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NICE DISHES. OBAB ANO MUSHROOM AU GRATIN. Remow (be flesh from a crab and take the same amount of mushrooms, cleaned, peeled, and arinoed. Pal ft couple of thin slices of onion in some melted batter on the fire, and *hen slightly browned ttir in a little flour, adding sufficient cream to make a thick sauce. In the meantime, boil two eggs hard, remove the yolks, and pass them through a sieve. Add these to the sauce with a little lemon-juice, the minocd mushrooms, the flaked meat of the orab, and stir well for some minutes over the fire. Then fill the shell of the â¢tub with the mixture. Sprinkle over with fine breadcrumbs, pour some melted butter over th* top, and place at once in the oven. SCALLOPED FISH.-Take any remains of boiJcj fish and flake it finely. Then add to it the sau o quantity by bulk of breadcrumbs, and Half tl a quantity of stewed tomatoes. Moisten rach well- beaten eggs-, add pepper and salt, and pour into a well-buttered fireproof dish. Sprinkle liberally with breadcrumbs, mixed with finely-grated cheese, pour a little melted butter over the too, And bake in a moderate sven for about twentf- five to thirty-fire minutes. STEWED LEG OF BEEF.âCut lIb. of leg of iJeeI (or more) into neat pieces. Put it into a Itia. pan with some sweet herbs, one onion, two flloves, one carrot, one turnip, half a-head of telery, some black pepper, i pint of beer, and sufficient water to cover. Skim the liquof. Add to it half a-head of ready-boiled celery out b dice, one or two boiled carrots and turnipe, little cayenne. Thicken some of the liquor with ft, little flour. Boil for a few minutes. Add ft little Tarragona or claret. Remove the sinew* carefully. Lay as much of the meat as you re- quire in the sauce, and serve in a deep pie-dish. FBOMAGB A LA CBEME AUX OLIVES.-Bee up ft fresh cream cheese in a bowl with lufi" eream to moisten it well, and season with salt; eayenne, and a few drops of lemon-juico. Tab* half-a-dozen amall olives, stone them, and mince finely; chop up the innermost stall of a bead of celery, previously washing it well, so# work well into the eheese. Clean the larg«l stalks of celery, and cut into three-ineh lengtoa. Fill the groove of the stalks with tba aboew ami, one flft # bed of Mtae*