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FOREIGN POSTAGE ON NEWSPAPERS AND LETTERS. The following are the rates chargeable on newspapera 11011 letters to foreign countries, which must be paid by having stamps affixed :â NewspapersâAustralia via Southampton and Suez, lù. Letiers, ditto, not exceedine inz, 6d. Newspapers- AustTalia, via Marseilles and Suez, 3d. Letters, do, not exceeding ioz, lOd. NewspapersâBelgium (4 oz in weight), Id. Letters, do. not exceeding toz, 4d. NewspapersâBermuda, Id. Letter*, do, not exceeding ioz, 7d. Newspapers-Brazil via Southampton, Id. Letters, do. not exceeding Joz, lB. NewspapersâBrazil, by French packet via Bordeaux, Id, 4 oz. Letters, do. not exceeding 4oz. 9d. Y..owspapers- Cali foru ia via New York, by Biiiish packet, Id. Lei, er", do, not exceeding Joz. 6^ NewspapersâCanada via United states, Id. Letters, do, rot exceeding Joz, 7d, NewspapersâCeylon via Marseilles, 3d Letters, do, not exceeding Joz. Is Id.. Newspapers-Ceylon, via Southampton and by Fre l't packet, 2d. Letters, do, not exceeding ioz, 9d. Neirspapere-Roing Kong & China via Marseilles by British packet, 3d. Letters, do. not exceeding £ oz, Is 4d. Newspapers- 'Jong Kong & China, via Southampton, 2d. Lexers, d' not exceeding Joz, Is. NewspapersâHong Kong & China, by French packet, (not exceeding 4oz) 3d. Letters, do, not exceeding loz, Is 4d. NewspapersâIndia via bouthampton (not exceeding A oz) 2d. Leiters, do, not exceed:ne ioz, 9d NewspapersâIndia, via Marseilles (not exceeding 4oz) 3d Leiie>-8, do. not exceeding loz, Is Id. NewspapersâEgypt, (not exceeding 4oz) 3d. Letter, do, not exceeding ioz, 6d. NewspapersâEgvpi, via Southampton, Id. Letters, do, not exceeding tOZ, 6d. NewspapersâFrance, by regutar packet and private ship. Id, 4 oz. Letters, do, not exceeding Jos, 4d. NewspapersâMalta, Id and 3d. Letters, do, not exceeding Joz, Gd. ewspapersâGibraltar via Southampton, Id via. France, 3d. Letters, do, not exceeding Joz. fid I,ewspapersâ Hamburgh via Belgium, 2d, net ex ceeding 4 oz. Letters, do, not exceeding Joz, 6d. NewspapersâHamburg, via France, not exceeding 4oz, Jd. Jitters, do, not exceeding lOB, 6d. Newtapaperv-Mauritiui;, by French packet, 3d. Letters, do, not exceeding loz. lOde