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ABERYSTWYTH. WATCHSKIHT.âOn Saturday night a watchnight was held at the English Wesleyan Chapel in this town, when a large number of people assembled, notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather. Prayers were offered by the Rev. David Thomas, minister, who alsc preached au ex- cellent sermon.. Narrow ESCAPE.âOn Saturday morning last Evan Rees and the mate of the Honora were leaving that vessel in a small boat during a heavy sea, and the boat was capsized. Several persons hurried to give assistance, and both men managed to reach the shore. The Honora had been stranded, but has since been got off without sustain- lllg much injury. DISSOLVING VIEWS. â On Tuesday evening, at the Tem- perance Hall, Mr TolinEllis3, our talented townsman, gave a treat to the children, who assembled in large numbers to see the pictures exhibited. The Rev. J. Williams, in his Usual humorous manner, explained the views. The pro- ceedings throughout were very satisfactory. IHE SEVERE WEATHER AND THE WORKING People. vnvrng to the very severe frost which has prevailed during the past three weeks, a great number of working men are kept out of work. Nearly all the mines in Cardiganshire, where thousands of people are usually employed, are at a standstill. Many masons and plasterers are preventefl from working at Aberystwyth, and a continuance of hard "weather will tell very hardly not only oil working people, but on shopkeepers. WINE Tn THE Peen. vV e understand that Messrs R. Watson and Co., of London, wine merchants, vho have lately taken to the business earned on l this town by the late Mr Joseph Downie, have kindly ordered Mr Richard Hughes, the managerof their Wine stores, to distribute amongst the deserving poor of Aberystwyth and neighbourhood a number of bottles of L por'- "ine. YFF, MEETINGS.âIn pursuance of a recommendation a by the Evangelical Alliance, the various denomina- tv. in this town have held prayer meetings in their re- spective places of worship every evening dttfcng the week. Vn former occasions the dissenting denominations used to nx upon one day on which they all joined to have meet- ings helu during the day. Owing to some reasons they have not so joined this year. A IjElT. RE.âOn Tuesd ay evening, a lecture was de- lIvered at the Enqlish Wesleyan Chapel in this town, by the Pev. David Thomas, minister, on "Japan, and the Japanese," There was a very good attendance considering the severity of the weather. The reverend gentleman treated his subject with considerable skill and eloquence, and the company were excc-edi-ngly pi-sased. The proceeds are to be applied towards liquidating the debt existing UpD the new English Wvjfileyan Chapel. Ti:E SNOW.âOn Monday there was a heavy fall of snow here, several inches in thickness, and between seven and (iht o'clock at night a number of the town folks â¢gathered together on the Marina-terrace, and had an ex- citing game of snow-balling. A regular pitched battle ^sued; the young sailors t«6k up their position as the â t rench, and the drapers and grocers' assistants and others as tiie Prussians. After f. severe struggle, which re gle. whi li r UlttKi m the breaking or peveral windows, and sundry' ard knocks to the combai'nnts, the French were routed, j. they were, as usual, out-numbered, and they fled ho if,11 irections, to the amusement of the supposed Prussians. MEETrs«, Tuesday. â Present: Mr nai les Hackney, in the chair Messrs .John Jones, (?feat ~ar,vgate-street ? Peter Jones, and Thomas Bubb. Owing tiie day being observed in the town as a holiday, all the snops and public offices were chased, which accounts for the Unite: 1 attendance. The oni v business transacted was the Passing of several bills due from the Commissioners Curing P fortnight. After the lulls bad been examined and ertified the treasurer was ordered to pay the same, amounting to £ 311-fe. Cd. A conversation took place con- eruiny the financial state of the Hoard, and the amount of ^ages paid to the Town Surveyor, as well as to those Deploy"d )jy him. It was thought that the expenditure as rather heavy, ar-d it would be desirable to take some sf-M in tue matter. HOSPITALITY.âIt appears that on Friday before Christ- mas the large number of workmen employed at the new mansion no in course of erection for Mr Lewis Pugh â ru"h, at Abermade, formed themselves into a grand choir at che building, and sang some beautiful carols with much skill and effect, in the evenin of the same day they were all entertained 'fey'Mr Pugh with his usual liberality at a splendid Envpper, at which several songs were very ably sung-, and pome patriotic w-re given and-responded to. is gratifying to learn that Mrs Lewis Pugh has puiehased a large number of inteiesting and useful books to distribute among the workmen engaged at the mansion, so as to render them able to amuse themselves while spending their Isng winder evenings at their lodgings.â he other day Mr He?irv H. Taylor gave a dinner to -'out fifty workmen (win. aiv engaged in creeling the new lancet by the Prince Albert 1 nn, and some cf whom were then in improving the house taken by Mr Taylor i fi 1 -harme-terrace) at thp Talbot Hotel. After the ? "ad'been removed, the health of the giver was drunk T T ^Ieat enthusiasm, and speeches were delivered by Mr ⢠Griffiths. Mr 11. William*, and others. â¢PETT S" SESSIONS, WEDNESDAY.âBefore the Mayor, and Griffith Thomas, Esq. th IV '7 &e<X" without a Lircnre.â Mr Ifenry Morgan, of "W- PenParhau Road, was summoned by Mr 0, ,â¢ckoi supervisor of excise, for selling beer with- adrr-P" taken out a proper bcetice.-âTiie defendant ikted-the oftence, and was lined i'12Kfc., with a recom- e"dation to have it reduced to £ 1. Jitcpinp without Lirencc*.âEvan Morris, of Tre- .raST gatherer, was summoned for keeping three n'lout having taking out a license. The defendant j) 3i.arge. and was fined £ 1 5s.âWin. Joseph ofrf> Cnpnla House, was also summoned for the same te'.naViaS kept two dogs without a licence. Mr fine i;*0? Proved the charge. The defendant was the «s.»-vath an earnest recommendation to mitigate v.4w *'i -i °"a ac°ount of the severe illness of defendant, for some time. H,J' Y'il'"Mr John Jones, cooper, Trefechan, sum- Jiis p -,van ^orris, rag gatherer, who occupied one of a notie!^fetwi^ec'larl' r ref«s"ig to quit, having had defen,l"-rf) b served upon him.â Complainant said the « +Va3 Weekl>' tenant, and proved the service of fendaiit'tn I" C'MT vpon him.âThe Bench ordered the de- to fa AfeUt, » warrant


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