQUIRED THING'S PATENT CAR- iV BOLIC DRESSING, for SEED CORN, manufactured solely King, Ashley,Newmarket. This ir.viiiratiiin is suitable forall descrip- r~ tions of Corn, is perfectly harmless to the germination of the seed, easily applied, and prevents the attack of Game, R^oks, and Vermin. No other dressing is required for Wheat when this is used. One gallon will be quite sufficient to dress from 16 to 20 Bushels. Price 3s. 6d. per gallon, including the can. 6d. per Gallon allowed for empties. Testimonials from all parts on application. A;euts:- Ross, .T. Smith, Veterin- ary Surgeon; Ledbury, Bennett; Hereford, Chave; Kington, StSnway; Ross, Stafford; Llanelly, A. E. Pridham; Carmarthen, D.Jones and J. and W. Francis; Lampeter, Evans & Davies; Aberystwyth, Morgan and Thorpe; Cardigan, Lewis Evans Llanidloes, K. Hughes; Corwen, W. Williams Newtown, Morgan and Sons; Oswestry, Thomas and Co. DOLGELLEY. JAMES H MEE, FISHMONGER, GAME DEADER, FRUITERER, &c., &c. Bridge End House, Dolgelley. Constant Supplies* of various kinds of fresh Fish, Game, &c. according to Season. ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, And anything not on hand procured on the shortest notice. Ice always on hand, and supplied by the pound and Upicards. the Address:â Bridge End House, Dolgelley- RICHARD KtLlS, Unicorn Lane, Dolgelley, GENERAL BILL STICKER, POSTER MESSENGER, &c. Centracts may be made with Auctioneers and Publishers MR. CROSSLEY, Organist of the Parish. Church, Dolgelley, RECEIVES PUPILS. Organ, Pianoforte, Harmonium, Singing, and Harmony. Bank Buildings, Dolgelley. â When you ask for Reckitt's I Paris Blue ¡ i See that you get it, as bad qualities are often substituted. ASTHMAâCOUGH,âBRONCHITIS GIVES INSTANTANEOUS RELIEF in the worst cases of ASTHMA, COUGH, BRONCHITIS, and SHORTNESS OF BREATH, and may be used by the most delicate patients without the least inconvenience, as they contain no sub- stance capable of deranging the system. Price 2s. 6. per box, or seven boxes 15s., free by post on receipt of P.O.O. to WILCOX & Co., 336, OXFORD- STREET, LONDON, and through all Chemists. None genuine unless signed on the box E. W. WILCOX." DE'S PATENT AMERICAN EYE LIQUID has gained a world-wide reputation, and is acknowj ledged to be the most invaluable remedy ever introduced into England for dimness, aged, weak, watery, sore, blood- shot; kills specks; colds, inflamed, near sight, overworked, and every disease of the eye cured, no matter how long standingf Sold by all chemists, Is. lid. and 2s. 9d from EDE'S Eye Liquid Depot, Birmingham, lo and 35 stamps. See Testimonials and opinions of Press, irost Free. âââ=== A few cc/pies left. BYE-GONES for 1876-7, a complete series in one compact volume of 350 quarto pages, double^olumns, with title and index containingâin addition to several hundreds of Notes, Queries, and Replies, on matters in- teresting to North Wales and the Bordersâthe following special subjects :â # North Wales Exhibition at Wrexham in 1876. List ot all the articles of local antiquarian interest shown; with original descriptions by Bye-gones contributors. Old Salopian Diary of a Farm Bailiff, written in the year 1793-5. Seven Papers read at Llangollen in 1877, before the members of the British Archaeological Association, with account of the excursions.. Great Sale of Mytton MSS., with descriptions of the lots, names of purchasers, and amounts realized. The New Domesday Book. A list of^all the ^th_ owners in Shropshire, Montgomeryshire, n shire, Flintshire, Cardiganshire, and Carnarvonsn re, with amount of their property. TVilirellev Papers on Oøwestry, on receipt of 10s. 00. in postage stamps, or P.O. Order. I SHIPPING. tL L A N LINE SHORTEST OCEAN PASSA&B TO M E R I c A HALIFAX, CANADIAN, AND UNITED STATES MAIL. COMPOSED OF TWENTY FIRST-CLASS STEAMERS. Leaving LIVERPOOL every THURSDAY, and LON. DONDERRY every FRIDAY, for HALIFAX, QUE. BEC, PORTLAND, and BALTIMORE. Through Tickets to BOSTON, NEW YORK, PHILADEL- PHIA, and to all points in CANADA and the STATES. Low Fares and excellent Accommodation. Passengers who secure their Tickets before leaving home are met at the Railway Station by an appointed Agent of the Company, who takes charge of them until they go on board the Steamer. The Canadian Government grants ASSISTED PASSAGES by the ALLAN" LINE. fbif" Write for the Pamphlet "LORD DUFFERIN IN MANITOBA." Apply to ALLAN BROTHERS and Co., Liverpool or Londonderry, or to Or to the Agentsâ EVAN JONES, Builder, Bala. GRIFFITH EDWARDS, 2, Ael-y-Doc, Barmouth. LEWIS WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, &c., Dolgelley. "WHITE STAR" LINE ROYAL AND UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. NOTICE.âThe steamers of this line take the Lane Routes recommend- ed by Lieutenant Maury, on both the Outwaa-d and Home- ward passages. LIVERPOOL to NEW YORK Forwarding Passengers to all parts of the United State and Canada. These well known magnificent Steamers are appointed to sail weekly as under, carrying her Majesty's and the United States Mails From LIVERPOOL. GERMANIC Thursday, Jan. 30 ADRIATIC. Tuesdav. Feb. 4 CELTIC Thursday, Feb. 13 BRITANNIC Thursday, Feb. 20 REPUBLIC Tuesday, Feb. 25 From NEW YORK. ADRIATIC Thursday, Jan. 16 CELTIC Saturday, Jan. 23 These splendid Vessels reduce the passage to the shortest possible time, and afford to Passengers the highest degree of comfort hitherto attainable at sea. Average passage 8 days in Summer, 91 days in Winter, Each Vessel is constructed in seven water-tight compart- ments. The Saloon, Ladies' Boudoir, State Rooms, and Smok- ing Rooms are amidships, and are luxuriously furnished and fitted with all modern conveniences: pianos, libraries, electric bells, bath-rooms, barber's shop, &c. Saloon Passage, 15,18, and 21 guineas; Return Tickets at reduced rates. The Steerage accommodation is of the very highest charac- ter, the rooms are unusually spacious, well lighted, venttiated, and, warmed, and passengers of this class will find their corn- fort carefully studied, and the provisioning unsurpassed. Stewardesses in Steerage to attend the Women and Children. Drafts issued on New York free of charge. For Freight or Passage apply to J. D. HUGHES, 1, Railway Terrace, Aberystwyth. ISMAY, IMRIE AND Co., 10, W&ter-street, Liverpool, And 34, Leadenhall Street, LONDON, E.C BUSINESS ADDRESSES BARMOUTH. HUGH OWEN, GOMERIAN HOUSE, BARMOUTH, PHOTOGRAPHER. BEDFORD'S AND OTHER ARTISTS' VIEWS. WINDSOR AND NEWTON'S ARTISTS' MATERIALS AND COLOURS. STATIONERY. LADIES AND CHILDREN'S UNDERCLOTHING. DRAPERYâ A GOOD STOCK OF HATS, BONNETS, & MILLINERY Always on hand. A RIDE TO KHIVA. BT CAPTAIN FRED BURNABY, Royal Horse Guards. Page 13 says:â" Two pairs of boots lined with fur were also taken; and for physicâwith which it is as well to be supplied when travelling in out-of-the-way placesâsome quinine and Cockle's pills, the latter a most invaluable medicine, and one which I have used on the natives of Central Africa with the greatest possible success. In fact, the marvellous effects produced upon the mind and body of an Arab Sheik, who was impervious to all native medicines, when I administered to him five COCKLE'S PILLS will never fade from my memory; and a friend of mine, who passed through the same district many months after- wards, informed me that my fame as a medicine man' had not died out, but that the marvellous cure was even then a theme of conversation in the bazaar." SEE BURNABY'S RIDE TO KHIVA, page 13. A GOOD FAMILY MEDICINE CHEST, with a prudent use, has saved many a life and vet we think the idea may be improved upon, and reduced to a moxe simple form. Take some good compound, such as COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS and we find that the desired end may be obtained with- out scales and weights, or little mysterious compartments or enchanted bottles, with crystal stoppers. Others might be used, but COCKLE'S PILLS, as tested by many thousands of persons, and found to answer their purpose so well, may be set down as the best. âObserver. Cockle's Antibilious Pills, In use the last seventy-eight years for INDIGESTION. In boxes at Is. ljd., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and lis. Cockle's Antibilious Pills, In use the last seventy-eight years for BILIOUS AFFECTIONS. In boxes at Is. ld., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and lis. Cockle's Antibilious Pills, In use the last seventy-eight years for LIVER COMPLAINTS. In boxes at Is. Ii-d., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and Us. Cockle's Antibilious Pills, In use amongst all classes of society SEVENTY-EIGHT YEARS, May be had throughout the United Kingdom, In boxes at Is. 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and lis. 18, NEW ORMOND STREET, LONDON. W. rjpITTERTON, BILL POSTER, jPORTMADOC. JUST PUBLISHED. PORTRAITS OF THE LATE MYNYDDOG." CARTES-DE-VISITE 6d. and Is. each. CABINETS 2s. IMPERIALS 4s. If Free by post for one extra stamp. K.B.âTHE TRADE SUPPLIED. J. OWEN, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN. LITHOGRAPHY. ^SKEW ROBERTS,WOODALL, &VENABLES, LETTERPRESS, LITHOGRAPHIC, & COPPERPLATE PRINTERS BY STEAM POWER, CAXTON WORKS, OSWALD Are prepared to submit Estimates for every description of PRINTING, ENGRAVING, AND LITHOGRAPHIC WRITING. Invoice and Account Headings Trade Address Cards; Letter, Note, and Memorandum Headings, engraved OH Copper, or written by experienced Artists, and Printed and Ruled at the shortest notice, and upon the most reasonable terms. PLANS AND DRAWINGS OF EVERY DESCRIP- TION, PLAIN AND COLOURED. SHOW CARD DESIGNERS AND COLOUR PRINTERS. Bottle and Barrel Labels designed and printed in goM, silver, or one or more colours, and cut to any shape. ) SAMPLE3 AND PRICES POST FREE ON APPLICATION. JAMES PARRY, CO AC H BUILDER, 71, Foregate-street, CHESTER, INVITES an inspection of' HAS large Stock of New and Second-hand CARRIAGES. A ffreat number of useful vehicles, suited for Hotel or Posting business- Wheels, axles, and other Materials.