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COUNTY COUNCIL BYE-ELECTIONS. MERTHYR. It is said that Mr. Dan Thomas will oppose Air Thomas Williams in the Penydarren Ward, and the following gentlemen are spoken of as likely candi- dates for the Gellifaelog Ward :âJ. Evans, draper, High-street, Dowlais J. LI. Atkins, Patrick Mans- field, and T. E. Morgan, Penydarren. The date of nomination is on Saturday, and the election takes place on Monday week. ABERDARE. Mr. David Morgan, the successful candidate of the No. 2 Ward at Aberdare, has been elevated to the aldermanic bench, and there is a vacancy caused thereby. On Friday evening a few of the most influential persons called a committee meeting at the Court-room in Canon-street to arrange a deputation to wait upon the Rev. Richard Morgan to stand as a candidate for the No. 2 Ward. It will be remembered that Mr. Morgan made a big fight in the Llwycoed Ward against Mr. R. H. Rhys. J.P., loosing the seat by the narrow margin of 15 votes. Mr. Morgan has served upon the Council for six years, being returned jointly with h's late opponent prior to the re-division of wards. At the meeting on Friday Mr. J. B. Nicholas was appointed chairman. A deputation of three person was selected to seek Mr. Morgan's views upon the coming election. '1 hey returned to the room bringing the new candidate with them. Mr. Morgan was accorded a hearty reception upon entering the hall, and having been informed of the resolution previously passed, speaking in Welsh, said he bad been looking forward to a rest for three years but as circumstances had put this opportunity in his way he would be most pleased to accept the invitation to contest the Gadlys seat. He had never been craving for any seat or pushing his way forward. Men generally came down from lofty positions to speak to the working class at election times, but he had always been a working man's friend. He had given an account of his stewardship during the last three years in the course of the late contest. Whilst serv- ing upon the County Council for the last six years he bad been a member of three committees, the Asylum, the Technical, and the Local Government Committee. He had been chaffed at the last contest as being sprung up like a mushroom, but he would not go down like one. Whilst upon the Asylum Committee he advocated the appointment of a chaplain for each asylum, ne naa sougnt out ana vocea against tne reckless expenditure, and with the assistance of others had saved the county much money. He was in favour of giving the children of working men every facility to improve their condition. J6200 a. year had been granted to Aberdare for the Technical Instruction Schools and evening classes to encourage miners t > attain to mental culture. There were 600 in the schools of the county and an average attendance of 400. There were men to-day who had been under- ground until they were 27 years of age, and were now at the University College, which place they gained through the assistance of the Technical Instruction Committee. As to the political aspect at the County Council he would leave that alone. He was certain that if elected for this ward he would do |pis best in the future as he had done in the past.âMr. R. Davies said they wanted men like Mr. R. Morgan and Mr. David Morgan on their public bodies. Wales was very much neglected. Important positions were given to Scotch, Irish, and English under the County Council. We were only just awakening to this fact, and we wanted men upon the County Council who will champion the cause of our own fellow-country- mrn.âMr. Stephens was glad that the No. 2. Ward was free to give an invitation to Mr. Richard Morgan to stand for the upat.âThe usual vote of thanks con- cluded the meeting. IN SUPPORT OF MR. J. LL. ATKINS. Sir,âI am borry to find that there are so many Liberal Candidates going to fight for the Gellyfaelog Ward against one Tory publican. The first Liberal in the field was Mr. J. LI. Atkins, and his address was issued on Monday last; and therefore I say he deserves first consideration. If more than oue Liberal comes out, it is a sure thing that the Tory will go hi with a good majority. They will leave no etone unturned to secure the return ot their candi- date. Now, all you Liberals of Gellyfaelog Ward, vote straight for Atkins. "United we stand, di- vided we fall." Let me appeal to all the would-be Liberal candi- dates to withdraw from the contest, and work to secure the return of Atkine, who has lived all his lifetime in the ward. He is a large owner of property and well respected, and is fully qualified to represent us. If the Tory goes in, the fault will be on the part of traitors to the Liberal cause, and a plethora of candidates. Hoping Atkins will be returned at the top of the poll,âI am, &e., GELLYFAELOG ELECTOR.