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Me-. it res has capitulated to the Germans. The Echo understands that the chief inspector of fac- tories ha* made a report containing a reference to viola- tions oi tvie^Factory Act in the Government establishments at Woolwicn. The baroue volima, Matthews, was driven ashore in Dundrum Bay in a strong easterly gale 011 Sunday, and is likely to be a wreck. A telegram states she is breaking up. She has a valuable general cargo, despatched on the 29th of December by Messrs Ismay, Imrie, and Co. The Colima is a barque of 227 tons, built at Workington in 1859, and is owned by Messrs Fell and Co., of Work- A section of electors at Greenwich is circulating am0n,Tst the constituency a memorial couched in some- what extravagant language, calling upon Mr Gladstone to resign his seat for that borough. 'oe right hon. gentle- Win's policy, both domestic and fora?1"' 1S pronounced uv satisfactory, and he is reminded that si,ee hig re. tuir- in December, 1S(J8, he h&s neither united Greenwich, nor it-tended to its interests. woman named Edith Lace, who lived alone at Lean, in "Stafi u'dshire, having failed to open her house at the n- il the neighbours broke 111 and found that she l ad been literally burnt in two. From the knees to above the waint was reduced to ashes. The feet and a portion of the leva vere uninjured, and comparatively so was the S-fc of the body to near the elbows It is supposed tlatsl/hx! :/eon smoking till she fell asleep as her pipe wS fouW in' i'h" fender, and then to have fallen into the fire. V





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