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BALA. TREAT FOR SERVANTS.âOn Monday, the 28th ult., Mr Price gave a party at Rhiwlas to the house servants, and last Monday the servants were permitted to invite a party of their friends to a splendid repast. DISTRIBUTION OF FLANNEL.âOn Friday, the 30th ult., Mrs Price, of Rhiwlas, liberally distributed three yards of flannel each among 160 worthy recipients, making a total of 480 yards, suitable for warm clothing. SEASONABLE BENEVOLENCE.âWith her usual munifi- cence and kindness at this time of the year, Mrs Price, of Rhiwlas. presented fifty of the most aged poor in this vicinity with ready-made warm clothing for winter wear. The twenty-five old womens' allotted portion included cloaks made of warm cloth, woollen shawls, shifts, linsey petticoats, aprons, &c.; and the twenty-five old men were treated to warm winter coats, Guernsey shirts anl drawers, woollen scarfs, &c. The fifty recipients were invited to a tea party at Rhiwlas mansion, where they enjoyed a most excellent repast. The room was tastefully laid out and decorated, and Mrs Price superintended, and was most devoted in serving and in every way mak- ing the company happy. BIRTHDAY PRESENT TO THE HEIR OF RHIWLAS. On Saturday, the 31st of December, a committee of the subscribers was convened at the Town Hall, Bala, to appoint a deputation for the purpose of making the pre- sentation. Upon the motion of Mr Ellis, seconded by Mr T. Jones, it was resolved that the deputation should consist of those gentlemen who had been active in collect- ing the funds. In the evening of the same day these gentlemen pro- ceeded to Rhiwlas. Among those present were the following :âMessrs F. Parmeter, Brynyraber, W. Owen, N. and P. Bank (the treasurer), E. Jones, builder (hon. sec.), R. M. Roberts, Henblas Place, W. Owen, White Lion Royal Hotel, T. Seaton, Tynypren, E. Lloyd, Bull's Head Hotel, E. Davies, Brynbanon, Edward Vaughan, Tytanygraig, Jacob Jones, Bala, W. Roberts, Fedwrrian, E. Owen, Goat Inn, R. Roberts, Llechweddhen, H. Davies, Garnedd, R. Roberts, Coedyvoel-ucha, J. Jones, bailiff, W. Evans, Penmaen, and J. Edwards, Hafod- y-resgob-isa. The presentation took place in the dining room. which was beautifully decorated with evergreens S. On entering the room Mr and M:S Price, accompanied tr« °i-> an £ l the young heir on the arms of (jrimsha'«;? tlle nur.Se, were cordially and heartily received.. 1 here were also present Mrs Thomson, house- r, Mrs Clapham, lady's maid, and Mr Jackson, butler. Mr F. PARMETER introduced the deputation, and saidâ On behalf of the tenants of the Rhiwlas estate and many others of the well-wishers of the heir of Rhiwlas, and Mr and Mrs Price, in Bala and the neighbourhood, we are met here to-day on the most interesting occasion. Tt is to deliver to the young heir of Rhiwlas his birthday present. (Cheers.) I have the greatest pleasure in presenting this token, on behalf of the subscribers, of their esteem and highest regards not so much for its intrinsic value as the deep and genuine feeling and good wishes which prompted the contributors, who are very numerous. The interesting event of the 10th of June last has given us an opportunity on this occasion to appear before the young esquire and Mr and Mrs Price with this small tribute, as an indication of a profound admiration and respect to the family of Rhiwlas. (Cheers.) Personally I was of opinion that the presentation should be made by one of the oldest tenants, but the committee deemed otherwise, and I can assure you I feel proud of the honour thus entrusted to me. Among so many subscribers different views prevailed as to the form the presentation should take but I hope that we have fallen upon that which will be acceptable and meet with the approbation of Mr and Mrs Price, which was our earnest desire. (Cheers.) Some of the subscribers were inclined to make a present to the heir direct, but I think we have been fortunate enough to select articles which will be suitable and useful both for parents and childâthe silver service of knives, forks, spoons, &c. This being the last evening of the old year, 1870. we wish to associate it with this presentation and I am sure you will all heartily unite with me in wishing lr, Mrs, and Master Price a very happy new year, and many returns thereof. (Cheers.) And I hope that the young gentleman may enjoy a long life to follow in the example and foot- steps of his parents. (Cheers.) Now I have the greatest pleasure in presenting Master R. K. Price with this ser- vice of plate as a mark of the best wishes and congratula- tions of the subscribers, to himself and his parents. (Cheers.) The birthday present consisted of a splendid silver dessert service, with mother of pearl handles, the crest and monogram of the young heir being engraved upon the handles. These were supplied by an eminent London firm, and were packed up in a neat oak chest having an engraved plate, bearing the following inscription:- Presented to R. K. Price, Esq., by the Tenants and other well-wishers, at his birth, as a token of great respect to his esteemed parents. Mr PRICE said-As my son is unable to thank you him- self or fully to appreciate what is now going on, I must do so on his behalf, and commence by saying that your ex- treme kindness has taken us by surprise. I never expected such a mark of approbation of our conduct among you. Mrs Price and myself are animated with the greatest feeling of gratitude and thankfulness. And though Mr Parmeter in the very kind manner by which he expressed your goodness and those of the subscribers, referred to the munificent gift in qualified terms we shall always consider it as one of our greatest treasures, and preserve it as a lasting memento of your goodness, and especially do we appreciate the kind feeling of our tenants and the numer- ous friends around us. And I trust that one day my son will be able to thank you in the Welsh languageâ(cheers) âand to wish you all iechyd da" (good health) in the proper fashion. (Cheers.) I can assure you I look with extreme pleasure and the utmost approbation upon this beautiful present, and you could not have fixed upon any- thing ,vhich would have been more acceptable, though I must say we feel that we have done very little to merit so much kindness. I hope we shall be spared to do some good in the locality, and that we shall bring up our child to be a blessing to the neighbourhood. (Cheers.) On behalf of my son, R. K. Price, Mrs Price, and myself, I beg to return you our most sincere and grateful thanks. The deputation having drunk the health of the heir and Mr and Mrs Price, and partaken of refreshments, then withdrew.

















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