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X PLEHLL, PONTYPRIDD, AND GSN ERA FURNISHING WAREHOUSE. JOHN CROCKETT, Clock, Watch, and Cabinet Maker, Mill-puff Feather, and Iron Bedstead Warehouse, TAFF & MILL STREET, PONTYPRIDD. HAVE you been to Crockett's Furnishing Wa house, People's Hall, Pontypridd? If not, and buy for CASH only. j6. S. D Good Iron Bedstead 0 14 0 Good Milpuff Bed and Bolster 0 10 0 Good Palliasse for ditto 0 10 0 Good Mattress 0 10 0 Solid Mahogany Front Chest of Drawers .150 Good useful Pembroke Table 1 2 0 Good eight-day Timepiece 150 Good American Clock 1 16 ° Good Kitchen Chair 0 3 0 Good Mahogany Bottom Chair 0 5 o Observe this particularly- atent Lever Watch, Warranted 4 4 0 Do. do. J. C. best make 5 5 0 Silve and Gold Chains & Alberts equally low. Good Geneva Watches 150 Do. strongly recommended 1 15 o Furnishing departmentâSaucepans, Tea Kettles, Fenders, Fire Irons, Brushes, &c. UNDERTAKING DEPARTMENT. Men's Full Sized Coffins 12 0 Children's lined with Blue outside 0 6 fi Clothcovered, Pall and attendancs 2 5 o A beautiful coffin. Carpets, Floor, Cloths, Hearth Rugs, Pianos and Harmoniums. > All goods delivered home for 12 miles round. Sewing Machines 3p. 3s.; 4p. 4s to 425p., by the best makers. Ready Money only-Arumparod yn unig. BUDDTJGOLIAETH NKILLDTJOL.âPawbwedi eu curo. âYn y gystadleuaeth ardderchog ddiweddar, a gynaliwyd yn Arddangosfa swydd Caerefrog, enillodd Peiriant Gwnio breintlythyrol Taylor yr unig fathodyn. Mae gan y peirianan hyn well- iantau amlwg, ac sydd yn eu gwoeud yn rhagorach nag unrhyw rai eraill at wniadwaith a gwasanaeth teuluaidd. "Maent yn hawdd i'w dysgu." "Hawdd i'w gweithio." "Nid ydynt yn agored i fyned allan o drefn; maent yn gryf, cyflym, parhaol, ni wnant ond ychydig drwst; a gellir eu cael ar deler- au hawdd am bris cymedrol. Dymunir ar y rhai hyny a fwrisdaht eu pryriu, os nad allant eu cael yn eu cymydogisethau hwy i anfon eu, prospectus i 87 Cheapride, London, E. C.; Great Driffield, York- hire; neu i'r sefydliadau canghenolâ22 Silver Street Hall, a 132 Kirkgate, Wakefield. J.-â "T~-» -s^g^sgagyagsfBagEft: inmuauifiirr £ F A ill £ H F â¢' -"Pi fiR- v '⢠April 12th, 1873 j f ~iUK Messrs. EBCKITT & SONS. I -N/ T-^VJh:tat 3 I SIRS,âI have been LB,undress to Bis.Royaljl Messrs. RBCRITT & SONS. fl A T 3 I qIRS, I have been Lgundress to Bis.Royaljl w& Bighnesa .the PRINCE OF WALES ⢠i *â â¢, jjlRps-for several years, and I consider RECKJTTS' â¢Jj /J PARIS BLUE is the BEST 1 ever u cn, and is "t. S*pW 'f ti undoubtedly greatly superior to the oid- 1 "»â fafihionedY4aumb or Dark Blues. I i i 'i ° Is the fi l' 11' I J) .tY, BupofsedeEr .rrh:tiUh-r' ,J « 6r' had ^^Oae^ge.iiixy per Scuare. RESPEQTftBLE BUGGERS, OILMEN, &0. V Y CYMDEITHAS ADEILADU I GOGLEDDBARTH SIR DDINBYCH PRIF SWYDDFA:âDINBYCH. SwYDDFEYDD CANGHENOL, GORUCHWYLWYR. Rhuthyn Mr. Ezra Roberts, Vale View. Llandymogâââââââââââ ââââ Clawddnewydd.Mr. R Roberts, British School. CerygyDruidion.Mr. David Jones, Dolwerfyl. Llannefydd -Mr. Moses Jones, Brynhyfryd. Henllan Mr. John Roberts, Draper. Newmarket .Mr. John Thomas, Draper. j Mr. Ellis Roberts, Joiner, Ty'n- Dimel. | y-wern; J. Jones, Cysulog. l Mr. Robert Thomas, Draper, enmaciino j Qwen "Williams. Dolyddelen Mr. Richard Jones, Penllyn. Quarry. Dolgellau .Mr. David Owen, Printer. Corwen -ââââ Abergele. Mr. Hugh Williams, Sea View. Colwyn Mr. William Hughes, Penmaen bach. Ffestiniog Mr.Robert Thomas, Post Office Bethania. Penrhyndeudraeth. Mr. W.Hughes, Hafod y Wern Llangerniew Mr. Thomas Williams, Ty'n- twll. Leeswood Mr. Peter George. Llanarmon Mr. David Jones, Bryn'rogof. Adwy a Choedpoeth Mr. Edward Foulkes. Bodfary Mr. T. J. Owen, National School. Bagillt. Mr. Thomas Roberts, Agent, Gadlys Lane. lihosllanerchrugog Mr. W. John Rogers, Church Street. Llangollen. Mr. Thomas Jones, Draper. Mostyn. Mr. Valentine Williams, Mount Cottages. Faint. Mr. Thomas Burgess Simon, Chester street. Fob cais am fenthyea arian o'r Gymdeithas, ac am unrhyw hysbysiad pellach yn ei chylch, i'w wneud at yr ysgrifenydd, MR. ROBERT PARRY, 13, CHAPEL STREET, DENBIGH. OFIA.NT A GWEITHIAU RIIYDDIAETH- v ⢠OL y Diweddar Barch W. Ambrose, Port- madog; gyda darlun. Dan olygiaeth y Parch. W. Rees, D. D. J'w cael gan y llyfr-werthwyneu od liwrth Mr. Hughes, Dolgellau, T ACE, REAL PILLOW LACE.-Prices. Jt-J again Reduced.âBLACK. ECRUE, or WHITE, from Std. per yard. MALTESE, BLACK POINTS, SILK YAKS, DUCHESSE, LINEN, and other Pillow Laces, at Half Price. Patterns Free. Address, GEORGE PESTELL, Gibaraltar, /near Aylesbury, Bucks. NE YEAR'S GOOD SCHOOLING for BOYS in London, with gentlemanly companions, at ALBION COMMERCIAL INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE, South Hack- ney. Established 1828. Terms, from 7 Guineas Quarterly, Inclusive. Recommended by Editors on on Review," "Christian Herald," Professor Fawcett, <fcc. Address, Q. J. Krdght & Sons, Principals. English pupils practice lan- /guages with foreign pupils from France, Germany, Spain, <fec. IDEAUXIFUL CURLS.âA Lady who has had great experience JD in getting-up Ladies' and Children's hair in high circles, possesses an infallible METHOD to make the HAIR CURL as soon as applied, Imparting exquisite beauty, and keeping it wavy, soit, glossy, and in curl in all weathers, even if it has no natural tendency to do so. The cost will be Id. per week, and one applica- tion will be successful. Materials and directions free for 13 stamps. Address, Miss A. M., Mr. SavilPs, Bookseller, Dunmow. Essex. -r V TO BE LET. A FIRST CLAMS HOUSE AND SHOP to be Let in the most central part of the town of DOLGELLEY. No Stock to be taken. Immediate possession to be had. Apply Z. "Dgdd" Office, Dolgelley. ~^Yn awryn barod, pris Sidlt mewn amlen, y Gyfrol gyntaf o Y P U LPUD: CYNWYSA 16 o Bregethau gan rai o brif Bregeth- wyr y MethodistiaidCalfinaidd. Anfoner yr Orders naill ai i'r GyhoeddwrâOWEN DEES, Argraiffydd, Dolgellau, neu i Swyddfa y DYDD. Cyhoeddir Y Pulpud yn rhifynau misol, Ceiniog unâpob rhifyn yn cynwys Pregeth gyfiawnvyYr '1'1.' Gyfrol broujyn barod. CEINION EMRYS. Sef Detholicn 0 VSiihiau \Barddonot Y DIWEDDAR BARCH. W AMBMSE,(EMRYS). PORTHMADOG. Dygir y gwaith hwn allan yn Rhifynau swllt, yr unifurf a'r gyfrol gyntaf o'r Rbyddweithiau a Chofiant yr Awdwr, i gynwys Awdlau, Cywydd- au, Englynion, Marwnadau, Caniadau, &c., amryw o'r rhai a ymdd|BSosaD^ o'r blaen, ar wahanol amserau, ac achlysuron, a lluaws nad ymddangosent o'r blaen yn argraffedig, yn nghyd a, Rhagdraithawd ar Nodweddion Athry- lith yr Awdwr fel bardd a llenor, dan olygiaeth y PARCH. W. REES, D.D., (Hiraethog). I'w gael yn "Swyddfa y Dysgedydd." F. S. A., LIMITED. V ¡ HE PUPLIC SUPPLY ASSOCIATION. Aoou A I LIMITED. INOORPORATJBD UNDER THE COMPANIES' ACT, 1862 & 1867. Capital, One Hundred Thousand Pounds. In One Hundred Thousand Shares 01 One Pound each. COMMITTEE OF DIRECTION. Major De Winton, South Norwood. Dr. J. Steele, 18 Bloomfield Road, Maida Hill. Jaeut.-Col. T. R. H. Drummond-Hay, Lee, Kent. Major.-Gen. T. B. Creagh, 165; Tichbourne Street, Hyde Fark BANKERS. The City Bank, 34, Old Bond Street, London. SOLICITOR. John Waterhouse, Esq.. 28, Austin Friars, E.G. AUDITORS. Messrs. Griffiths & Griffiths, 15, King Street, 1,0 SECRETARY. J. A. Morice, Esq. This Association is founded to provide for the Puplto all the advantages of the Civil Service and other Stores, with- out the restrictions imposed by these institutions. All who have endured the annoyance and inconvenionoo Of being compelled to fill up their orders, will appreciate the abolition of this system. The public will receive the same prompt attention in as the best retail establishments. For economy of time Order Clerks will be appointed in each Department. Bvery Class of House hould Requirements will be Repre. Bented at the Stores, and all Articles Guaranteed of the Bert Quality. In the Civil Service, Army and Navy, and other Trading Associations, the privilege of purchasing is restricted to Shareholders and Members. In this Association the Public can Purchase at the Stores At the Fixed Tariff, SPECIAL PRIVILEGES OF SHAREHOLDERS. Free delivery of goods within the postal district of London to Shareholders holding one fully paid-up Share. Free delivery of goods to any Railway Station within 26. miles of London to Shareholders holding two fully paid-up Bharea. Free delivery of goods to any Railway Station within 50 miles of London to Shareholders holdihg four fully paid-up Shares. Free delivery of goods to any Railway Station within 100 miles of London to Shareholders holding five folly paid- ap Shares. Free delivery of goods to any Railway Station in the United Kingdom to Shareholders holding Ten fully paid-up Bharee. 4 'f' The Committee of Direction of the Public Supply Association, Regent Street, London, W., Notify the Opening of the following Departments at an :early date: The Grocery department The Tobacco and Cigar de- The Oil and Italian depart- partment. i ment. The Stationery department. The Tinned and Canned The Jewellery and Fancy Goods department. I Goods department. I ho J^ruit department. The Leather Goods depart- The iDdia and China Tea ment. department. The Watches, Clocks, and j Butter, Cheese, Egg, Plate department. rm?niD on'trV department. The Miscellaneous Hatue- Ihe Bacon, Ham, and Game hold department. department. The Household and Domestic The Wine and Spirit depart- Implement department. ment. The Bruth and Turnery de- The Ale and porter depart- partment. ment. The Macintosh and India- The Perfumery, Drug, and Rubber Goods department# Patent Medicine department. The Coal department. The Perfumery, Drug, and Rubber Goods department. Patent Medicine department. The Coal department. Other Departments in most branches of trade, will be opened up without delay and duly announced. Prospectus and Price Lists on Application. Samples an. Patterns Free to Shareholders to any part of the Kingdomd P. S. A.. LIMITED. It&t.4ü. Regent Street, & .30, 3i, Warwick St, Regent Din XiOJluOH J.