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COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTIONS. MERTHYR. There was an entire absence of enthusiasm during the County Council elections which took place on Monday. Polling was slow at almost all the booths, and even when the results were declared there was comparatively little cheering, as the results were almost in every instance foregone conclusions. In the Cyfarthfa Ward alone was there any excitement shown for the contest there was keen between the retiring councillor, Mr. Thomas Thomas, and Mr. Watkin Moss. Mr. T. L. White, the retiring officer, counted the votes in the Magistrate Room at tho Police- court, and declared the results as tbey became known. Mr. John Vaughan, solicitor, was the returning j otticer for the electoral division? of Pontlottm -a Gelligac-r. The following is the result," -i itir polls:- MERTHYR TOW "ARD. J. W. Lewis, so,:vVr' In<Kmmdent 706 Y]fivri roriionds, Litieral 597 Majority 109 j PENYDAKHEX WARD. +David I)a%rie. Liberal 516 T. E. Morgan, Conservative 370 Majority 146 CYFAKTHFA WARD. Watkin Moss, Labour and Liberal. 547 tThomas Thomas, Labour and Liberal 540 Majority 7 MERTHYR VALE. Major W. Bell, Conservative 721 +D. Proiser, Liberal 587 Majority 134 Tory gain. -ââââ PLYMOUTH WARn. H. W. Lewis, Independent 603 Arthur Daniel, Libera-l 440 Majority 163 rONTLOTTYN. David Benjamin Owen, Conservative 280 fRev. J. P. Williams, Liberal 250 William Williams, Liberal 178 Alfred Phillips, Liberal 7 Majority 7 Tory gain. RETURNED UNOPPOSED. H. W. Martin, Independent, Gelligaer E. P. Martin, Independent, Caeharris Thomas Jenkins, Conservative, Dowlais Evan Lewis, Liberal, Gellifaelog BRECONSHIRE. Thomas Morris, Conservative, Cefn H. W. Kirkhouse, Independent, Vaynor ABERDARE. LLWYDCOED DIVISION. R. H. Rhys, Liberal 577 t 1). Morgan, Lilieral 561 Majority 16 GADLYS DIVISION. David Morgan, Liberal 770 W. Thomas, Literal 355 Majority 415 ABERDARE Ton-s. John W. Evans, Liberal 586 Thomas Thomas, Liberal 376 Majority 210 ABERAMAN. Thomas Davies, Liberal 481 Thomas Rees, Lil>eral 375 Majority 106 MERTHYR VALE. Tiie utmost good humour prevailed here on Monday, and the return of Major Bell, by the substantial majori ty of 134, has given nutch satisfaction to his supporters. Tbe sympathy of the inhabitants of Merthyr Vale is generally expressed with Major and Mts, Bell, in the popular Major's indisposition. ABERAMAN. The farmer is in, and the licensed victualler is out. There was therefore no necessity for a contest, and the unsuccessful candidate has only frittered away his money and valuable time. There was a cab for the convenience of lady voters, and one of the fair sex used a conveyance sent by the licensed victuallers, but voted for the farmer. Now that Aberaman has a "CymruFydd" Association, its electorate will have an opportunity to put forward suitable and good candidates for future elections. Ytrb. nop. MOUNTAIN ASH. Thin election took place on Monday, and the result was made known at 10.45 p.m. the same night from the steps of the Town Hall. Several hundreds of the inhabitants had assembled to learn the result which was as follows :â "Thomas Morris, 1 549 Samuel Evans, C 459 J. Lew ill 316 BRYNMAWR. There will he contests in hoth the Central and West Wards. In the former ward Mr. A. J. Markall comes out as an Independent Liberal candidate in opposition to Mr. J. F. Neat, the nominee of the Liberal Twnnty-five of the Ward. Both candidates are working energetically, and the contest is likely to prove a close one. In the West Ward the Liberal nominee is Mr. James Morgan. His opponent is Mr. J. J. Lyddon, the present councillor, who is also a Liberal. Canvassing is going on with a will, and the contest in this ease also will prove an excitiner one. The polling for both wards takes place to-day (Thurs- day). DRUNKENNESS OUTSIDE POLLING BOOTHS. SIR,Can you suggest some means whereby the dis- graceful sights witnessed at the polling booths on elec- tion days can be stopped ? On Monday last, on the occasion of the election of a county councillor for the Town Ward Division of Merthyr, the proceedings at the booths were a blot on the hitherto good name Itorne by Merthyr, and a disgrace to present day civilisation. In my hearing open canvassing wa" indulged in before the eyes and in the hearing of the presiding officers on behalf of the Tory candidate without any attempt being made by the"e officials to stopthisobjectionable practice. Some of the [K-rsonating agents engaged were under the influence of drink, and made use of the tno-,t abominable language to voters as they pro- ceeded to exercise the privileges of citizenship. It is high time that some legal provision was made to pre- vent such scandalous practices, and as an ardent Libera!, I hope that before another County Council election is upon us some steps will be taken by legis- lation to make impossibtesuch scenes as were witnessed on Monday last.âYours, etc., N ONCONKORM 1ST. "Forward" sends us a letter dealing with these elections, and a poetical paean of triumph over the result in the Town Ward. The verses are expremely clever and spicy, but we regret that, owing to lack of space, they have to be held over till next week.


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Glamorgan County Council Election.