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DOLGELLEY. BOARD OF GUARDIANS, SATURDAY, APRIL 20TH.â Present: Mr. Edward Griffith, in the chair, Mr. W. R. M. Wynne, Mr. Lewis Williams, Fronwnion, ex- officio, Messrs. T. H. Williams, Llwyn, H. Lloyd Williams, John Scott, John Jones, Talyllyn, E. D. Evans, John Evans, R. Williams, D. Williams, Owen Owen, Evan Jones, Peter Price, Win. Phillips, Robert Parry, John Jones, H. Davies, W. Williams, and Joseph Roberts, clerk. Statistics.-Out-relief for the past fortnight, Talyllyn district, per Mr. John Jones, 1;93 19s. 2d., to 402 paupers Barmouth district, per Mr. Morris Jones, £ 55 12s. 2d., to 252 paupers. Number in the house 27, corresponding period last year 24. Vagrants relieved during the past fortnight 29, last year 32. Vote of Thanks.â Mr. E. D. Evans said he understood that no vote of thanks was passed at the last meeting of the Board. He therefore before the business of the day commenced, begged to propose a vote of thanks to the chairman, Mr. John Vaughan, and the first and second vice-chairmen, Mr. Davicl Jones and Mr. Edward Griffith.âMr. Scott seconded, and it was agreed to unani- mously. Election of Chairman.âOn the motion of Mr. John Jones, Talyllyn, seconded by Mr. Daniel Williams, it was unani- mously agreed to re-appoint Mr. John Vaughan, chair- man of the Board for the ensuing year. Mr. Lewis Wil- liams proposed and Mr. E. D. Evans seconded Mr. Griffith as first vice-chairman, and Mr. Evan Jones pro- posed and Mr. Scott seconded Mr. Jones, Talyllyn, as second vice-chairman. The proposals were agreed to without contradiction. Committees.âThe following committees were appointed: Assessment: Messrs. W. R. M. Wynne, Lewis Williams, John Vaughan, and Charles Jones, ex-officio; Edward Griffith, Dolgelley, John Evans, Mallwyd and Llany- mawddwy; John Jones, Talyllyn and Llanfihangel; John Scott, Llangelynin; Robert Parry, Llanenddwyn and Llanddwywe R. Williams, Llanaber; John Jones, Llanelltyd, Llanddwywe-uwch-Graig, and Llanfaehreth W. Phillips, Llanegryn. During the appointment of the committee, Mr. Scott and Mr. W. R. M. Wynne were of opinion that the committee should be composed of differ- ent members than those of last year.âMr. E. D. Evans raised thequestionlas to whether Dolgelley should be repre- sented by two Guardians.âOn being put to the meeting, it was agreed that only one member should be appointed for Dolgelley. Towards the end of the appointments, Mr. Wynne proposed that the parish of Llanegryn should have the member which had been cut off from Dolgelley and Mr. E. D. Evans and Mr. John Evans proposed that the parish of Llanymawddwy should have him. The meeting decided in favour of Llanecryn. -Visiting Com- mittee The Dolgelley Guardians and Messrs. H. Davies, Peter Price and Owen Owen.âFinance Committee The Chairman and Vice-Chairmen, Messrs. Williams, Llwyn, Dr. Williams, Owen Owen, and Evan Jones.âSanitary and Education Committees The whole Board. Meetings of Committees.âOn the suggestion of the Clerk, it was agreed to hold meetings of the Sanitary and School Attendance alternately. A meeting of the School Attendance Committee was fixed for after the next meet- ing. The Clerlship.-The Clerk stated that he had received no communication from the Local Government Board re- lative to the clerkship. Mr. Vaughan, the chairman, had also written but had received no reply. DolgeUey Arrears.âMr. Thomas Parry, the collector for the parish of Dolgelley, presented a list of persons in arrear. Some of the arrears extended over a period of ten or twelve years. The total was about EIOO.-The Board were of opinion that the overseers should summon every person in arrear. Poor Laio Conference.âThe Clerk read a letter from Mr. Charles S. Main waring, hon. sec. of the annnal conference, stating that this year's meeting of Chairmen, Vice-Chair- men, and Guardians would be held at Rhyl on May 3rd, when the subjects of discussion will be County Boards," "Districts of Medical Officers of Health," and "The Working of the Education Act as it Affects Boards of Guardians."âIt was resolved to request the Chairman and Vice-Chairmen, Mr. W. R. M. Wynne and others to attend the conference.






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