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WHOLESALE NOTICE TO QUIT.âWe are informed that an English landed proprietor, with an enormous rent-roll, has given notice to quit to nearly a hundred of his ten- antry. Virtually, these occupiers are warned to take themselves and their families away from their old homes, away from their present means of livelihood, and to take their chance with the thousands who are seeking in vain for desirable holdings, to engage their capital, perhaps, in some other business than farming, without technical and commercial knowledge ard aptitude for the change, or | possibly to expatriate themselves from a country which has small hospitality for humble men whom the .great ones of the earth once view with disfavour. â Chamber of Ayri- culture Journal. A Goon SUGGESTION.âA correspondent writes to the Times :-The recent melancholy accident in Berkshire, resulting in the sad and premature death of one who will be much missed among a large circle of friends, induces me to suggest a very simple precaution, which I can only hope will be adopted. On every pond or piece of water, while the ice continues, let a long builder's ladder be sup- pik-d, with a rope about 12 feet long at either end. If any one is immersed the ladder can be run at once thc towards the hole till such a por- tion overlaps as to enable those immersed to cling to it. The ladder has this further advantage, that it does not necessitate any person approaching too close to the hole, and thus breaking the ice. A person sitting at the extreme end is a sufficient counterpoise to prevent the lad- der toppling into the hole, and a boy crawling alonar it can afford assistance to the persons in danger. I saw this plan adopted when I was at Oxford, and with the greatest success. The ladders used by the Humane Society are perfectly useless all of them are too sli-ort, and in the majority of those T have inspected, the wood, through disuse, was rotten. The ladder I speak ofs- otilcl I;e -about HZ' feet long.


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