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TOWYN. RENT AUDIT.âThe Ynysmaengwyn rent audit dinner I was held at the Market Hall, on Tuesday, July 3rd. The i dinner was prepared by Mr. Seaton, of the Corbet Arms < Hotel, and was presided over by Mr. Elliot, Mr. W. Wins. Parry occupying the vice-chair. Among those pre- i sent were the following:-The Rev. T. Lewis, vicar of j the parish, the Rev. Griffith Evans, Cynfal, Messrs. Wm. ( Parry, High-street, Ellis Edwards, Aberdovey, E. Newell, Esunan, William Rees, High-street, E. Pugh, ironmonger, Henry Jones, Vaenol, J. Jones, Postmaster, D. Lloyd, ] Hendy, D. Jones, Reform, D. Humphreys, coal merchant, < Owen Owens, Maengwyn-street, P. H. Hughes, Hugh F. ] Thomas, Talyllyn railway, B. Richards, Penbryn, sub- t agent, Robert Roberts, Perfeddnant, John Price, Dolgoch, f Silvanus Evans, Bryncastell, D. Davies, collector of taxes, 1 W. Davies, Fronswydd, Griffith Jones, Pall Mall, Rees ] Daniel, grocer, H. P. Jones, draper, W. Wms. Jones, ( Bran House, W. Jones, Seaden Hall, John I Jones, Maesyllefrith, Evan Humphreys, banker, < Thomas Williams, Morfa, Cadvan, Thomas eeaton, < Corbet Arms Hotel, John Jones, Of on, &c., &e. The cloth having been removed, and the usual loyal toasts loyally disposed of, the Rev. T.'Lewis, vicar, proposed the < health of Mr. A. T. S. Corbet. The toast was very 1 warmly received.âMr. Elliot responded, and said that if i the sale of the estate had been completed, they would not have met there that day, as Mr. Corbet's guests and tenants, and probably they never would meet as such again. But he felt constrained to say, that Mr. Corbet 1 still regarded Towyn as he regarded no other place, and ] felt the greatest interest in its progress and welfare, and < the warm and cordial manner in which the people of ] Towyn had treated him, and all other visitors coming < among them, could not fail to create a feeling of affection 1 for the place. He hoped that the tenantry would transfer 1 their attachment to the new lord when he came amongst i them. Mr. Elliot concluded by proposing the health of i the Tenantry, coupling therewith the name of Mr. ( Roberts, who responded in a very humourous speech.âMr. ( Parry proposed the health of Mr. Elliot, which was drunk with enthusiasm. Mr. Parry remarked 1 that he had been connected with the estate 1 for a long time, and that he would have i felt its disintegration much more keenly, if it had not been attended by such an amount of enterprise. Mr. 1 Elliot, immediately on his coming among them, set to 1 work in earnest like one who knew what he was about, 1 and the result is that a town was fast springing up to the i west of Towyn. A Building Society had been formed, and ] had proved a success. A new bank had been established 1 and the pier commenced, which he thought very good ] work in less than two years from his advent. Mr. Elliot 1 made a very suitable response, and proposed the "Town < and trade of Towyn," coupling with it the name of W. ] WUlS. Jones, Bran House, who said that Towyn could 1 already boast of a trade quite superior to any of the sur- I rounding towns. But that there was room for improve- < ment especially in the market accommodation, which want,' he thought, ought to be rectified by forming a com- pany) Mr. Elliot proposed the health of the vice-chair- man Mr. Wm. Wms. Parry, jun., who, in a neat speech, said that he felt pleasure in doing all in his power to fur- < ther the efforts of those who were endeavouring to advance the interest of Towyn.âMr. E. Newell proposed the health of the Rev. T. Lewis, who, though he differed 1 from him in religious matters, he always found a good friend, courteous in his manners, and ever ready to help everything that was good. ] He (Mr. Newell) was prepared to help him with his mite, and hoped that all the people in that neighbourhood j would show that they were capable of appreciating merit by coming forward like one man to further Mr. Elliot's schemes whenever called upon to do so.âThe Vicar re- sponded, and proposed "Our Visitors," to which Mr. H. P. Jones made a suitable reply.âMr. William Rees pro- posed the health of Mr. B. Richards, the under agent, and Mr. Richards briefly responded.âMr. Jones, London House, proposed the health of Messrs. Jones and Hum- phreys, the Pier contractors, and said that they had already, by their enterprising spirit, done Towyn much good.â Mr. Henry Jones, in acknowledging the toast, said they were engaged in one common cause, the advancement of Towyn. Every one appeared to work with a will and new energy since Mr. Elliot's advent among them. In fact, his spirit is upon us, and his own efforts would, there was no doubt in his mind, make Towyn what it ought to be- the most agreeable watering-place on the Welsh Coast.â The Chairman having proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Seaton, and Mr. Seaton having responded, the proceedings terminated.âAs a rule, the Welsh people are anxious to get away soon after a feast is over, but this time there was no hurry, all appearing conscious that it was the last time they would be gathered round Mr. Corbett's festive board, and they felt loath to leave it.