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COUNTY COUNCIL BYE- ELECTIONS. NOISY PROCEEDINGS AT ABERDARE. On Wednesday evening a very stormy meeting was held at Bethel Chapel, Gadlys, to select a candidate for the County Council seat rendered vacant by the elevation of Mr. David Morgan to 'lie alderiiianic bench. Considerable ill feeling has been occasioned by this election, and the public are in a somewhat irritable mood. In the first place, the claims of t' e Rev. Ben Evans are con-idered supreme by some because he is a resident within the ward, and because he declined to oppose a Labour candidate at the last election. On tne other hand the claims of Mr. Richard Morgan, the china dealer, are great liecause of past exjierience upon the committees of the County Council, and the successful fighting which he has done upon all municipal matters. In this manner the tit-ctioa fever grows apacc. It was reported in the Merthyr Tt 1,1 fy last week that a representative meet- ing heid at the Temperance Hall had decided upon supporting the candidature of Mr. Richard Morgan. On Monday a meetinsr was held to elect the Rev. Ben Evans for the post this meeting was adjourned to the Gospel Hall on Tuesday. Here matters assumed such a degree of animation that a further adjourn- ment to Wednesday night was imperative. The chapel was crowded. Mr. William Jones was voted to the chair and Mr. Tom Powell to the vice- chair. The first business was to read a letter from the Rev. B. Evans refuting certain charges made against him by Mr. William Thoma" and Mr. Thomas Jenkins. The meeting became very excited at this point, several men sjxsaking at the game time. Order was eventually restored, and the Chairman an- nounced thnt they would consider whether it was desirable to go outside the limits of the ward to seek a candidate, or whether it would loe advisable to con- fine the selection to the Gadlys district. He asked that those who intended speaking should do so in a calm spirit. Mr. Da\ id Thomas wanted to know why that meet- ing was called at all. It seen ed there was a certain amount of jealousy prevailing.âThe Chairman pro- ceeded to explain, but was called to the Question." âIt was promised and seconded that the electors he not restricted to the Gadlys Ward to select a can- didate. Mr. William Evans did not know what the object of this meeting was until he came home from work. The people of the country cry for Home Rule, and why not apply that principle to this case ? This was eventually seconded, but as there were so many apeaking at the same time it was impossible to know who seconded it. Mr. David Williams arose and said he had come there to propose Mr. Thomas, Brynhyfryd, and was proceeding to descrihe the good qualities of his favourite man, amidst shouts of "Order" and "Question," when he was stopped by the Chairman. Cries of "Vote "from all quarters of the buildings caused the Chairman to put two propositions to the meeting. After the appointment of scrutineers and the separation of non-voters to the one end of the chapel, the voting was taken, and shewed 97 for the proposition, and 12 for the amendment. Thus the electors were set at liberty to appoint or nominate a man who was not absolutely a resident in the ward. The next business was the selection of a candidate, but before going to that, Mr. John Thomas wanted to know whether the electors present were prepared to stand by one man. Mr. Daniel Jones proposed that Mr. Richard Morgan be nominated as the proper candidate. He was a man who had done a great deal for the whole country and for Aberdare. He had been upon plat- forms and was an able opponent. He had fought against Sir W. T. Lewis, Dr. Jones, and other great Tories. Mr. John Thomas pointed out that they would only lend Mr. Richard Morgan to the No. 3 Ward for three years. They wanted a man who was able to work and in sympathy with the working-classes of the district.âTheproposition tf-asseconded by half-a-dozen speakers.âMr. Sam Williams then rose and said that he knew he was in the minority (Cries of "Sit down there"). He proposed that they should have Mr. William Thomas, of the Waynes Arms (Cries "Oh," "Sit down '"). He did not think the seconder of the last resolution was a voter (Cries of "Yes, yes"). The speaker eventually fat down amidst great com- motion. Mr. William Evans said they were open to nomin- ate or support any capable man, and as Mr. Richard Morgan had proved himself adapted to the County Council business they should support him. Consider- able wrangling took place after this assertion. Eventually Mr. David Williams proposed that Mr. Thomas Jones should be nominated. Another man was also proposed, but the chairman drew the meet- ing to order by calling for seconders." As these were not forthcoming, the proposition in favour of Mr. Richard Morgan was put to the meeting and carried by a large majority. The assembly then broke up amid great confusion. ANOTHER MEETING. Mr. Nicholas Morgan presided over a crowded meeting at Bethel Vestry on Friday evening, to further the candidature of Mr. Richard Morgan for the Gadlys Ward in the bye-election for the County Council. The Chairman, in opening the pro- ceedings, reported the great success which was attending the candidates prospects for election. The Rev. B. Harris. Mr. Ishmael Harris (secretary), aud others having spoken, Aldermau David Morgan stated that he had heard that Gadlys was all alive: the town portion was also all alive. He was sorry Mr. James was so foolish as to contest the seat if he really meant to do so. He was willing to take his oath that Mr. James would poll very little over two hundred. He could understand Mr. W. Thomas, Brynawtl, con- testing at the last election. There was a rumour about that the Rev. Ben Evans, Gadlys, would sar that there was an understanding between hi.n and the speaker with reference to the last general Countv Council election to the cRect that if the Rev. Ã. Evans would keep entirely aloof he (Mr. Morgan) was not to say anything against him should a bye-election take place. He was there prepared to take an oath that such was not the case; there was nl) truth in it whatever. Mr. Morgan, the candidate, s;aid that some time ago an application was made for a dramatic license fur the Empire Theatre. He was upon the Local Government Committee and opposed It because the place was really put upon for the trade of a few public-hou'j-c:i connected with ÃlfJ 1\.wk Brewery, In consequence of his attitude taken then he had lost a great deal in his trade, but he did not mind that. He fought for the general interest and not for ons single party. The oppo«ing candidate at this election was as slippery as an eel, and if returned it would bs as an eel that he slipped in. All the publicans would vote for Mr. James. A man came to his (the speaker's) house a few days aeo to ask him to with- draw in favour of Mr. Tom Jones, Brynhyfryd but his reply was that he could not CM en if he wished. It was the electors that had nominated him :md only by their consent could he withdraw. At this juncturu several men came into the room from it meeting which had l>een held by Mr. James Henry James in another part of the district, and Mr. Gwilym Evans said that a vote uf confidence had !>een carried almost unanimously in favour of Mr. R, Morgan. This announcement was received with pro- longed cheers and applause. â A vote of confidence j was passed in Mr. Morgan and carried, but lvf->re the assembly dispersed it WaS announced that Mr..James was outside and ai-ked permission to attend that meeting, which was, of course, granted amidst great | excitement. When Mr. James entered the room he was accorded a good cheer. In the course of an address he.»aid he was not willing to throw up the sponge now for any man, especially as he had been asked to stand for this wara. He was a young man, and thought he could hold his own in this ward (A Voice: Try it, then "). Many charges had been made against him. It was said that he was a Tory (cries of So you are"). That was not so he was a Literal, The speaker continued his speech amid much inter- ruption. When he concluded there were half-a-dozen speakers on their feet, but the Chairman called upon Mr. Harris to speak first. Mr. Harris pointed out that Mr..Tames had assisted Mr. T. Rees, the Swan, who was a. Tory. Mr. Morgan had had a meeting at the Temperance Hall, when about 60 persons were present and carried a unanimous vote in favour of Mr. Morgan. It was clear that the electors were in favour of Richard Morgan. To call another meeting would be simply useless (cheer*I. Mr. J. H. James slid that in reply to the charge with reference to his assisting Mr. Tom Rees, he did so because Mr. Thomas Davies was not going to stand, and his name had been put upon the hills without his consent he was, therefore, liound to address the meeting at Aberaman, but if they called a meeting for the Temperance Hall tomorrow night he would he willing to abide by the decision. There was great commotion upon this statement being made, and the chairman had to threaten to vacate the chair before order could lie restored. Mr. Jacob, Mr. Ishtnat-1 Harris, and several others having spoken with "reference to the charges against the candidate and the good qualities of Mr. Morgan, Mr. James Henry James was granted a hearing, and amidst a most disorderly and exciting crowd said he was willing to withdraw. only he wanted them as men to look upon him with no disrespect. He had teen voung and foolish,and had been taught a srood lesson. Let young men not make sinal! of anybody who tried for any post. Let them never turn their back upon W »!es, but fight for Cymru. as he had done. The Chairman thanked Mr. James for the splendid way in which he had withdrawn, and for the ulucky manner in which he had conic to that meeting. A hearty vote of thanks to Mr. James and others brought a most excitable meetiny to a close. NOMINATIONS. Saturday was the last day for nominating candi- dates for the seats rendered vacant by the granting of aldermanic honours to some of the members of the County Council. The following are the local nomin- ations â GKLLTIAELOU.âJohn Lloyd Atkins, auctioneer (Ch. and Lib.), John Evans, draper. DowiaisfNon. ?nd Lib.), Thomas Edward Morgan, licensed victual- ler (Ch. and Con.). PKNYDARRKN.âDan Thomas, licensed victualler (Ch, and Con.), Thomas Williams, gentleman (Non. and Lib.). GADLYS, ABKRDARE.âT. Whitty Evans, auctioneer and innkeeper (N011. and L.U.), Rev. Richard Morgan, Methodist minister and china merchant (Non. and Lib.). AT ETHOLWYR ADR AN GELLIFAELOU. ANWTL GYD-ETHOLWVB, Dymunwyf nl", eich sylw at yr etholiad sydd nr bwys. Y mr,> tri ym- geiaydd ar y maes, tH1 0 ha rai yw Mr. Atkins, arwerthwr, Gelhfaelog, ae y mae yn sicr o fod yn un n'r dynion mwyaf cymhwys i gynrychioli yr ad ran hon ar y Cyngor S:r" Y mae wedi ei eni a'i fagu vn yr adran, ac felly yn deall yr adran yn dda. Hefyd y mae v protiad v mae wedi gael fel arbrisiwr (valuer) yn ei gymhwyso i fod yn aelod gwasanaethgar ar y cyngor. V mae yn ddvn o gymeriad moesol di- argyhoedd. ac yn eael gair da gan bawb. Y mae yn Rhyddfrydwr cynbyddol o'r ia-.vu ryw, fel v prawf yr hyn y mae wedi ei wneyd eisocs ar y Cyngor Dosbarthol, yn ddyn o ran oedran yn cvfateb i waith cyhoeddus, a gc-llir ei restr 11 gvda'r Young Wales Purty. Dyma't dynion i'n cynrydiioli ar y byrddan cyhoeddus, ac nid dynion sydd wedi treulio eu nerth allan mewn masnaeh er gwneyd fortunes, ac yna yn galw ar y cyhoedd i'w hanrhydeddu trwv eu gosod ar y gvvahanol fyrddau i fwynhau eu lrinain.âYdwyf, l" 0' I: ADKAN.