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HEREFORDSHIRE SOLDIERS IN THE IRISH WARS OF QUEEN ELIZABETH. The following curious certificate and receipt, relating to the Herefordshire contingent, provided in 1597 to the army of Elizabeth in Ireland, occurs among the muni- ments and papers of the Corporation of Chester, The Roger Bodenham named in the certificate is the same whose stately house at Rotherwas, formed the subject of a former contribution to Bye-gones, Apr. 17, 1878. Com Here Apud Ciuitatem Heref vicesimo sexto die Aprilis Anno R. R'ne Elizabeth nunc, &c., xxxix. Memorand' that wee Roger Bodenham and Thomas Harley, esquires, deputie Lievten'nts of the Countie of Heref. have the said daie and yere appointed this bearer Captaine ifrancis Crofte, esquier, to conducte the nomber of ffieftie sixe ffoote- men, mustered and leveied w'thin this Countie of Heref, by vertue of her ma'ts l'res from her highenes, and the 11 s of the Counsaile in that behalfe, vnto vs addresseil VV hose naraes are in the scedule indented annexed vnto the Cittie of Chester by the laste of this monethe there to be imbarked for her ma ts present service in Ireland, accordinge to direcc'on; as also have ap- poincted the said Captaine to receave the Coate and Conducte money there of such as are appoineted to satislie the same for this Countie, and to give an acquittance for paymente thereof. In witnes whereof, wee the said deputie Lieuten'ts have to this warrants putt our hands and seales, the daie andyere above wriHon ROGER BODENHAM. wntten- T.iO HAULKY. Received by me ffrauncis Crofts, esquier, conductor of tiftie sixe footemen Souldiers, Leuyed in the Countie of Hereford by sufficient Warrants vnder the handes and Seales of Roger Bodenham and Thomas Harley, esquiers, Deputie Leiuten nts of the same Countie of Hereford, bearing date the sixe and twentieth day of Aorill laste paste, of Thomas Smith, esquier, Maior of the Citie of Chester, As well the some of eleven poundes foure shillings of Lawfull money of England, for the Coate money of the said souldiers at iiijs. the Coate As alsoe the some of thirtene poundes, sixtene pence for one weekes wages for the Conducte of the said souldiers at viijd. p' diem to a man and alsoe the some of fourtie eight shillings for twelve dayes allowance vnto me the said Conducto'r at iiijd per diem ;-in all the some of twentie sixe pounds thirtene shillings foure pence of Lawfull money of England, Accordinge to the Dyrection of the Lo Highe Thr'er of England to the said Maior dyrected. Off w'ch said twentie sixe pounds thirtene shillings foure pence, and of eu'y parte and p'cell thereof, I Doe acquite and discharge the said Thomas Smith, Maior, his executo'rs and Administrate rs for eu' by these p'nts.' Dated the third day of May, Anno R R'ne Elizabeth &c., tricesimo nono. o-xxvjli xiijs iiijd. ffra Croft. Sealed and deliu'ed in the p'nee of these, John Aston, Will'm Knight. Under this same year, 1597, William Webb, one of the authors of the Vale Royal, lû5G, incidentally refers to this levy of troops for the Irish wars, in the following terms 1,000 Footmen and 280 horsemen came at several times, and were sent into Ireland." Of these 1,000 Footmen it has been shewn by the documents given above that 56 came from your neighbouring county 'jf Hereford. Chester. T. HUGHES.


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