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The Birminaham Post calls attention to the alterat.ira in the tone of English feeling with reference to the ^ar" After alluding to the working men's manifestoes, th" ^os, says As to the Liberal middle class, the altered t0"? 01 the Dailu Newsâonce German in sympathy, but n^v.al1^- ated by the prosecution of a war of conquest- illustrates that. Another indication is fu'"n11^ Si â tator which, like most English journal w a* decidedly German at the outset, but whwh now gees cause to express opposite views. Speaking for the educated clasps, tne ^^Tlie* unscrupulous intrigues of Bismarck that barrack-room pietv of the King, which thanks God for victories, and cuos rovidence in a seasnn of defeat; the barbaric Spirit of the sauireen caste which is permitted to rule the best instructed people in the world the detestable military spirit which threatens to make Prussia the pest of Europe the sanguinary evangel of professors who would set Europe in a flame to make, i o-ood their own ethnological dogma, that Germany is gifted with it, divine right to rule everybody who speaks a German patoU the abominable wickedness which has punished the firing of stray shots bv setting fire to whole villages and sending innocent women aud children adrift on the .worh-all this display of a dall brutality and a blind fury which history will execrate and God will judge wrings from many of the best Englishmen the comment'of silence or of condemnation.

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