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THE West Coast of Wales DIRECTORY.

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THE West Coast of Wales DIRECTORY. CFJ T SIGNIFIES that thnr" IT" APARTMENTS to let. (b) Willing to let the whole house furnished. ABERYSTWYTH. Marine Terrace. No. t3.-fr:5. R. DELAHOYDE, Dresden House (a)- No. IO.-NlrS. -TONE., (a)- Dr Burd and family, Newport House, Shrewsbury; Miss Lvcott, London; Mr. Allday and family, Birmingham Air. and Mrs. Brown and laiiuiy, Wolverhampton Miss C. Baldwin, Wolverhampton; Rev. Mr. Bradford and family, Shrewsbury. No. 12.âMrs. T. H. LLOYDâ Mr and Mrs. Hands, Rugby Miss Buckley, Barton, Rear Winchester; Miss Hall, Barton, near Manchester; Mr., Mrs., and Miss Marshall, Ashton-under-Lyne; Miss Brooks, Hyde. No. 16.âMrs. E. J. JONES (a)- .Mrs. and .Master Berger, St. James's Vicarage, Bolton; the Misses Knowles. No. 25.âMrs. M. XELSOX (a)- Miss Evans and Miss Perry, Shrewsbury; Mr., Mrs., and Miss Smith, Stafford. No. 30.âMrs. JUNES, Claremont House (a)- Miss Weston, and Mrs. Weston, and family, Northwich, Cheshire; Mr. and Mrs. John Studwick and family, < Alexandra hedge, Stroud, Gloucestershire. No. 52.âMr. D. R. JONES (a) (b)~ No. CO.âMrs. GREEN (it) (I))- No. 61, Miss DAVIES (a) ('<)â Queen's Road. No. 4.âMr. THOMAS ABBOTT, Crystal Palace Hotel (a)- No. 5.âMrs. WILLIAM WILLIAMS (a)- No. Jo-ES, Glanayron House (a)- Mrs. EDWARDS, Wesley House Ca)â Jumoo George Roberts, Esq.. solicitor. Pier Street, 0. 3.âMr. E. P. WYNNI:, Family and Dispensing Chemist- No. 32.âMr. C. M. WILLIAMS, General Drapery and Millinery Establishmentâ Mrs. SMITH, Pier House, Pier-street (a)- lrs. JONES, Victoria Hotel. Baker-street (a)- Mr. and Miss Barnes, Neath; J. R. Pryse and family, Park Drain, near Llanidloes. Portland Street. No. 13.Ir, EVANS (A) I)â No. 23A.âMrs. A. EVANS, (a)- Mr. Evei-all and family, and Miss Jones, Shrewsoury and Mr, J. R. Morgan, Llaneiiy. New Street. No. 11.âMrs. COLLINS (a)- Mr. F. W. CULLIFOBD, Welch Harp, Terrace Road (a)- Monsr. Jules Merchier. Miss TEUBSHAW, Caerleon House, Victoria terrace- Ladies School. Mrs. JONES, 14, North-parade (a)- Mrs. JONES, Victoria Hotel, Baker-street (a)- Mr. W. Minors, Fisherwiek, Lichfield, Staffordshire; Mr. Jones, Bristol. QUEEN'S HI/EL (Mr. W. H. PALMER, proprietor) (a b)â Mr. and Mrs. Turner, Boughton, Northampton; 1. W. Tricket Esq., Broncliffe, Sheffield; Th. de Richler, Esq., Russia; Mis. Bullock, Hereford; Professor and Mrs. Palmer, Cambridge Mr. Baldiston and party; Mrs. Blackett Ord and party, Wilittleld Hall, Northumberland; v, VV. Keen, Estl., Nice. ABERDOVEY. Glandovey Terrace. No. 1.âMrs. BELL- Nu. 2.âMrs. EVA5S- C. F. Thruston, E-q., Mrs. Tliruston, and Miss Thruston, Talgarth Hall No. 4.âMrs. BLACKâ Mrs. John J.eech, Miss Eiile Leech, Master Leeoh, Marple, Cheshire Miss Suckling. Mrs. JONES, PI AS Dovey- Mrs. JOHN OWENS, Brooklyn House- Mrs. LEWIS, Glanvor House- Mrs., Master, MissM. J., and MissM. H. Whitfield, Aber- tanat, Llanyblodwel; Miss Roberts, Llanymynech. Mr. EDWALID JONES, Linen Draper and Grocer, Cambrian House. Mr. RICHARD DAVIES, Draper and Grocer, Manchester House. Mr. EDWARDS, Pier House Ch). BARMOUTH. Porkington Terrace. Mrs., Miss, and Miss M. F. Maiden, Bridgewater lUa Stockport; Mrs. G. W. Simpole, C'heetham-hill; Mi. and Mrs. Henry H. West and family, Stoneycroft, Liverpool. No. 3.âMrs. JANE ,Tn:'óE:; (a) (iJ)- Mrs. and Miss Isabel Laycock, Keighley Mr. and Mrs. Durcan G. Law, London Mr. and Mrs. James Pickup, Seaforth Misses Paget, Chester. .,No. W. WILLIAMS i'll) Mr Mrs., and Miss Howitt, Rathgar; Dr. and Mrs. Raw- don and family, 42, Rodney-street, Liverpool. No. 6.âMrs. RICHARDS â Mrs., Master, Miss, and Master W. P. Dennis, and servant, Ruabon Mfs. W. H. (Uenrae, Edgbaston Mrs. Cox, Kibwoith, Leicester; Aiiss Coleuian, East Langton; Wm. Thomas, Ashover, Derbys. No. 10. (Brugyntyu House).-Capt. EDWARD GRIFFITHSâ Mr. and Mrs. Dutton, Broughton Miss Dutton, St. George's; -Mr. Lloyd and family, Newtown. Aelydon, Nos. 1 and 2.âMrs. EDWARDSâ Mr. Cookes, Leamington Misses Cookes, Leamington Miss Tyler, Birmingham; Mr. Hartshorne, Birmingham; Miss and Miss M. E. Robinson and maid, Liverpool. No. 3.âMr. Jos. WM. COTTON, F.G.S.â Mrs and Miss Barlow, Stockport; Mr, and Mrs. Siddalls, Chester Mrs. and Miss Lenton, Coventry. 4 2VLRS. GRIFFITH (a)- Mr and Mrs Cooper and family, of Liverpool; Mr. and Mrs. Llovd and family, Birkenhead. Glanwerydd Terrace, i LLOYD a J â 1, g""7:n. i:n¡l: nurso, Litnerland, Liverpool; D. iiowden liowden ML' /Urs-> aud. Miss Williams, Wolverhampton Mrs. Gorton, iamily, and nurse, Wolver- hampton. anil family, Haden Cross Old Hi" Mâ¢. Thoi n- iu-s, Nuneaton; Rev. O. R. Cbell, Kneesall Vicarage, Newark. Mrs. KYNOJH. Gonierian House, High Street (a)~~ \i,-s J Mr. W., Mias Jeannie, and Master leddie Ctowaul Market Harborough; Miss A., Miss Kâ Mr. A., and Mister E. A. Buswell, Market Harborough, Mt. awl Mrs. Samuel Gill, and Master Sam Ernest Gill, Knidtoril, Yorkshire; Mr. and Mrs. Margetts. ln. MuRKis, Giangiasfor Houseâ Mr M l Newbolt, Leamington; Miss Burton, Miss Evans and Mr. Evans, Denbigh; Mr. and Mrs. Parr, MANCHESTER. Mrs. SMITH. 1, Mount Pleasant (a)â "\N <C TK-n\vr rH 1. i>rvnh.yfryd X Hon. Sir. O < Hivy, AND the HOIJ. Mrs. O'Glivy, near LONDON. AFr Fvo'< i >'iav Cottage, Church Street (a)â Mrs! George and Miss AhbotD, Leicester. Mrs. TIMOTHY, Panteinion h. So.-rr, Arthog Hallâ Mrs. JOHN EVANS, Glanymor House-â K k, «i -iri'-S li'I< iihouse, MaryBacKhou.se, M. L. Backhouse J li.ekiioase, and W. E. Backhouse; Jemima S^NCE and Charlotte Spoils WilUam Robinson. Glasfar Terrace. \n 1 âMl'S. ? £ T £ ESâ Kev <i. A. and Mrs. Jones, Wiltshire Rev. â and Mrs Cleaver, and family, Walsall, Staffordshire; Mr. Cooke. BORTH. Cambrian Terrace. No. 1.âMrs. PRITCHARDâ The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Joyce, Bath. No. 3.-ELLENOR WATKINS (a)- Rev. D. Evans and Master Evans, Whitchurch, near Cardiff Mrs. and Miss James, Mrs. E. R. James, and the Misses M. E. and S. A. James; Montgomery. No. 4.âMr. WILLIAM ROBERTS ((1)- No. 12.âMrs. JAXE EDWARDS (a)- No. 14 (Uppingham House).âMrs. MCCLELLAN (a)- Picton Terrace, No. 2.-Ali-s. MARY JONES (a)- Prince Street. No. JO-,ES- Mrs Thomas, family, and nurse, Oswestry Mrs. MARGARET JENKINS, (Osprey House)- Mr. CHARLES MYTTON, Cambrian Hotel- JANE JAMES, Ocean View (a)- Mr. THOMAS GOL GH THOMAS, NO. 1, Libanus-terrace (a)- Mrs. Gwen Williams, Rhiwfelan, Llangadfan; Mr. Wm Roberts, Grithionog, Mallwyd. Mrs. JONES, Picton House- Mrs. Evans and family, Salop School, Oswestry Mrs. Thos. Roberts and son, Bethesda. ELIZABETH REES, Gloucester House- Mr. Gilbert Theldon, and Mrs. Henderson, Handsworth, Birmingham. CAPT. HCGH REES, Beach Grove- Mr. and Mrs. Williams and family, Vine Cottage, Salop-road, Oswestry. MARGARET DAVIES, Liana House (a)- R. P. ROBERTS, Garibaldi House (1))- Mrs. JONES, Sea View (a)- A. L. LEWIS, Post-office, London House (a)- CRICCIETH. Ormsby Terrace, No. 2.âMrs. WILLIAM JONES (A)â No. 3.-Mrs. R. P. THOMAS (a)- No. 4.-Mrs. R. ROBERTS (a)- Mr. R. C. Jones and Rice Roberts, Uanberis; Miss Hughes, Anglesea. Salem Terrace. No. 5.-NTxs. PARRY (a)- No. 7.-Mrs. OWEN (a)- No. 8.-Mrs. Capt. OWEN (a)- Cambrian Terrace. No. 1.âMrs. WM. ROBERTS (a)- No. 3.-Mrs. OWEN (a) (b)- Corporation Terrace. No. 5.âMrs. EDWARDS (a)- Mr. R. R. Williams, Llanberis Mrs. Jones, Compton House, Ffestiniog. Parkia Place. No. I.-R. W. JONES- Mr. E. Mitchell, and family, New York. No. 2.-Misses FEARN-(a) Mr. Hibbert and Mrs. Hibbert, New Mills, Derbyshire; Mrs. Hiller and family, Liverpool; Miss T. L. Hayward, Liverpool; Miss Eastley, Liverpool. Mrs. Captain JONES, Arvor Villa (a b)- Mr. Edward Parry, B.A., and Mr. G. A. Pemberton, Edgbaston, Birmingham; Mrs. George, Mr. Isse Jones, LiverpooL Mrs. JOHN ROWLANDS, Taleivion House (a)- Mrs. Casson and family, Blaen-y-ddol, Festiniog. Mrs. WM. GRIFFITH, Fair View (a b)- Mr. and Mrs. Nield, family and maid, Dingle Bink, and Master Gore, Altrinchain. Mrs. EVANS, Castle View (a)- Mrs. JONES, Tynewydd (a)- Mrs. PRITCHARD, Causeway View (a)- Mrs. EVANS, Tynewyddâ Mr. H. W. Collins and family, Rainhill, Prescot. Mrs. WILLIAMS, Manchester House (a)- Rev. C. Gary, family, and maid, Warrington. Mrs. JONES, Plasgwilym (a)- Mrs. ELLIS, Cambrian House (a)- Miss Martley and Miss Hopkins, Dublin. Mrs. PRICE, Cardigan House (a lJ)- DOLYDDELEN. THOMAS T. WILLIAMS, Benaf View (a)- GRIFFITH ROBERTS, Elen Castle ((t)- J. F. BROWN, Fairy Glen, Bettws-y-Coed- Rev. G. Soper and family, Grove, Hoylake, Cheshire; Rev. J. P. Maud and family, Ancaster Vicarage, Lincolnshire Mr. and Mrs. Pollock and family, Birkenhead. JOHN JONES, Pont-y-Pant Hotel, near Bettws-y-Coed- A. G. Mcfntyre, Esq., Sandhurst, Australia (Trinity Hall, Cambridge) Murray Wilson, Esq., Preston C. Roylance, Esq., Bramhall; W. Dodwell, Esq., London; D. Bates, Esq., E. Stephan, Esq., and G. Bradley, Esq., Worcester. DOLGELLEY. Mrs. PUGH, Corner Shop, Queen.s-s(luare- R E. Vickers, C. Vickers, L. Cheers, F. Cheers, F. C. Tager. Mrs. DAVIES, Eldon House (a)- Mrs. Beale, Cork; Miss Price, Mountonellick. Mrs. H. PL'GH, Vale View, Springfield-street (a)- Mrs. C. LLOYD, Springneld-street- Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Allwork; Mr. J. Charles Hughes. Mrs. THOMAS, Springfield-street- Mr., Mrs., allli Miss Gransmore, Shrewsbury. Mr. MEE, Bridge End House- M rs. Edwards Miss Cox. Mrs. H. PUGH, Meirion House, Springfield-streetâ Mr. JAMES B. MEE, Bridge End House- Mrs. JONES, Springfield Villa- Mrs. ELLIS, No. 1, Frondirion Terrace. The Rev. Mr. Abbott and party, and the Rev. Mr. Smith and party. HARLECH. Mrs. BARROW, Bronwen Terrace- PWLLHELI. Mrs. WALKE It. Westfield (a)- TOWYN. Pier Villa. No. 1.âMr. EVAN HUMPHREYS (a) (b)- Rev. Barton, Mrs. Barton, and children, Shrewsbury. No. 2.âMiss JONES (b)- Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert and Miss Smitheles, Rivington, Lanca- shire Mr., Mrs., Miss, and Master Frank Bradbury, Bir- mingham Mrs., Miss, and Mr. A. Griee, Birmingham. No. 3.-Mrs. HAMMANS (a)- No. 4.âMr. OWE", (a)- Plas Edwards, No. 1.âMrs. RICHARDS (a)- No. 2.âMr. WILLIAMS (a)- Two families. High Street, No. 2.-Mrs. JOIES, Railway Terrace (a)- No. 4.âMrs. THOMAS WILLIAMSâ Mr. and Mrs. Rees, Sirliowy, Tredegar. Mrs. STEPHENS, Belmont House (a) (b)- Warwick Place, No. 2.-Nlrs. JOIES- Mrs. Cleaver and Miss Barratt, Birmingham; Mrs. Cook and family, Shrewsbury Mr. Jones, Shrewsbury; Mrs. Ellis, Bala Miss Davis, Mr. Barclay, and Mr. Evans, Welshpool. Mrs. JAMESâ E. Davies, Esq., Kerry; Wm. Bebb, Berriew; the Misses Langford and the Misses Higgins, Berriew; Mr. Lloyd I and family, Rallt Mrs. Kirklan, Shrewsbury; Mrs. Goulston, Bridgnorth; Mrs. Evans, Mrs. and Miss Davies, Halfway House. Mr. THOMAS SEATON, Corbet Arms Hotel (a)- Miss Dodwell, .Shrewsbury J. B. Williames, Esq Pennant .Uontgomeryshlre; illIams, Jsq., LIverpool; J. Hughes, Esq., Manchester C. Powell, Esq., P. Rogers, Esq. anù Mrs. Jones and family, Newtown Mr. F..Swift and son Liverpool; Mr. T. H. Lloyd, Manchester; J. R. Wilson: Esq., Wolverhampton; Mr. lL McRegor, Berlin; Mr. Leon McNown, Newry; J. N. Davies, Esq., and Son, Cheshire. Mr. WATKIN, Penllyn Farni- Mrs. Orrell, Miss Edwards, Mrs. Wall, and Mr. Grannell, Liverpool; Messrs. W. J. and J. G. Arnot, Birmingham; Mr. A. Watkin, Wolston, Bishop's Castle; Nlr. T. C. Jones, Lliiif-tir. Mr. EVAN NEWELL, Escuan Hall (a)- Mr. and Mrs. Townley, Miss Edith l'ownley, Master Fred. Townley,Iliss Berthu Townley, and servant, Elm .Mount, Penkett Road, Liscard, Cheshire. Mr. E. M. JONES, Bronprys (a) (b)- Mrs. JONES, Bryngoleu (a)- Mrs. J. D. JOXES, Cantrev House (a)- Mrs. WILLIAMS, Cambrian Place (a) Mrs. ANNB JONES, Glanymor Farm (a)- Mr. JOHN WYNNE, Brynymor (a)- G. J. Shakerley, Esq. Mrs. DREW, Morfa House (a)- Mr. Lloyd.

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