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RAILWAY SPECULATION.âFew documents have pro- ceeded from Parliament of more curious character than one that has just been laid before the House of Commons, on the proposition of Mr. Gibson Craig, relating to sub- scriptions for Railways now under the consideration of Parliament. It is an alphabetical list of the names, with descriptions of the occupations and professions, as well as places of abode, of all persons subscribing to the amount of E2000 and upwards, to all railway subscription contracts, showing the amount subscribed by each person for every railway to which he may be a snbscriber, and the total amount of such subscription by each person. The list of the names of these railway subscribers occupies about 150 folio pages of close print, and the najnet of the railways themselves occupy six columns, and number no fewer than 209. The total amount of subscriptions by persons who have subscribed JMOOO 01 upwards to any railway sub. cription contract deposited in the Private Bill Office dur- ing the present session of Parliament, is the enormous sum of £61,603,707 16s. 8d. Many of the subscribers are put down for immense sums as the amount of their subscriptions to the various lines. The following are the names of some of the parties who have subscribed for the largest amounts:â 1. Mills, Francis, Esq., New-street. Spiing-gar- dens £ 670,300 2. Thomas, William Henry, merchant, Moorjate- street 624,320 3. Stnale, Hrnry Le«i<, proctor. Doctors' Commons 601,760 4. Tyndale, Charles William, Esq" nromptofl 587,780 5. Macgregor, James, hanker. Liverpool 579,800 6. Murray, Charles Kiiight> £ Sq.t Notiing-hill 574,800 7. Harding, Benjamin, Esq., Wadburst Castle, Sussex 574.760 8. Kirkland, Sir John, fall-null â¢â¢ 574,760 9. Browne. Robert, merchant, Edire-hill, Liver- pool 577,260 10. Winslow, Edward, Esq., Torrington-sqware, London 320,160 11. Hudson, George, Esq.. York â¢â¢ 319,835 12. Gower, Itobert Frederick, merchant Devonshire- place 29-2,000 13. Crowley, Charles Sedgfieltl, gentleman, Croydon 288,483 14. Hankey, George. merthant. Mincing-Ialltl ⢠287.400 15. Davis, Kicliard, merchant, St. itel.-It's place 261,400 16. Rich, Henrv, E§q., Mount-street Grosvenor- sqnare 287,000 17. Vigors, Louis, merchant. Old Broad-street. City 245,000 18. Horn»by, Joseph, merchant,Liverpool â¢â¢ 220,080 19. Manchester and Birmingham Hail way â¢â¢ 200,000 20. Wilkinson, Wm. Arthur, Rgq Camberwell 192,626 21. Jones, George, Ilcntleman lIedland Brisiol 192500 22. Miles, John William, banker Leigh-court â¢â¢ 180,000 2S. GoltlsmiJ,'Sir Isaac Ljon, ftart. â¢â¢ 179500 24. Symond*, Henry, Esq., Iteading. 175.000 25. Stern, Sigismood, nierel 52 Sorina-gardens, Manchester â¢â¢ 174,500 26. Tothill. William, inercliant, Bristol â¢â¢ 170,000 27. Marshall, William, Ksq x>enw0rtham-hall, Proton 167000 28. Schuster, Leo, merchant, Manchester â¢â¢ 167.000 rhom". merchant, Hfi»ate-lodge 160,580 30. Chaplin, William Janae*, Ksu Adelphi terrace 158,320 31. Moss. John.banker, Liverpool â¢â¢ 158,020 32. Walters, Gregory Scale, merchant, C"leman- street, London 156,000 33. Stevens, Charles, gentleman, FrederickVplace, Londn r 155,000 34. Brooks, Samuel, hanker. Manchester 154 500 :io. Garnett, Kob^rt, R.q., Wycâidp, Lancaster 154,000 36. Broadbent, Thomas, merchant, Manchester 151,500 37. Gower, V.dwin, merchant. Hanover-terrace, Regent's Park # > 00 0 150,000 38. Merrier, Francis, gentleman, Lordship-lane, Tottenham 148.000 39. flatton, James, iron merchant, Salford 143900 40. Gladstone, Robertson, merchant, Liverpool 141)000 41. Maze. Peter, merchant, B.ijtol 140,000 42. Smith, John, merchant. Manchester 140.000 43. I'aul, Charles, banker, Clifton 130.000 44. Waddington, David, gentleman, Manchester 129.770 45. Glyn. George Carr, Ksq., Lombard-street 127,520 46 Wright, John. clerk, Wcstbourne-teriace, Hyde Park 121,030 47. Younj», Thomas, Esq., Albany, Piccadilly 120,580 48. Mowait, Francis, U«q.,35, I'evonshire-place 120,400 49. Hargcaves, J., merchant, Manchester 121,500 50. Houldsworth, Hmry, raerchsnt, Manchester 119.000 -SI Qrooper. tilâ E«a Livernool 118,400 o2. Barlow, Frederick I'ratt, Ksq., Kensington- square rt«i6as 53. Hodgson, David, Esq., Liverpool 114,400 54. Peto. Samuel Morton. contractor for public works, 47, Russel-square 113,625 55. Baines, Benjamin, Holloway I 56. Wiiiskin, James, Esq., Upper Rcdford-place 132,470 57. Davies, Robert, gentleman, York 100.000 58. RicVetts, Frederick, meichaiit. London .» 110 000 59. Ifoberts, Frederick, gentleman. Catnberwell 110,083 60. Smith. Archibald, merchant. Glasgow 00 107,150 61. Tee, Charles, linen-manufacturer, Pinder-oaks, Barnsley, Yorkshire 106,480 62. Lawrie, John, gentleman, Charles-street, St. James-square 106,580 63. Saltmarshr, Christopher, Esq., Yorkshire 103,900 64. Learmonth, John, Esq., Edinburgh 103,000 65. Humphyrs, Ambrose, Ksq 22, Upper Wimpole- â r ",reet 102,710 bb. tnthoven. Ilenry J., merchant, Bromd-street 102,500 67. Palmer, Charles John, solicitor. Great Yarmouth 100,820 68. Pnnsep, Henry Thoby, Esq 37, Hyde Park- >q'iare 1(X),500 69. Aiken, Peter Prccland, banker, Clifton 100,000 70. Watter., Gregory Scale, merchant, 2. Artillery- P -co, Finally .0 100,000 71. Ward, Henry George, Esq., M.P. 100,000 Gu« sr. Sir John, Bart., Dowlais, Glamorganshire 33,75') Guppy, Thomas Richard, engineer, Bristol 60,000

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